500 Happy Kiss Day 2020 with SMS, Photos, Messages, Wallpapers

101. I don’t know what to say except the three words “I love you”. It seems redundant and very beautiful, isn’t it? But those are the most sincere words I will ever give you – my love.

102. Higher than the hills, deeper than the ocean floor, sweeter than sugarcane fields. Brighter than the moon, warmer than the sun, to the end of the universe is my love for you.

103. People often say that only happiness in life is love. That is absolutely true. For me, love is everything and I need you more than anything. So never leave me, honey.

Happy Kiss Day Text Msg For Girlfriend

104. Love is the greatest affection. It creates a miracle. It creates new people. It makes the greatest values of people. You are my love. I love you – my little angel.

105. I can hide it all but I can’t hide it, I love you. Now and forever I will always devote a passion for you. The truth is, I really love you.

106. If not for you, my life will only exist in a dark and sad color, not the colorful magical light and I will no longer be me. I always need you as a person who needs a breath.

107. I love you, please send me a love of water, warm arms, and your most passionate kisses during this valentine.


Happy Kiss Day Text Msg For Girlfriend

108. Honey – never leave me. If it weren’t for you, I would be like the waves of the sea that could not be drafted. Without you, I would be like fallen leaves at the end of the autumn, sad and meaningless.

109. Just met you, I thought I knew you for a long time. Only a few seconds away from you, I thought thousands of receipts. If this keeps up, I’ll get sick from a similar illness. Why do I remember and love you so much – my angel?

Happy Kiss Day Text Msg For Girlfriend

110. Is a billionaire Very happy. You can buy many things, eat lots of delicious food and go anywhere. Is a celebrity happy? It was great because he always had many fans and lived in brilliant radiance. Is a powerful politician happy? Nothing is better because it is the dream of many men. But all will be meaningless if I don’t have you anymore.

111. You are like a light of the sun shining in the middle of the night and illuminating my soul with passionate eyes, angelic smiles, warm, sweet and strange voice. I believe that this Valentine season will be happy for you too. I love you.

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112. Pushing you out of my life is not different from removing the sun from the world. I will do it all to keep you in my arms. I will not bear the pain losing you even once. Sending to you love forever in this Valentine season.

113. The moonlight lows blended to your softness. The brilliant sun must also bow to your beautifulness. All of the things are shy before you.

Happy Kiss Day Text Msg For Girlfriend

114. Your smile melted the icebergs in the Arctic, frozen the Mississipi river, burn the Amazon jungle and stolen my heart and soul. Thank you so much. Sending to you an eternal love on this valentine.


115. Eyes, smile, hair, voice, lips, and your beautiful nose. All of them are gamed into my heart to remember, for me to dream.

116. Our love for each other is beautiful, isn’t it? We had so many beautiful memories, there were happy days together. All will forever be bold in me. Send me thousands of kisses. Always with me. Love you forever.

117. That nine planets revolve around the sun, that is the truth. Water boils at 100 degrees, that’s the truth. The vacuum environment – there is no air, that is the truth. I love you, that is the truth. Something called truth is never changed. I love you. Now and forever.

Happy Kiss Day Text Msg For Girlfriend

118. I love you do you know that I miss you so much? No moment my heart does not remember you. The heat of the summer or the cold of winter does not stop my nostalgia … Love you the most in life – my love.

119. Sun only. Moon only. The sky is only there. And so do you, there is only one love ever given to you. Please smile so hard when you receive this message so you know that I’m happy. One more thing, I smile more lovely than that. I love you.

120. Another Valentine season is coming and I’m so happy to have you by my side. Please be the guardian angel with me all the way. Send me all the best.

121. Each message is a smile … Every word is a kiss but when you touch me … remember this … My life is full of happiness.

Happy Kiss Day Text Msg For Girlfriend

122. Roses burned red in my heart and they never withered … because they bloom every time I see your smile, hear your voice and think of you.

123. The government has issued new taxes, dating, hugging, kissing and loving each other must pay taxes. But don’t worry, flirting is completely free. Do you think I’m flirting with you?

124. What binds us together is always stronger than what makes us distant.

125. The butterfly needs wings … the stone needs cold weather and me… I need you.

126. Love … I want to hug you tightly to hear our hearts beating at the same beat … forever.

Happy Kiss Day Text Msg For Girlfriend

127. What happens when these petals lack the sun, these fresh leaves lack water. What will happen when I miss you That’s why I said … I love you.

128. A calendar as a gift for me with the days and months we will share sweet and dirty together … If we lack each other, there will be no joy, only pain!

129. No matter how special the word is, it never expresses all my love for you with this heart.

130. I love these two things, this rose, and my love. The rose is only for a short time but my love is a lifetime.

Happy Kiss Day Text Msg For Girlfriend

131. Oh, I forgot your name. I call you “lover”! If you forget my name too, call me “lover”.

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132. If you feel lonely and think there is no one to love, to support, listen, or show interest, please save this message. And every time you read it, it will remind you of me as part yours and you never leave me.

133. I’m afraid to close my eyes because I will think of you. I’m afraid to open my eyes because I will see you. I’m afraid to move my lips because I will talk about you. I’m afraid to listen because my heart is beating for you.

134. Every time I hear the message bell, I always hope to be yours. My phone may have limited memory but my heart never lacks a place for you.

135. If you hate me, use your bow and arrow but don’t aim at my heart. Cause you always in that place!

Happy Kiss Day Text Msg For Girlfriend

136. I look lovely when reading your message. You are even more adorable when you read my message and smile. You were the most adorable when you read my message, smiled and replied. Let’s take the most lovely people you!

137. Hey girl, you’re really careless. You always came and left many things behind you. Now, look what you left? You entered my mind and you left a smile on my face.

138. If there is a wish, I will not wish for you to love me, because I do not want my love to come from a wish … but from my heart.

139. Love is when we spend time in the day thinking about others more than we think about ourselves. Why do you think about me so much?

Happy Kiss Day Text Msg For Girlfriend

140. Darling, I found heaven… Since I met you … I believe heaven is real and you are my angel.

141. If I touch your hand, will you take it? If I wear you in my arm, will you lean your head on my shoulder? If I touch your lips, will you kiss me? If I take your heart, do you love me?

142. This is the time I pray for you … .0123456789 … done! Do you know what I pray for? Please let me be happy for the whole day … to give you a message like you are sweet.

143. Dreaming of you makes a long night worthwhile. Thinking of you makes me smile. Having you next to me is the best thing and love you is … my whole life plan.

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144. I heard God created the world for 6 days. But surely he would take a century to create a sweet, beautiful and lovely person … like you.

Happy Kiss Day Text Msg For Girlfriend

145. If someone asks me what it would be like a beautiful life? I will put my head on your chest, hugging you tightly and answer with a smile: “Like this!”

146. People say if at least one person cares about you, this life is precious. So if you do not heal, feel depressed, remember that you have me.

147. Without you, the day will be sad and the night seems endless. If I do not have you, my life is just sad music. You do not know how will I live?

148. I have only one love. Give me now and forever. Although I go to the end of the earth. Still on you by the heart.

149. Love is the greatest affection. It creates magic. It creates new people. It makes the greatest values of humans. You are my love. I love you.

Happy Kiss Day Text Msg For Girlfriend

150. Now looking at the sky I want to say that I love you. Now and forever. Another Valentine season I am happy with you.

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