500 Happy Kiss Day 2020 with SMS, Photos, Messages, Wallpapers

302. Close your eyes and relax as you dance in the sea of my kisses. And do not allow anything to stir up the sea and forever connect from me !!!

303. Heaven is the path that leads to paradise. Love is the word that brings you to me. It is only my heart to tell you that I LOVE YOU.

304. I love you and I will, I dream about you day and night. As if you came from some story because all my dreams are like you.

305. I send a kiss to you to say that I have a heart for you and take it to stay there forever, for I am with you and in good and evil. I love you!

Happy Kiss Day Wishes For Lover

306. May someone calls the cops! You stole my heart. You’re so beautiful that when I look at your smile I feel like being sponsored by Aquafresh.

307. You are rare beauty and not found like the AIDS Remedy. I wish I was your happiness in everyday life every second of life.

308. You are so beautiful that when I see you my heart burns! And With your I.Q. and your body, we could make amazing children.


309. You are on the list of my things to do. If you were a rule of the road code, you would be my priority.

Happy Kiss Day Wishes For Lover

310. I would like to be the one who reflects every day in these sublime eyes! Put your phone under your form so that I do you vibrate your heart.

311. If my love to you was a flame, it would immerse all snowmen in despair. I’m not strong in math, but you are much accounting for me.

312. The meetings are numerous. But, the chance to have crossed it is unique. I want this specialty grew up with you.

313. I want to live in a country where it borders are your arms, it’s sunning your feelings, its inhabitants are you and me.

Happy Kiss Day Wishes For Lover

314. You give me your heart and I will fill it full of love. My heart tells you I love you, I can not prevent it, it’s stronger than my reason.

315. You knew I’m the only drug you can get without order! If I was a cat I will spend my 9 lives with you.

316. I must have a problem with my eyes … … they do not want to leave you.


317. Congratulations !!! … You have been elected the most beautiful girl in this room and the first prize is one big warm kiss from me.

318. To die will mere would be difficult but dying for you would be eternal joy.

Happy Kiss Day Wishes For Lover

319. If you see smoke out of my mouth, don’t say I smoked … It’s just that my heart burns from your absence.

320. I can fall from a bridge, I can fall from a bike but the best way to fall is to fall in love with you.

321. You have received full gifts since your birth: beauty, intelligence, humor and my heart! I’m asking for one thing: that you love me.

322. I could survive 3 months in a desert, 2 months at sea, 6 months in the North Pole but 1 hour past without you could exotious to me.

323. Is that a hypnotizer? Because I am already hypnotized in your eyes.

324. The sky is filled with stars, the oceans are filled with fish but my heart is filled with love for you.

Happy Kiss Day Wishes For Lover

325. Your look is so beautiful that the sun can not help but shine. I would like to be the one to whom you hold your hand in the street.

326. You are the sun that illuminates me, the universe that surrounds me, the planet that makes me live and the moon that makes me dream.

327. When I look at you and when I look at the other girls, you are the most beautiful. It’s not because you are beautiful I love you, but because I love you that you are beautiful.

328. The sun enlightens my body but you warm my heart. If love had a face it would be similar to yours. You are so beautiful that even a diamond could not replace you.

Happy Kiss Day Wishes For Lover

329. Do you know I’m like a reflection of a vampire, I do not reflect in a mirror, but the only mirror in which I reflected are your eyes? If you die, I would give you my heart, anyway, it is your own possession.

330. Do you know that your infaunal beauty could give meaning to the life of any man? I have already counted the sand grains of a beach, all are dedicated to you and represent the number of times I think of you !!!

331. If you were not in my life, love would be an arid desert-like the stone. Receiving an SMS from you gives me smile, even in the worst moments. You are not comparable to gold, an infinite gold could not qualify your value.

332. The words prove your feelings, the heartbeat proves your love and your love makes you dream constantly to think of me!

333. I am like honey. To exist, it takes a girl like you: my bee. A whole dictionary would not be enough to define you all the love I have for you.

Happy Kiss Day Wishes For Lover

334. Telling you I love you is not enough to express my love but it is the only sentence that gets closer to the illustration of what I feel for you. If I was a florist I will offer you flowers but as I am a traveler then I offer you my heart …

335. Come with me for jogging, I leave you in advance because I like running after my dreams. It is said that life is beautiful then I look at you and understood why.

336. Tomorrow or after tomorrow I would hold your hand until the end. Your eyes roasted my heart in one look.

337. It’s a great time to tell you that I love you. This courage to tell you comes from my mother and sentence: live your dreams instead of dreaming your life.

Happy Kiss Day Wishes For Lover

338. You managed to create a need in me .. you. You can do everything you want with my heart: swing her, tear it, break it, shake her, but be careful because you are inside.

339. You have a common point with the number of gold because the number of gold is a divine proportion and you are a divine beauty.

340. I engraved your name on a tree, but a storm ripped it off. I write your name on the sand, but the sea has erased it. I engraved your name in my heart, and it stayed …

341. I love you so much that even after a brainwash I would love you again … I will be that night where you will come sleep with me.

342. On the day you are born, the concept of global warming was put in place. Do not think that one day my heart can forget you, it can stop beating but not forget to love you. Hello, I just resumed a coffee … but it does not have the same flavor as you at mine.

Happy Kiss Day Wishes For Lover

343. It’s true that in this world we find beautiful girls, smart girls but you, you are a rare girl.

344. Before our first looks, I did not become aware of the emotion of the word love, and now I feel it deeply on my heart.

345. I’m lost more easily in the blue of your eyes than in the ocean blue. In the Kingdom of my heart is you the princess and me the prince.

346. If one day your heart no longer breath, I will give you mine, because, without you, it serves me nothing.

347. When I fall asleep your face haunts my thoughts …I thought I would have had a woman in my life (my mom) but when I saw you I understood that there will be 2!

Happy Kiss Day Wishes For Lover

348. Me without you, it’s like an ocean without a single drop of water. I do not smoke, I do not drink, and my only drug is you.

349. Our way will never be without turning, but with you, I consider them like a mirage.

350. Even if there was no longer gravity on earth, I would always fall in love with you. You without me it’s like Romeo without Juliet is not possible.

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