466 Lovely Happy Hug Day Wishes & Messages For Your Beloved One

My love, I miss you thanks to you. I feel things that I have never felt. A deep love that ignites a fire that only you can erase with the words of your magic.

If you could only invade my heart, you would see that you are the queen of their places! I cry in love! A love that will always meet you and never disappear.

Love is magical, especially with you! I could spend all my days by your side and I would miss you anyway.

Without you, the earth would not be round for me anymore. For me you are my sun after the storm. You are my light in the dark. I love you more than anything else.

Symbolize strength the lion is here. To symbolize peace, the dove is here. As a symbol of the love I have for you.

When I think of myself, I think of you because you are life, you are hope, you are everything for me, I like my love heart.

I thought of you … … I always think of you … … I will always think of you … … and I will think more about you in the coming days.

Tell the bird to stop singing, the current should stop flowing, the earth should not turn, but do not tell me I do not love you anymore.

I love you not with my heart, but with my soul, because one day my heart will stop beating while my soul is always burning for you.

You are my last thought before bed, you are my only pleasure and my ideas for writing. You make me smile, but your absence makes me suffer.

My heart will never break for you. My smile for you will never fade. My love for you will never end. I love you

If flowers could talk, they would tell you how much I love you. My last breath will be to tell you that I will even love you in death.

I go to heaven to put your name on a golden star so that all angels can see how strong my love for you is.

Even if I do not tell you every day that I love you, I try to express myself in my own way. Because love has a thousand languages, but my heart has only one word: I love you.

Open the window, you will find a flower, open this flower, you will find my heart and, in my heart, you will find yourself.

If the symbol of love were a star, I would give you the whole universe to show you how I love you.

I can lose everything I have, but I never want to lose someone like you in my life. You’re the reason why I laugh, smile and cry. You are my heart.

In every stone, in every leaf of every tree, in every beat of my heart, in every breath I take, I always feel you in the depths of my soul.

I always think of you, either sleep, talk to my friends, sing in the shower. I never stop thinking about you, your arms, your lips, I miss you, my love.

I need you in life, you know … I need you, like flowers need the sun … I miss you so much … come back to me, I’m waiting for you.

My baby, you’re everything to me, I’m nothing without you, I shed so many tears when you left, I never want it to happen to anything in the world.

My life without you was just impossible. She and I want this to last forever. I do not think more than you.

I’m ready to be imprisoned for life, as long as the offense is that I love you. How can I forget you? Every time I close my eyes, only your smile is seen.

There is another sky over the sky! Under the sky, I am still so sincere, honest and faithful that I love you. Are your parents pillow craftsmen? Because he feels comfortable around you.

Do you understand why there is no star here? Why did the star move in your eyes?


There are only three kinds of love that will never end: mother love, fatherly love, and my love for you.

I did not pass the general exam, my dear, because I wrote you a love letter in the essay.

When you’re back in the US, the Statue of Liberty does not carry a torch, but brings FLOWER!

Do you understand why we can only see a semicircle rainbow? Because the other half is in your eyes. Weather forecasts do not interest me, because even when it rains, storms and even tsunamis occur, I will stick to your love.

Turn me to your mirror so I can see your face and smile every time you dress. Let me have a camera on your phone so I can see your beautiful face anytime.

I know you; you are the half. You have come with flowers that bloomed in my heart. I’m the worst goalkeeper in the world because I let you break the target often with your love.

Without using any ask, I already know the signs of love that you send to my heart. If you smile sweetly, I like to feel the peace in my heart.

It is not necessary to be perfect; you are enough to accept and complete our shortcomings. When I get sick, I do not take medication. I just need you.

You know, you are my spring. You come with flowers that bloom in the depths of my heart. When the sky darkens the earth, do not be afraid. Because there is still a flash of light on your beautiful face.

My goal is not big, I just want to be a history lesson you always remember. Although life in the cabin of suffering is miserable, I will be happy in the cabin of love when you are with me.

My love for you is like ink stains on a white cloth, clear and hard to remove.

You are more colorful than a rainbow, cooler than the morning. Then you have to understand. I like up to seven hundred offspring and I add another hundred derivatives.

Honey, you are like salt in the ocean, invisible, but you will always be there forever. Silence is worth gold, but I know your voice is like a diamond

I ask you not to run around in my head just to sit in my heart. They are special as Halley’s comet, which appears years. Because as soon as you appear in my life and are irreplaceable forever.

There are many oxygen tubes in the hospital, but when I was out of breath. I told the sisters that I only need you. Because you are my oxygen.

My love for you is like access to something that cannot be emptied. If you are the earth then I am the atmosphere. In this way you can protect yourself from the pain of meteorite and comet attacks every time.

Do you know that crocodile animals are like cockroaches? Well, my love for you is like both. Never died, even though the weather has changed!

Elephant grass is the same as a nail, although it is cut, it grows again. My love for you is like the elephant grass and the nails that are cut incessantly, they will not die, they will always grow …

Your hobby is great, right? The problem is that you’ve eliminated all the girls from my heart, so that all that’s left is a … you. Happy Hug Day.

The road is light … but quiet, the flowers smell … but they wither, the earth is wide … but limited. That’s what I feel when I do not get your text message, dear.

You are the only person who can let me know, I love you with all my heart. Right now, I realized why people are always giving up to catch you. Since they are not rich, I’m ready to fly to Seventh Heaven for the predecessor to pick you up.

I cannot force you to love me, but you must know that I will always wait for you. Happy Hug Day my. If you tell me to quit smoking, I can do it, but if you tell me to forget you, I can never really do it.

The word that I love you is my way of saying the best that has happened to my life. And I do not care what other people judge because you surprised me every day.

I like all the defects, the beauty, the uniqueness and the qualities that are in you. Because only you have it and it is extraordinary for me.

Since I fell in love with you for the first time, I have become the most selfish man in the world. Because the love I have is only for you and I will never give it to others even though they complain and cry. Happy Hug Day.

I want to love you in silence because I haven’t found any rejection in silence. Once I have a lot of money, I will build a tower between your house and mine so that the sign of love between us does not rise or fall.

What you did was really something special, something different from what nobody had thought. Something that always makes me feel so loved, that I feel valued in a special and unusual way. Happy Hug Day.

I don’t know what words are correct to express my feelings. I hope you feel I don’t have to explain it. Happy Hug Day.

Together with you, the earth is a suitable place for me to want to stay forever! And life is more interesting to me than anything else. I will love you forever, no doubt. Happy Hug Day.

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I’m not great, I’m not even extraordinary, but I can make you happy with simple things.

Although my body was there, my thoughts were still in you. Really, I never thought I would love someone more than you. Happy Hug Day my dear.

I adore you too much, I miss you like a star smiling at the beautiful sunbeam that illuminates life. I would LOVE you until the stars shine! ” Happy Hug Day my honey.

You light up my life and inspire me with joy, you live my nights, you live my days, no, that doesn’t change and it’s much better for me. Light of my life, diamond of my galaxy, you who fulfill my desires and make me paradise, I love you to infinity.

If you want to know how much I love you, take a knife and cut my heart, but be careful because you are there. If birds can fly, I can love you. When birds know how to stop flying, I don’t know how to stop loving you. Happy Hug Day my love.

Your love is close to my heart, your eyes see my soul, your dreams support my thoughts, your arms support my life and your faith believes in my dreams.

The first time I saw you, I loved you, and since that day, I haven’t stopped thinking about you. I just wanted to have you here, why didn’t I stop chasing you, even if it was wrong between us, because I love you! Happy Hug Day my darling.

If you see the same person every time you close your eyes, don’t wait a second and tell him I love you. Happy Hug Day my love.

If love works with solar energy, it would need more than a sun to love you. If you love me as much as I love you, slide your lips over mine.

I loved you, I always loved you, you are my joy, my poem, my illusion … my destiny, my most beautiful dream. Your eyes make me break, your voice makes me vibrate, my heart simply loves you.

Even when the sea forgets its color, the sun forgets its heat, the rose forgets its smell, I never forget that I love you. Love is the great empty space in me that you fill with your light, your sweetness and your warmth every day.

You are the sun in my day, the wind in my sky, the waves of my ocean and the beat of my heart … I love you. It is my pen that writes it to you, but it is my heart that tells you. Happy Hug Day Saanu.

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