500 Happy Kiss Day 2020 with SMS, Photos, Messages, Wallpapers

151. Without you, my life only exists like gathering of a dark color. Not the magical light of the color and I will no longer be me. I always need you as a man needs to breathe.

152. It doesn’t matter if my eyes are open or closed, if I have sky or horizon, night and moonlight. I love you.

153. The sun illuminates and brings happiness in the same way you do for me.

154. The word “I love you” is worth anything if you understand how much I love you!

Happy Kiss Day Text Msg For Boyfriend

155. The night, the moon was surprised when I stole a star; they smiled for me because they knew it was for you, my love.

156. The sun never ceases shining just as my heart never stops loving you.

157. In your imagination take each letter from this SMS for a bouquet of flowers that each in their turn would tell you how much I think of you.


158. I send you a casting boat on an ocean of tenderness. I send you a wagon of kisses on the rails of love shot by the wings of my heart to tell you I love you.

Happy Kiss Day Text Msg For Boyfriend

159. I want to grow old by loving you, but not die without telling you. I want you to want, you want what I want then stop wanting and let me have you.

160. My life was this big empty space in me that you fill out every day with your light, your sweetness, and your heat.

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161. Rather than offering me a flower of one day, offer me your heart forever.

162. A day without seeing you it’s a morning without sun. A day without you it’s like a kingdom without a king.

163. Just as I have everything except you so I have nothing because you are everything for me.

Happy Kiss Day Text Msg For Boyfriend

164. Can you one day give me a little of your time, I who dream to kiss your hand for a moment, and to feel your skin so soft on my lips.


165. You are a love, I do not know how to give it back to you. Tell me, you who never ask anything. You entered my heart without being invited. But deep inside me, I was waiting for you.

166. If I had to keep a moment engraved forever in my memory. It would probably be the first time you told me that you loved me.

167. You are my sun, She who lights my days and my nights … You are my breath, The one who gave me back my life. You are my rainbow, The one that makes me see life in a thousand colors. You are my essential, the one I have not looked for.

Happy Kiss Day Text Msg For Boyfriend

168. I write your name on all the walls of my life. I write your name on every path of my passion. You are my source of love inspiration. You amplify the beauty of my existence by your mere presence. Sublime and wonderful presence. Life is good with you. I love you.

169. You are my star of beauty, the Venus of my nights, in my thoughts all day, you are my only date of midnight.

170. I like to be next to you … to tell you that I found great love, to think that you will always be there. To tell you in the face, looking at you in the eyes “I love you”.

Happy Kiss Day Text Msg For Boyfriend

171. I send you messages so as not to forget me, but in reality, I want to send you my eyes to look at your sweet face. My lips to kiss you very hard deep to your soul and tell you I love you until I die.

172. Each time I look at you I fall in love with you all over again. When you are not here with me I miss you so much. I think of you every moment. I love you passionately.

173. Love acts through me … love speaks through me … love makes me special … love makes me unique … love makes me alive … and all thanks to you …

Happy Kiss Day Text Msg For Boyfriend

174. With a rose in hand and a smile, I ring you with the piano of my heart a beautiful melody with the scent of a true feeling to tell you how much I love you.

175. You are my last thought before sleep you are my only pleasure and my ideas to write. You are my joy to smile but your absence makes me suffer. I love you very much.

176. Tell me that you love me I stay the same, tell me that you adore me and my love will be stronger. We are made for each other so do not look at others.

177. True love is difficult to seek and find, even more, difficult to leave and impossible to forget, that’s why I would love to keep your love as long as I live.

Happy Kiss Day Text Msg For Boyfriend

178. If I had millions, I’ll be a millionaire. If I had billions, I will be a billionaire. But I only have pennies, so I’m sentimental and my heart is my only capital. Will you accept it?

179. Why be burdened with phrases that do not mean anything when only one summarizes my feelings: I love you!

180. The beautiful rose always loses its beauty, but the beauty of love remains for fidelity..your name is easy to read easy to write. The difficulty is to forget. I love you my heart.

181. Your most tender words, delicately wrapped in sweetness, are placed on my heart for my greatest happiness.

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182. In the infinite universe, in the depths of the sea, today, tomorrow, yesterday, I had discovered you are a great being.

Happy Kiss Day Text Msg For Boyfriend

183. I jump with joy when I think of you, I fly with joy when I dream of you, so what would I do when I see you?

184. I feel your presence despite the distance between us I hear your voice despite the silence of the night. And I love you + than ever despite the suffering of being away from you.

185. It’s only been a few weeks that we are together but I already know it, you conquered my heart and I love you very much.

186. My darling. I wanted to tell you that I love everything in you: your smile, your eyes, your little character, your good mood, … In short, the list is long … I wait to see you again to continue her in your arms.

187. Every time you kiss me suddenly or you say “I love you” my heart flares up like a thousand fireworks … ..I love you.

Happy Kiss Day Text Msg For Boyfriend

188. You and me it’s a story that has no end. You and me it is a hunger of life, a thirst for adventure and passion. You and I are a masterpiece of tenderness and affection. May the gods of passion and feelings protect us from the storms of life.

189. You are my joy, you are my pain, you are my song, my color and in the sweetness of my veins, the blood that makes my heart beat.

190. The sea is made to swim, the wind is made to blow, and I am made to love you.

191. Everyone is aware that 1 + 1 = 2, but me + you = 1, you know why? Merely because of you = 1 and me without you = 0.

192. The train of your tenderness which rolls on the rails of my esteem will reach forever the station of my heart.

Happy Kiss Day Text Msg For Boyfriend

193. There is another day, another path, another hope, another tear, another fear, another smile, another adventure, but never another person dearer than you.

194. A statement is like a rifle bullet, as soon as it is said there is no more way to backtrack … I love you and it is my statement.

195. I send you all the pearls of the sky to light your heart and all the flowers of the earth to color your life and all the songs to tell you that you are an angel.

196. The most beautiful gifts that I can receive from you is all your love and the rest I do not care. I love you.

197. In a field of rose, I looked for a flower and I fell on you. You are my most beautiful flower and I intend to keep you alive … I love you.

198. I love you for everything you’re, everything you’ve been and everything you’ll be.

Happy Kiss Day Text Msg For Boyfriend

199. Without words, love would not come into existence, it is a construction of words. You and I are joined and understood by these words which constitute and expresses our feelings, we have been conquered and unified by love.

200. Your eyes are so deep thus I lose my memory. You are so radiant and glorious that my heart burns to love you.

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