500 Happy Kiss Day 2020 with SMS, Photos, Messages, Wallpapers

351. I wish I was a dead lethal on your door so you crack me by your beauty when you go out of your home. I would thank you for your parents to give life to the most beautiful thing I meet today.

352. If I was a judge and you an accused. I will condemn you to love, to the perpetuity of a fine declaration that you will love me for life.

353. You turn on the flame and I add my essence This is why our love is also intense ..On the way, I applied the emergency brake because you cut the road. Your beauty reflects a work of art, which would surpass the magnitude to each eye.

Happy Kiss Day Wishes For Lover

354. The woman is the most beautiful creation, you are the model, the only one. The others are beautiful, but their insidious beauty will never arise the perfection that embodies you.

355. As soon as you advance I want to throw you roses but I can not because you are already a flower. Your heart is like a glow, I am looking for the light to find happiness.

356. It is said that the weather is money, I say that the time spent with you is in gold. If love was a river, your heart was the source …

357. When I am with you, the word love makes all of the sense. You give meaning to all I have. A man’s dream is to be able to fly, mine is to marry you.


358. Why do we close our eyes when we weep? When do we dream? When are we praying? When do we love? Because we know that the most beautiful things we can not see but feel them in our hearts.

Happy Kiss Day Wishes For Lover

359. I do not spend much time in the sun, nor in the sunshine. It is my day when your eyes return to me, and the night when they return away from me.

360. There is not a heart that does not love. There is no soul that does not hurt. There is no eye that does not cry. There is no person who loves you more than me!

361. When you feel the moment in your life, when you lose confidence in yourself, you sit at least then and know there is someone who thinks of you.

362. Give me your hand, embrace me in the darkness. I want to be with you, I want you to be alone. More than anything, I love you, because love is called by your name. I love you!

363. I feel much stronger as you stream my body and pass through the soul, leaving inexhaustible traces that remind me of every heartbeat that I exist only for you. I love you!

Happy Kiss Day Wishes For Lover

364. Somebody keeps an angel, some are guarded by God. Over a couple of months, do you have custodians? You do not? But do not worry about yourself, I’m not an angel, but I’m watching you !!!

365. And I always feel you up, your hugs, touches, your breath on my lips. And I’m unhappy and I do not want anyone to see, I do not want to see me myself. I only want you.


366. In my heart, there is one place that I only guard for you, and you come because this is the place for you!

367. Give me your eyes and their warm glow, give me something else: your big hug. Give me your soft lips and say I LOVE YOU.

368. My eyes are for all, but my heart just knocks on you! Keep me tight, do not forget me. You will find many of whom you believe they love you, but soon you will recognize – No one likes you more than me!

Happy Kiss Day Wishes For Lover

369. If I could go back to the past, I would choose you, again for you and thousands of times just for you, because I just love you!

370. Unheard, incomprehensible, totally, unimaginable, impossible, abnormal, crazy, magical, ultimate, irresistible, famous, sincerely love you!

371. I do not know why I adore you, I do not know and I do not care. I just know that without you I can not wait for a moment, I know that without you I would be just a numb. I love you, my love!

372. You know I have to admit you something. I will not love you anymore. But do not be angry, no life is great! I will only love that part of your life as long as this life lasts.

373. Love for me means happiness, and everything that is closer to you is ever greater. Love is the heart of my melody set and as long as you are listening I will be happy!

Happy Kiss Day Wishes For Lover

374. I’m waiting for you all night and looking through dreams. You do not hear the voice and the song that calls you. No, I’m not scared when I’m alone, because I always feel the passion that floats between us.

375. Your love is like a river that flows from heaven, because of you, my life is full of happiness. I’m sending you a kiss like honey, you are what I need in my life!

376. It’s unrealistic how much I miss you this night. I crave at least for a moment to see you, to hear your heartbeat. At least for a moment to sleep with you.

377. Maybe you and I will never be together, Perhaps my dreams will never be realized, no matter how much I wanted. But I will love you, though we may not be in the same city. Yet our heaven is the same, and my flesh will float far away, and when I see the star. I wish that you see it too and we will look at it together, hugged!

Happy Kiss Day Wishes For Lover

378. I have a little angel flying around and hitting people with a hammer. Every one of them gets a little bit of my love. I hope he’ll beat you when he sees you.

379. It’s strange how life is empty … When a person is not there … Or when you live among so many people … Do you just think of me…

380. This message has its task to make you smile on your face … If it did not succeed, it will be immediately deleted.

381. Open the door of your heart, let me in and do not ever let me go out.

382. You are like the farthest star to which it is most difficult to reach. But for this reason, the farthest star is the most beautiful and brightest!

383. Remembering is not an obligation than a product of sincere feelings, so it reminds me I want you and I deserve you.

Happy Kiss Day Wishes For Lover

384. I mean you, I just want you, I only want you, I can not survive without you. I starve without you, I just love you! What can I do ?! No one can do anything except for you.

385. You are a part of my life, part of the week, part of the sleep, and because of your love I have tremendous love. I love your eyes, their wonderful glow. I just love you and know no one else.

386. If there is any glitter there then it is in your eyes. If there is a pain then there is a life without you. If anyone in this world is fond of you then, believe me, it’s me!

387. I like the smiles on your face, I love your eyes, I love the lips when they kiss me, in fact, I just love you!

388. If a grain of sand would be the love I feel for you, it would take the Sahara to show you how much I love you!

389. Falling from a tree is very high, falling from the sky is very very high, falling in love with you it is very very beautiful.

Happy Kiss Day Wishes For Lover

390. I would not want to offend you, but your father is a thief because he took the most beautiful stars and put them in your eyes.

391. I think of you one time a day and every thought lasts 24 hours.

392. If I were a bee and you a flower I would spend my life foraging your heart. I look at you and I can not help but notice that you are the look-alike of my next girlfriend.

393. I had a problem before, now that I saw you I have only the solution. The birds have wings to fly and wander and I have the heart to love you.

394. You and I are so much more than a love story, it’s the story of a life. We always say that love is blind, a pity he can not see your beauty …

395. If love is a crime, let me be your victim. Love is the only dream that is not dreaming.

396. I would like to be the one who reflects every day in these sublime eyes! If you have some free time, I’d like to see us grow old together.

Happy Kiss Day Wishes For Lover

397. If the word love did not exist, on seeing you I would have invented it. If the sentence did not exist, I would have understood if you had left me.

398. Do not ask me why I love you because I had to explain to you why I live.

399. Throw me a buoy! I’m drowning in the ocean of your eyes. Beauty has limits but you have exceeded them!

400. Only when the crows are white and the snow is black will your name be erased from my memory.

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