500 Happy Kiss Day 2020 with SMS, Photos, Messages, Wallpapers

451. Without you, it will no longer bring joy, just only dull pain.

452. I miss you around here, so many people here, but still alone. I miss your lips, your sweet smile. I miss you more and more every day.

453. Today I love you much more than yesterday, but less than I will do tomorrow.

454. I can not live without love. You are my only love, so I can not live without you! I love you more than when I started this sentence!

455. Love is a tickle in the belly, where you can not scratch! Love is a kind of thirst that you can not learn without getting drunk.

Happy Kiss Day Status For Your Sweetheart

456. If you are mad at me, give me all my kisses back!

457. I fell for you on the street. I saw your beautiful eyes but the curb too late!


458. Love costs nothing to get, but is priceless if you have it! Love is like war: easy to start, but troublesome to complete. Likewise, A kiss is a print of an impression that emphatically demands a reprint.

459. I love you so much that if you ever leave me, I’ll go with you! You make me crazy, like you laugh, like you talk, as you watch … but especially as you avoid me!

Happy Kiss Day Status For Your Sweetheart

460. I give you 1 kiss to sleep. I give you 2 kisses to dream. I give you infinite kisses so that tomorrow as you awake you directly think of me.

461. A day without you is a sense of sadness without a tear. A night without you is a joy without laughter. But 1 second the feeling from your kiss makes everything good.

462. I do not need jewelry when I already have the gleam of your look. I do not need perfume when my scent is already mixed with yours. I do not need a perfect trip if in your arms I can dream. I do not need a special date, to say how much I love you, because I love you every day of the year.

463. Today everything will be more special because it’s the day to celebrate love and all hearts in love. Today the looks will change with sweetness, the kisses will be given with passion and the promises will be made for forever.

Happy Kiss Day Status For Your Sweetheart

464. Today is smiling day next door of whom we love; to say “I love you” and to demonstrate this feeling with gestures, and promise that tomorrow we will love even more.

465. When you arrived, love was made, time passed, and, our love only increased and consolidated. Today, it’s not me anymore without you. I love you!


466. Love you in all languages and letters. In all the senses and lifts. The purest way someone can love. I just love you!

467. I love to listen when you speak, I pay attention to each of your moves and I delve myself when I get your tares in return. Nothing in this world could tell how much I feel held by your side, I wonder how it would be possible to feel so great feeling!

Happy Kiss Day Status For Your Sweetheart

468. Happiness is what I feel, every time my eyes see you and your lips kiss me. Back soon, I have the urgency of your presence! I miss.

469. Life is mine but the heart is yours. All day I think, all day I declare, every day I feed, all day I ask for you. Every day I hear you, every day I love you, every day I feel free … free to think of you. Free to declare, free to pray for you, free to ask you, free to love you!

470. I love silence because the silence speaks to you. I love nature because it reminds me of you. Love the loneliness, because I approach you. I love souvenir because it brings me back. I love stars because in them I encounter you. I love life because my life is you!

471. Living a great love is the biggest experience that the human can share with someone. In the face of this, I want to ask you to share a lifetime and love with me. I love you!

472. My world turns into something better than I could imagine when I am next to you. Love you love!

Happy Kiss Day Status For Your Sweetheart

473. Treasure ……. I want to feel you against me and hear our hearts beat as a whole for all eternity…

474. Tears in my eyes ……… Tears about you …… Tears that realize how much I love you.

475. I’m not sad when you’re not here. Only happier when you are. As each year I would like to spend the valentine’s life with the most beautiful, most caring and most romantic companion! You! Cheerful Valentine’s love my love.

476. I am organ donors, do you need nothing? Maybe my heart.

477. I thought I had dreamed of you this night … it was wonderful, and then opening my eyes I saw your smile. And I understood that the wonderful dream really starts at this time.

Happy Kiss Day Status For Your Sweetheart

478. The love I have for you is unconditional, I did not think I feel like such an emotional one day … Thank you for being in my life.

479. Cheerful Valentine’s Day Angel. Tonight I played her Cupid, I go out for my arrow to flee your heart as on the first day. I can not wait!

480. My heart, thanks to you, I finally found something that fits my heart faster than in a sprint, which gives me to crush all the obstacles, all the limits imposed. Something that is so much that I would rather die rather than to live without, I found this little “thing,” twisted, the rare pearl who gives me happiness: You.

481. Do you know why Cupid remains young? To show that love never lives old. We as a couple proves it: I love you a little more every day.

Happy Kiss Day Status For Your Sweetheart

482. I love the month of February because despite the cold that tries to get the blood … Chocolates, kissing, and appointments at the restaurant are there to warm up the heart.

483. My little heart, already two years ago we are together … The time goes so fast with your side! I wish that novel that we started to write together never stops. That the pages write to the infinite, that the ink of our love is poured to form the most beautiful chapters.

484. Today, I want to send all my greetings of happiness that can overflow from this romantic day. She can bring you love and joy, full of laughter and gaiety, I want to love you for life.

485. The month of February is a pretty month. Despite the cold that icing the blood, you are always here to warm up the heart.

Happy Kiss Day Status For Your Sweetheart

486. Not one night, not a day, without being you in my thoughts. You give me everything whilst my heart needs and more.

487. I wish is to be ready to you, in your arms, that our love evolves every day and that our happiness is eternal … and not only on this joyous day, but I love you so strong that I can not help but wish you …all year round.

488. This message of love for kiss Day is like a poem. A romantic poem that says I love you with some tender words to the strength of beautiful love. A statement to say how much I want to you. I send you this message to tell you that I would love you forever.

489. My love, on this beautiful day of Kiss Day you are the most beautiful thing that the sky can give me! My heart is only beating for you. I love you.

490. You are really the love of my life, I am sure. I feel like you came to the world for me … And that, it does not have a price. You taught me what the verb meant “loved,” you made me feel the word “happiness” and you make me believe in “the future”.

Happy Kiss Day Status For Your Sweetheart

491. Since then, you have entered my life you make me discover life in pink. Every day I love you more, today for the occasion of kiss Day I send you this SMS to tell you that I love you even more.

492. Many expect the gifts on this day of kiss Day. I, I expect only, your hands on me, and your lips on mine. I love you more than you can imagine.

493. Tell me again you love me, tell me that you will love me again, no need for great speeches, a single look will be enough. For my part, it is you I love I will tell you all my life.

494. Do you know what I want for Valentine’s kiss Day? You, a kiss, a hug and promise of a long life to two. I love you, thank you so make me happy!

Happy Kiss Day Status For Your Sweetheart

495. On this day of Valentine’s kiss Day, you can not know what pleasure I feel when I write to you, because you have a huge place in my heart.

496. I want to bring you an atom from the sun, not roses from the garden, but I’m afraid it will light your hands like my heart.

497. Every time I remember you, I draw a star in my heart. Do you recognize how many stars I have now? I have a whole sky now.

498. Some dreams take longer than others. Some of them are very very nice. My longest and most beautiful dream is you reading this message right now.

499. You know, a treasure is hiding where every rainbow ends. I’ve followed the rainbow recently and it’s over … You’re my most precious treasure. I’ve loaded it into the clouds, I sent my winds and I sent my little tears to kiss you!

Happy Kiss Day Status For Your Sweetheart

500. I love you more than you can imagine. To you, ‘Darling!’ I see myself very lucky to say. The most exalted of love, the most insatiable of this pleasure, the most beautiful fragrance. Love is ours …Love you so much.

501. Thank you for taking me from darkness to light, from lying to the truth, from death to immortality. I love you so much. We’ve always been together, darling.

502. Your smile makes me happy, the way you hug me gives all the security of the world. I do not see myself more without you, without your love … You are the most important thing in the world for me and I want to be with you until the last day of my life!

503. A confession: I love you. A wish: Being with you. A vote: Your happiness. A dream: Have you eternally. An emotion: Our first kiss. One goal: A life to two. A request: please love me. A reminder: you always. All this because I love you too much!

Happy Kiss Day Status For Your Sweetheart

504. For all, we share our dreams, our laughs, our tears … My love for you is special, bigger and deeper every year.

505. Three rules are imperative on the day of Valentine’s kiss Day: A very good restaurant, atmospheric music and the person who loves us in the face of a self. Go back tonight to pay tribute to all lovers! I love you.

506. Even if it is difficult for me to express my feelings for you, I would like to enjoy this particular day to thank you for being the sweetest, most caring and most attache person, I know. I appreciate every day spent by your side.

507. On this day of the lovers, I wanted to make you three promises: to be always there for you, to respect you and love you all my life!

Happy Kiss Day 2020 with SMS, Photos, Messages, Wallpapers

Happy Kiss Day 2020
Happy Kiss Day 2020
Happy Valentine Day 2020
Happy Valentine Day 2020


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