500 Happy Kiss Day 2020 with SMS, Photos, Messages, Wallpapers

251. There are too many stars in the sky, too many tears in our eyes. There are too many women in the world, but no one is like you. You are unique and special.

Happy Kiss Day Text Msg For Boyfriend

252. I want to laugh, hug your heart, tiny kisses on your face, wake up every morning next to you and wake up with your sweet kiss.

253. There is a dream that is more lovely than the rest. There is a dream that lasts longer than the remainder. But my most lovely dream is the one who is reading these lines without delay.

254. If I dream, I don’t recognize what is good and what is wrong. If I dream, I don’t recognize what the dream is and what it is. If I dream, I don’t recognize what I’m doing, however, I hope I’ll be there with you.

255. All my want to be with you, kiss your mouth, watch your eyes. I would like to do it as much as I can, and always only with you.

256. I would wish to be a wandering cloud with a whispering wind, to fly to you. Look in your eyes, kiss your lips and spend a long night with you eternally.

257. Sometimes you think that regarding me and you recognize I’m far away. Just trust me because I’m thinking of you. My way wherever I go, my heart always loves you.


Happy Kiss Day Text Msg For Boyfriend

258. Ever since I ought to recognize you since then, I love you, a captivated glow of glittering eyes. You’re Faraway from me, but I’m not an orphan because you’re here with me, locked in my heart.

259. You’re the sun that descends in the evening. You’re the moon, the companion of the night. You’re the star that shines brightly in my eyes. Find out that I love you very much.

260. I hate the day because it may affect you. I hate the moon cause it can accompany you at night. I hate water cause it can touch your soft gentle lips. You can’t tell me, I love you.

261. I would wish to look deep into your eyes and tell you it’s not worth living without you.

Happy Kiss Day Text Msg For Boyfriend

262. You are solely the one who brings joy, without you my life is a closed box. I look forward to seeing you once more, and the wildest desires break out of the box.

263. Just love me for a moment till I tell you I love you. Just love me for an hour till I cry, I wish you. Love me for every day till I can kiss you. Love me for a lifetime, and I am going to love you always.

264. Life is a long dream, somebody dreams bad and some type is beautiful. I would like us to dream regarding something beautiful, and our dream would never end.

265. The most lovely feeling once I think of you. The most lovely feeling once I dream about you. The most lovely feeling once I get to you and wake up with you.


266. If you sleep in the evening and look out the window, look for the most beautiful star in the sky. And if you’re thinking of those who love you, think about me too, because I love you too.

267. You are the beginning, you are the end, without you the cloudy sky. I see the sun beautiful with you, I just love you, I hope you know.

Happy Kiss Day Text Msg For Boyfriend

268. I look out the window, I see the moonshine, I feel the tears drop down on my face. If you were here and inquire me what was wrong, I would just say I miss you very much.

269. Your kiss is blue like the clear sky, trees are green from your eyes, without you the whole world is empty.

270. The rain rushes through the window, though you would kiss every drop of my lips. Lightning on the sky, I don’t know how long I can stand without you.

271. Look into my eyes and see my heart. Embrace yourself in order the magic does not pass. Grab my hand and never let it go, you are the greatest miracle in my life.

272. Recently something happened to me, the most wonderful thing, a dream that came true on the day you spoke and met.

Happy Kiss Day Text Msg For Boyfriend

273. If my heart were as big as the universe, there wouldn’t be enough room to fit all the love I feel for you.

274. In the morning, if you wake up, you will notice that there is nothing missing in your little room. But when I was there, you’ll find out the lightness on your snow-white pillow.

275. Hugged by delight, I wish you, be mine a hundred times. If you hide here, I will not let you go, because I love you forever.

276. Why do not you believe that I do not like anything else? Why do not you believe this confession? If you were born for me, why are you not mine? If I did not have you, why did I born?

277. Kiss me and you will see the stars. Love me and I will give it to you.

278. My heart is crying with sighs because you are not next to me. I know the departure is tough but please do not forget me!

Happy Kiss Day Text Msg For Boyfriend

279. My wish is to tell you how much I love you! To see you every day, to know your joys and to relieve your troubles.

280. You make me smile, you make me weep, you make me feel like I live. You make me love!

281. As two lips join together to form kiss, so two hearts join together to form. LOVE!

282. Think of the sweetest thing, multiply it with infinity, gather eternity and you will know how much I miss you.

283. My phone works with love. Since I’ve met you it never stopped.

284. When a drop of rain touches your mouth, you know it’s been sent out by me.

Happy Kiss Day Text Msg For Boyfriend

285. A golden clam is my heart; the pearl of love is in it if the shell breaks out of the cool rocks, the pearl of love remains forever.

286. Love is that intangible thing that makes us satisfied and secured with what we have and dissatisfied with what we are.

287. Love is the desire to give what is yours and to feel his happiness as if it’s yours.

288. Kiss is a greeting that is very painful but when someone kisses you, you realize that you really love it!

289. In the soul of the flame in the heart of the fire, the affection of you is a present from God. There is no greater grace in the world – that the love of truth, its silence.

290. You are the only one who has managed to touch the deepest point in my Heart. I love you.

Happy Kiss Day Text Msg For Boyfriend

291. I want countless kisses to float on your body. I want your touches on my skin. I want to sleep with you and wake up as I whisper you I LOVE YOU.

292. Open the door of your heart, let me in and do not ever let me go out.

293. It does not matter where you are, and where I am, it does not matter to me this distance that separates us. It’s important that you are where you need to be, it’s important that you are here – in my heart. I love you.

294. When you are near to everything, do not go because I love you. Come closer to me, I want you to hear my heart knock for you!

Happy Kiss Day Text Msg For Boyfriend

295. Love is a sea, love is heaven, love is all that people need, love is a stream that flows from heaven, and a kiss is a path that connects two hearts.

296. My body will be your body because there is my heart killing for you. I love you.

297. The more I wait for you I want you more, I love you with this heart only. I give long enough because I die of sadness, and I love your ever stronger sweetness.

298. I want you to know that I’m just yours, that you are only my love, that I love you more than myself, I do not want another, ONLY YOU.

299. Just because of you I know what love and adoration mean because of you I am better and stronger. I love your heart all the time, only with you, I would live life.

Happy Kiss Day Text Msg For Boyfriend

300. Two tears went down my cheeks while I think of you and your name. I just love you and I’m remembering and craving for you because you’re all I have.

301. Life is beautiful when you live, so take what you want, because happiness is short. And you live because of it, it does not require too much and you will get everything! I love you!

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