50 Happy Marriage Anniversary Wishes, Messages & Shayari To Friend in Nepali With Images

Happy marriage anniversary wishes for friends: – Wedding anniversaries are a great opportunity to admire your friends whom you adore and who are an important part of your life. It is also the day to celebrate the happy memories that you have created together and lived with. It is a celebration of love and a journey of affection and compassion.

So here are some beautiful phrases for you to wish your friends on their most important day.

Happy marriage anniversary wishes to friend in Nepali

May your holy marriage bond become stronger and more romantic with each passing day. Happy wedding anniversary.

Only two best and pure hearts and soul can form such a heavenly union. As your marriage continues to grow in days and years, the love you share continues to grow in your heart.

An anniversary is basically a reminder of all the ups and downs your spouse goes through. Worship and love each other throughout your life.

I hope you two know that you are each other’s, soul mates. I am very happy that you have decided to come together and stay connected.

It’s not about candles or lights, it’s about the spark of love in your eyes that catch fire each time you look at each other.


Happy marriage anniversary wishes to friend in Nepali

दियोसंग धागो जस्तो,
तपाई दुबैजनाको जोडी,
सुहाउँछ केही त्यस्तो !
Happy Marriage Anniversary my friend.

Diyosanga dhago jasto,
tapai dubaijanako jodi,
suhaunchha kehi tyasto!
Happy Marriage Anniversary my friend.

Happy marriage anniversary wishes to friend in Nepali

खानु, पिउनु, खुशी रहनू, वैवाहिक वर्षगाँठ आएको छ, कति सुन्दर ढंगले तिमी दुबैजनाले आफनो सुन्दर दुनिया बनाएको छौ !! Happy Marriage Anniversary my friend.

Khanu, piunu, khusi rahanu, vaivahika varsagantha aeko chha, kati sundara dhangale timi dubaijanale aphano sundara duniya banaeko chhau!! Happy Marriage Anniversary my friend.

Happy marriage anniversary wishes to friend in Nepali

समात्यौं एक अर्काको हात,
बनिरहोस् तपाईको साथ,
बधाई हो विवाहको वर्षगाँठ
Happy Marriage Anniversary my friend.

Samatyaun eka arkako hata,
banirahos tapaiko satha,
badhai ho vivahako varsagantha
Happy Marriage Anniversary my friend.

Happy wedding anniversary Messages to friend in Nepali

जीवनको बगैचा हरियो रहोस्,
जीवन मा खुशीहरु भरियोस्,
यो जोडी यसरी नै बनि रहोस्,
सय वर्षौहरुसम्म यसरी नै सजिइरहोस् ।

Jivanako bagaicha hariyo rahos,
jivana ma khusiharu bhariyos,
yo jodi yasari nai bani rahos,
saya varsauharusamma yasari nai sajiirahos.


Happy marriage anniversary shayari to friend in Nepali

तिम्रो निधारको टिका चम्किरहोस्,
तिम्रो हातहरुको मेहंदी मगमगाइरहोस्,
तिम्रो जोडीको रौनक सही सलामत रहोस्,
तिम्रो हातको चुरा सधै बजिरहोस्
हेप्पी ऐनिवर्सरी।

Timro nidharako tika chamkirahos,
timro hataharuko mehandi magamagairahos,
timro jodiko raunaka sahi salamata rahos,
timro hatako chura sadhai bajirahos
heppi ainivarsari.

Happy Marriage Wedding Anniversary Wishes Image in Nepali
Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes Image in Nepali

Happy marriage anniversary shayari to friend in Nepali

बधाइ छ तपाईकोे नयाँ यो जीवन,
खुसिहरुले भरियोस् तपाईको जीवन,
दुःखको छाया कहिले तपाईमाथी नआवोस्,
कामना छ यो हाम्रो तपाई सदा यसरी नै मुस्कुराउनुहोस् ‘
वर्षगाँठ बधाइ!!

Badhai chha tapaikoe nayan yo jivana,
khusiharule bhariyos tapaiko jivana,
duhkhako chhaya kahile tapaimathi naavos,
kamana chha yo hamro tapai sada yasari nai muskuraunuhos
varsagantha badhai!!

Happy marriage anniversary wishes to friend in English

The years you spend together say just one thing, so both of you are real and created just for each other.

I knew that one day he would be the perfect life partner for someone. Congratulations on having a happy marriage for another year.

You survived together for years, but the spark of love in your eyes remained unchanged. Good friends for many beautiful anniversaries.

There is a kind of love in your heart that can do what is unthinkable. Your marriage worked well for many years because your love was kind and unique.

It was wrong to say that happiness cannot be seen. While you are looking at the two, everyone can see the buckets of happiness that you share. I wish you endless married life.

I am very happy that the two of you had a sweet married life for another year. May your love and compassion for each other continue to increase in the coming years.

The sun seems to shine brighter, the sky is a bit bluer, and the birds look a little less undersized. Because today is the anniversary of a sweet couple, unlike others.

You have proven that the types of marriage we see in the movies can be in real life. You seem to have jumped from a fairy tale. Don’t stop the spell, continue until you take your last breath.

No matter how hard the times you spend together, your love has exceeded you. So you have this day to celebrate a year of being together, a year of being a perfect couple.

As another year has passed, you celebrate all the good times you spent as a couple and choose to leave all unhappy memories. No marriage is easy, but I believe your love is strong enough to face every challenge, and it will just keep getting stronger.

As another anniversary passes, you prove to the world, and most importantly to yourself, how wonderful you are as a couple. I hope you never stop loving each other and you will have a much better time together.

As you continue on the path of living together, your marriage can last forever until you feel your last breath without any regrets, only for your important lover, for everlasting love.

Let the happiness you feel today be a feeling that you both experience every moment you spend together.

Happy marriage anniversary wishes to friend in Nepali

विश्वासको यो बन्धन यसरी नै बनिरहोस्,
तपाईको जीवनमा प्रेमको सागर यसरी नै बहिरहोस्,
कामना छ भगवानसँग सुख र समृद्धिले जीवन भरिरहोस्,
वैवाहिक वर्षगाँठको तपाईलाई धेरै शुभकामना ।

Visvasako yo bandhana yasari nai banirahos,
tapaiko jivanama premako sagara yasari nai bahirahos,
kamana chha bhagavanasanga sukha ra samriddhile jivana bharirahos,
vaivahika varsaganthako tapailai dherai subhakamana.

Happy wedding anniversary Messages to friend in Nepali

सात वचनले बाँधियो यो मायाको बंधन,
जीवनभरि यसरी नै बाँधिएकै रहोस्,
कसैको नजर नलागोस् तपाईको मायालाई
र तपाई यसरी नै हरेक वर्षवर्षगाँठ मनाइरहनू ।

Sata vachanale bandhiyo yo mayako bandhana,
jivanabhari yasari nai bandhiekai rahos,
kasaiko najara nalagos tapaiko mayalai
ra tapai yasari nai hareka varsavarsagantha manairahanu.

Happy wedding anniversary Messages to friend in Nepali

तपाई दुबैजनाको प्यारो जोडी माथीको भगवानको देन छ,
जसलाई माया र समपूर्ण तपाईले सिँच्नुभएको छ,
कहिले नझरोस् तपाई दुबैबाट मायाको ज्वरो,
बस, यसैगरी सधै बनिरहोस् यो प्यार
!!वर्षगाँठमा शुभकामना!

Tapai dubaijanako pyaro jodi mathiko bhagavanako dena chha,
jasalai maya ra samapurna tapaile sinchnubhaeko chha,
kahile najharos tapai dubaibata mayako jvaro,
basa, yasaigari sadhai banirahos yo pyara
!!Varsaganthama subhakamana!

Happy wedding anniversary Messages to friend in Nepali

चांद ताराहरुको जस्तो चमकियोस्,
झिलमिलाओस् तपाईको जीवन,
खुसिहरुले भरियोस् तपाईको जीवन।
वैवाहिक वर्षगाँठकी धेरै शुभकामना !!

CHanda taraharuko jasto chamakiyos,
jhilamilaos tapaiko jivana,
khusiharule bhariyos tapaiko jivana.
Vaivahika varsaganthaki dherai subhakamana!!

Happy wedding anniversary Messages to friend in Nepali

तपाईको वैवाहिक वर्षगाँठको हार्दिक शुभकामना ।
भगवानले तपाई र तपाईको परिवारलाई सुख समृद्धिले जोडी राखून,
र दिन प्रतिदिन प्रगतितिर लगी राखून ।

Tapaiko vaivahika varsaganthako hardika subhakamana.
Bhagavanale tapai ra tapaiko parivaralai sukha samriddhile jodi rakhuna,
ra dina pratidina pragatitira lagi rakhuna.

Happy marriage anniversary wishes to friend in Nepali

कहिले खुशी कहिले दुःख.
यो माया नहोस् कहिले कम..
फुलिरहनू एक अर्काको आँखाहरुमा..
मगमगाइरहनू एक अर्काको मुटुमा..
बढिरहनू सफलताहरुलाई लिइ साथमा..
मायामा, मनमुटावमा, जीतमा, हारमा..
हर पल हर क्षण माया यसरी नै बढिरहोस्’
हैप्पी एनिवर्सरी !!

Kahile khusi kahile duhkha.
Yo maya nahos kahile kama..
Phulirahanu eka arkako ankhaharuma..
Magamagairahanu eka arkako mutuma..
Badhirahanu saphalataharulai lii sathama..
Mayama, manamutavama, jitama, harama..
Hara pala hara kshana maya yasari nai badhirahos
happy anniversary!

Happy wedding anniversary Messages to friend in Nepali

निस्केको र्सुय कामना दिओस् तपाईलाई,
फुलेको फूलले सुगन्ध दिओस् तपाईलाई,
म त केही दिनको लागि लायक छैन,
भगवान हजार खुशीहरु दियून तपाईलाई ।
हैप्पी एनिवर्सरी !!.

Niskeko rsuya kamana dios tapailai,
phuleko phulale sugandha dios tapailai,
ma ta kehi dinako lagi layaka chhaina,
bhagavana hajara khusiharu diyuna tapailai.
happy anniversary!

Happy wedding anniversary Messages to friend in Nepali

जीवनको बगैचा हरियो रहोस्,
जीवनमा खुशीहरु भरियोस्,
यही जोडी यसरी नै बनि रहोस्,
सयौं वर्षरुसम्म यसरी नै सजियोस् ।
वैवाहिक वर्षगाँठमा बधाइ छ’

Jivanako bagaicha hariyo rahos,
jivanama khusiharu bhariyos,
yahi jodi yasari nai bani rahos,
sayaun varsarusamma yasari nai sajiyos.
Vaivahika varsaganthama badhai chha

Happy marriage anniversary wishes to friend in Nepali

वैवाहिक वर्षगाँठको धेरै बधाई,
प्रेम र विश्वासको हो यो कमाई,
भगवानले गरुन् तपाई दुबैलाई सदा खुशी राखून,
आदर, सम्मान, प्रेम र प्रतिष्ठा जीवनमा बहिरहून!
हैपी ऐनिवर्सरी

vaivahika varsaganthako dherai badhai,
prema ra visvasako ho yo kamai,
bhagavanale garun tapai dubailai sada khusi rakhuna,
adara, sammana, prema ra pratistha jivanama bahirahuna!
happy anniversary!

Happy wedding anniversary Messages to friend in Nepali

जीवनको केही खास प्रार्थनाहरु लिइहाल मसँग,
वर्षगाँठमा केही उपहार लिइहाल मसँग,
भरिदियून रंग जो तपाईको जीवनको पलहरुमा,
आज त्यो प्यारो बधाई लिइहाल मसँग ।
हैप्पी एनिवर्सरी !!

jivanako kehi khasa prarthanaharu liihala masanga,
varsaganthama kehi upahara liihala masanga,
bharidiyuna ranga jo tapaiko jivanako palaharuma,
aja tyo pyaro badhai liihala masanga.
happy anniversary!

Happy wedding anniversary Messages to friend in Nepali

जबसम्म र्सुय चन्द्रमा रहनेछ तबसम्म,
तपाईको जीवनमा खुसिहरुको खानी रहोस्,
वैवाहिक वर्षगाँठको अवसरमा
तपाईको धेरै धेरै शुभकामना ।

Jabasamma rsuya chandrama rahanechha tabasamma,
tapaiko jivanama khusiharuko khani rahos,
vaivahika varsaganthako avasarama
tapaiko dherai dherai subhakamana.

Happy wedding anniversary Messages to friend in English

You have proven to yourself that your love can last another year. I hope this is something you will prove for many years to come.

True love can only be found in the darkest days. The person you may feel that you are in love may seem selfish, someone who is not ready for a serious commitment, someone who will leave you when things are broken. However, the two of you have managed not only during the most difficult times but also to strengthen your bond. And this is what makes you an extraordinary couple.

One of the things you have been able to prove over the years is that your marriage is an adventure alongside many things. You never get bored, you never accept the normal boring life that most couples decide to live. You always color something, you always depend on something exciting, you always live life to the fullest. And this is probably what keeps the wedding alive and interesting after all these years. So I urge you to explore the world, to discover life, to keep things interesting. And most importantly, keep doing it together.

Even the love gods could not have created a perfect love story like yours. You seem to have a really romantic novel out.

Finding true love has always been one of the hardest things in our current society. However, you not only made it look so easy, but you gave hope for everyone to find it too.

As you continue to age together, I wish you to remain the first and last thing in the thoughts of your important other. Your love is truly admirable and probably the one that will last forever.

No matter where you are in life, no matter how rude things are. You will always have each other. And this is the beauty of marriage. I hope you never forget this.

Happy marriage anniversary wishes to friend in Nepali

इश्वरले गरुन् यस्तो नै आइरहोस् तपाईको वर्षांठ,
तपाईको यो नाता मायाको छुवोस् नयाँ आकाश,
यसरी मगमगाओस् जीवनका हर पल,
जस्तो हर दिन पर्व छ ।

Isvarale garun yasto nai airahos tapaiko varsantha,
tapaiko yo nata mayako chhuvos nayan akasa,
yasari magamagaos jivanaka hara pala,
jasto hara dina parva chha.

तपाईको जोडी भगवानले छ केही यस्तो बनाएको,
हरेक मुटु दिइरहेको छ बधाई’
साथ रहोस् तपाई दुबैको सधै,
वैवाहिक वर्षगाँठको लाखौं शुभकामना

Happy marriage anniversary wishes to friend in English

Tapaiko jodi bhagavanale chha kehi yasto banaeko,
hareka mutu diiraheko chha badhai
satha rahos tapai dubaiko sadhai,
vaivahika varsaganthako lakhaun subhakamana

You realize that the marriages you create while your favorite dreams are awake are really successful. And you really became a dreamlike couple.

Most couples allow a day to celebrate their union, if not all. On that day, they celebrate and remember the past moments when they were happy in their marriage. Still, you two have done so much with each other since you were married, I don’t think one day is enough. And if I wish you something, it’s about continuing to create happy memories to remember your next anniversary.

I want to wish the strangest, stupidest, most wonderful, most supportive, amazing, an annoying friend in the world, and his soul mate, a happy anniversary. Thank you for taking care of my friend like this all this time.

As a friend, I never wanted anything but my best friend to be happy. And seeing him married, he really sealed the deal. Even after all this time of marriage, he is even happier than ever. And that makes me happy too.

My friend, we may not be able to drink like we used to, but at least your children have a special role model, and your spouse has a great person to wake up to every day.

Today marks another year of my best friend being the happiest person in the world. I sincerely hope that many years like this will come.

Having someone to take care of my best friend 24 hours a day is really the best thing I could want for him. You are an amazing couple, I hope you never stop loving each other.

I know my best friend is an amazing person, but he has met someone even more amazing, it is the real recipe for a successful marriage.

Happy marriage anniversary wishes to friend in English

Initially, I became his best friend, because I was the only person who could keep him at the highest level of the highest and lowest. I am grateful that there is another person on this earth who can do this.

You really deserved to be happy in life and I am happy that this wedding still gives you non-stop happiness all this time. Many years of happiness are to come here.

All I wanted for my best friend all these years was for him to be happy with his choices in life. And seeing that huge smile on the altar made me realize that my wish had come true. This marriage is what feeds my best friend with endless reasons to live.

Having someone to talk to on cold winter nights other than me is truly an amazing gift for both of us. You have to have the love and compassion you need sometimes late at night, and I fall asleep. This marriage was a win-win situation.

I wish that your feelings always remain sincere, gentle so that your love never knows obstacles, insults. I wish you family idyll, marital passion, home comfort, mutual understanding, wealth, strength, health, and peace.

Dear friends. We want to wish love even stronger, even more unity and strength to your union.

Walk-in life hand in hand, always look in one direction, be gentle and attentive to each other, give in, help, and so that no troubles and sorrows break you. After all, your family is your fortress, defense, and support.

Let this significant day for you, the bright sunshine. As bright and hot as the feeling that united you in a strong union.

We wish your family life to always be happy, let it not contain the wormwood of the bitterness of resentment, suspicion, and disappointment.

We wish prosperity, fortress walls, and wealth to your cozy home. Let it always be filled, to the brim, with success, love, and fun.

We wish you great happiness, bright feelings, rich life, bright days, generous gifts.

Happy marriage anniversary wishes to friend in English

I wish you always to understand each other perfectly and start from a half turn. May your love always remain faithful and tender, may your family life give you only happiness and pleasure every day.

I wish you to be a miracle for each other and not to lose awe, tenderness, the romance of your feelings. I wish you to achieve great success day by day and be sure to turn all your innermost dreams into a happy reality for your family.

I wish you to remain the true guide for happiness for each other, I wish that your family always has harmony.

I wish that your love easily overlays the gray tones of any problem with bright colors of goodness. Be happy, be successful.

We are pleased to see your happy, burning eyes, sincere smiles, and gentle hugs. Let harmony always reign in the family and difficulties are easily overcome.

Friends, I congratulate you on your wedding anniversary, and from the bottom of my heart, I wish you to live merrily, well and safely, inspiring each other and warming with spiritual warmth.

My dear friends, nice guys, happy spouses, I congratulate you on your wedding anniversary and want you to live a long, peaceful, comfortable, luxurious, rich, fun, successful, and wonderful life.

Whenever I think about the merits of marriage, the two of you are the first example I think of.

Anniversaries serve as a reminder of a personal milestone. In this particular case, we are here to enjoy the continued happiness two people deserve.

Your anniversary is not only a reminder when you take your love to a higher level, but also to all the friends who cheered it on.

While you may have your problems, I think it is your humane imperfection and your love that has kept you together for so long.

Happy marriage anniversary wishes to friend in English

Your anniversary is proof that the love between two people is buoyant under consideration and mutual understanding, it is not something that succeeds in material wealth.

While you are bound to do a lot of great things today, we all know the best gift is your annual subscription to each other.

Let me add my admiration for your love to a furnace that seems to make you both happy and caring for one another. Even if it never seems to run out.

True love, like many heroes, never dies, it just grows and they start doing better than time and exposure.

As you celebrate another year of wedding bliss, remember to give yourself the opportunity to reflect on all the joyful steps that brought you here.

While some claim the ideal marriage is fantasy, legend, or myth, I think everyone here agrees that you are the perfect answer to that.

Cherish days past, planning tomorrow, and enjoying the joy God gives you today by fueling your love as a couple.

While some couple emphasizes great anniversaries like their tenths or their 20th or even 50s, others are no less special. Happy Anniversary.

Bones can crunch and your vision may fade as you age, but I’m sure your love for one another will remain this youthful forever.

I really don’t understand this; you are married for how many years and all without some major struggles. Your love is truly an eternal thing.

This day is full of solar rotation since your wedding day. May that same sun bless your path and may your lunar partner guide you into the darkness.

Happy marriage anniversary wishes to friend in English

Today is a reminder of the bumper crop of love that comes from the tendency to have a happy marriage. This is even more love for future harvests.

The first few years of marriage will probably be the best. It is only later that life becomes a test. But the love between you both makes it better to be the rest.

For some couples, perfect means being flawless. But for the wise, mature and beautiful like you, the perfect means accepting one another and doing most of what life has to offer. Happy Anniversary.

Your anniversary was supposed to be a monthly, not a yearly affair because just one day a year is not enough to show one another how much you care. Happy Anniversary.

Some marriages are a mixture of different emotions, feelings, and experiences. Yours is right on the rocks too – 100% pure and undiluted by love.

A romantic trip, an adventurous ride, a fun adventure, an unforgettable journey, a wonderful expedition, an amazing madness, a heavenly journey. This is the definition of marriage and the way to your destiny.

Each year, your anniversary makes me anxious, insecure, nervous and stressed because it adds to the pressure of finding the perfect pair – just like you both did.

Sometimes your marriage is slow like Waltz, sometimes as energetic as Salsa, sometimes hot as Tango, and sometimes soulful as Jazz. A watch on a couple that can dance to any rhythm of life.

You don’t have to wait for your 10th, 20th, or 25th anniversary to celebrate a milestone in your life. Each anniversary is your special milestone.

Happy marriage anniversary wishes to friend in English

May the sun of happiness always emerge from the cloud of misunderstanding that a long love is formed into your timeless marriage.

As an old pair of legs they can become wobbly and beautiful wrinkles can decorate their beautiful faces. But your love for each other does not seem to have disappeared regardless of the stages of life.

Even after so many years of living together, you both did not get tired of each other. Here’s wishing you stay like this forever. Happy Anniversary.

Even in the midst of difficult times, difficult situations, and difficult circumstances, you have proven that a happy marriage can sail through any storm of life.

I wish you good health for many more years. All the best and lots of happiness in your life journey. I wish, like the sea, great happiness, like the sun of hot and faithful love. And may your sleeping men sing in moments of sadness and sorrow in your soul. Peace and well-being to your home.

A strong, trusted family, as mentioned earlier, is a unit of society. Anyway, this is a part of the world, your little world. I want to congratulate you on the anniversary of the creation of this universe, full of love, kindness, and understanding.

Dear friends, For so many years of your life together you have managed to keep the warm light of your love in your soul, and your happy home is full of that love. You live together, and happily so that neither disaster nor the elements can ruin your happy home.

Live a joyful and loving life, love one another, be gentle and passionate, have everything you need in life. May the fire of holy love remain for years, until the golden wedding.

It is great to live a life with a good person who understands the meaning of the word: respect, care, patience, attention, righteousness, and love.

Happy marriage anniversary wishes to friend in English

I would like to mention that you have been together for decades, but in your eyes, we read all that gentle light of love, as it did many years ago. And let your years go through all the troubles and strife, and the family gets stronger and stronger and the freshness of feeling is always present with you.

The biggest test of love is time. Therefore, only the right feeling, like yours, can win years. Congratulations on this touching victory. May your love conquer all the troubles of life over and over again.

Over the years, one changes – one for the better, the other for the worse. But people change over time. Yours, in my opinion, if they change, it’s only for the better. I want this process to continue for you.

Each anniversary of your wedding bears witness to the fact that you are wise people and truly love yourself. I wish you happiness, prosperity, patience, and joy.

Try to hear each other, understand each other so that there is no conflict between you. We all love you very much and congratulate you for being in such a wonderful status as husband and wife for a year.

Wonderful Anniversary to a couple who made their marriage as perfect as it was made to be in romantic books and movies.

At Waltz of Life, you have proven to be the perfect dance partner for one another and forever.

The year will pass, but I want the love between you both to only grow stronger as time adds.

You can achieve many more years of living together to celebrate with your love, stronger and stronger with time.

May your every ordinary day be as special as your wedding day. I wish you a very special anniversary.

Anniversary is a day to commemorate the memory of yesterday, the joy of today, and the beautiful hope of tomorrow.

Happy marriage anniversary wishes to friend in English

Your anniversary will remind you not only of the best moments of your relationship but also of all the discord you went through to experience those blissful moments.

The fact that you don’t act like a typical husband-wife makes your marriage perfect.

Good relationships don’t just happen. They need to be nurtured and given a foundation that is unwavering – just like yours.

The right relationship is when fates are aligned, souls connect and hearts beat for each other, forever – just like yours.

Love is just a word until someone shows up and shows you the meaning. Congratulations to you both.

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