500 Happy Kiss Day 2020 with SMS, Photos, Messages, Wallpapers

401. From the Institute of Love, they inform you that at this moment you are missing out on someone. So please return the message to this number. Thank you.

402. When you love someone you have to suffer and suffer when you lose the love you want her to return. To protect what you love with all your heart and do not let it go.

403. In this world, God has given three kinds of light: the greatest to light by day, the least to light the night, and best placed it in your eyes …

Happy Kiss Day Wishes For Lover

404. I thought about you today at present, but that’s nothing new. I thought about you, and I wondered, and even days before that. I’m gonna think about you tomorrow also because you’re just in my mind!

405. And when hundreds of miles distract us, when you least think of me, my eyes will look in the distance and see you only.

406. Here’s the police from the sky. You’re punished for stealing my heart. The charge will only be dropped if you give me yours!

407. I love your palm because you offered your heart on it.


408. Love is beautiful, Love is faithful. I think of love, Then I think of you.

409. I love you, When I kiss you, I feel a warm glow. And if you laugh then my day is good again. I want to give you everything. Because you brought sunshine all my life. You came for me In response to my dreams. Because I love you.

Happy Kiss Day Wishes For Lover

410. You are my world all my life. The sun and the moon. You are the earth and heaven.

411. I’m all for you, honey, You are the partner of my dreams. With you, my life is complete, When I put my arms around you, then I know that I am at home. You are exceedingly in a million, Thank You For Loving Me.

412. I do not think much, I do not think so quickly, but when I think, I think of you!

413. I will send you three angels tonight, the first will watch over you the 2nd will protect you and the 3rd will tell you how much I love you.

414. Love is … … thinking each other of each other … Love is … shining radiantly when you see each other again .. Love is … Love is just YOU and I!

415. If each drop would say -I love you, it would rain all day.


416. I have never loved anyone so much, I have never felt so much for someone, now I know what people mean by true love.

Happy Kiss Day Wishes For Lover

417. A kiss here, a kiss there. Kisses everywhere, in your neck and in your hair. No, stay here for a while, please, I am not finished yet! I think you’re so sweet, on your nose also a few.

418. A look, a word, a quiet hint. Knowing each other like this is a gift.

419. Sometimes I tend to call you and tell you the most beautiful things. Just to disturb you, just to be able to hear your voice.

420. When I close my eyes I see you in front of me, beaming and laughing as always. I miss you.

421. I have no heart of silver, I have no heart of gold. But I do have a heart that loves you very much.

422. Not a day goes by without thinking regarding you.

423. Honey, that’s because I love you very much, You give me a feeling that I can not describe. That is why you are the one with whom I always want to stay. I feel cold and heat at the same time.

Happy Kiss Day Wishes For Lover

424. Because of you, my view on life has changed, When we are together everything feels so good! It is not normal what you do to me I am in love, so I agree with it.

425. True love exists, although I have always claimed otherwise. To think that I have everything I want. That makes me quiet for a while now. Who would have thought that I would write these sentences? And that I am honest when I say that I will stay with you forever.

426. Your beautiful eyes, your sweet smile, that’s the half I love you for. But the other half that I love so much is that sweet character of yours!

427. Darling, I’m jealous when a girl takes care of you; because at that moment, she has my whole world fixed.

428. I love you, I want to tell you something, but I do not know how. Read the first three words and understand what I mean.

Happy Kiss Day Wishes For Lover

429. I prefer to have you and lose everything, then lose yourself and have everything.

430. Sometimes I wonder if love is worth fighting for, but then I think of you and am ready for war.

431. With you, I feel warmth flowing through me. I want you to dream next to me as in my dreams. You are the one I love and trust. I do not want anyone else but you.

432. Your eyes blue I love you. I do not say this often I’ll stay loyal to you, you’re the only one what I love.

433. You are like fire that burns eternally, the paradise on earth by my hand, everything I wish for is you, my dreams are now a reality for me.

434. You are the light like a thousand stars, every night with you is a full moon. I could only be with you forever because you are my sunshine.

Happy Kiss Day Wishes For Lover

435. I drown in your eyes. I melt on your lips. I float in your arms. Together forever, you and me.

436. They are just words that I give you today, you would not have any benefit if it stayed just like that. But words become acts of love and of faithfulness, they will always say how much I love you …

437. Since I know you I do not want to sleep anymore because our reality is more beautiful than my most beautiful dreams!

438. There was a seal on the beach, that rubbed his nose nicely in the sand. And in that sand it was written: I love you all my life!

439. Days and nights I have thought of you, and every time I see you happened what I expected. One heart passes over once and one feeling for you is getting bigger and bigger.

440. Today I drop a tear into the ocean, only when someone will find them I will not love you anymore!

Happy Kiss Day Wishes For Lover

441. That I love you is not a miracle. But that you care and think about me is very special.

442. The urge to touch your lips, the thoughts that make me crazy. Nothing is as nice as being with you. I solely hope for your feeling, if you know what I mean.

443. The sky is green, the grass is blue, no I am not stoned but I love you!

444. By following my heart I came to your path, I merely forgot to take something back. My thought is still with you.

445. A thousand stars have enchanted me. These stars came from your eyes and that they made me very happy !!

446. Do you know what’s weird? I can not fly and I am in the clouds!

447. I send you an island full of kisses on a sea of love.

Happy Kiss Day Wishes For Lover

448. I feel you in my arms, I feel you on my skin. No matter how hard I can scrub, you will not go out!

449. I was me and you were you. But from today it is us!

450. Tomorrow comes another day. A day that I would rather be with you.

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