466 Lovely Happy Hug Day Wishes & Messages For Your Beloved One

Do not let the statements be made today … Let them be daily and our love is constant.

Your love makes me strong, understands me, calms me and welcomes me! You make me happy every day!

What comforts me is to know that regardless of time, age or circumstances, we will always be an eternal companion.

I’m sure you’re the one I’ve been waiting for so long.

How can I thank you for every affection? Do you have special moments for me? It’s wonderful to be with you!

Small details, small adjustments, small gestures … That makes you different from others. I love you, Happy Valentine’s Day hug!

Being by your side means making sure I smile at least once a day. I always want you to hug and understand that love is a nice feeling.

Learn when a moment should last forever? Then I’m with you.

Nobody could be as special and extraordinary as you are for me! Fill my life, my heart, my world with such happiness. No one else could complete me as you do, with a simple gesture, with your sweet words, with your smile, with your delicious affection.

No one else could be that person, so special, so captivating, so loving, so charming, so passionate as you are to me. Nobody else could know and understand me better than you. No one else could be my love, no one but you.

My world is small, only you and me. I love you When I saw you, I smiled in my eyes. Happy Valentine’s Day hug, my dear.

When distance is imposed, love becomes more transparent. The emptiness of absence makes us love more. These are all the memories that flood us and the tears that come into our eyes.

I want you to be close to me today, tomorrow, next month, next year, and for the rest of my life.

You will be the earth and I will be the ocean or the opposite. You will be my goddess, my soulmate, my demon. You will be my presence and my future.

You, my dear, blinded me at first sight. The greatest good in my eyes is you, my love.

You make my heart beat faster with each look, I love you, so you cannot finish. They are more precious than diamonds. The best in my eyes and forever.

Every day that you are far from me, my heart needs your love. But as soon as you come back, my great joy will be doubled.

Remember … A request: Take care. A wish: do not forget me. One truth: I miss you. A reality: I love you.

You are a rare pearl, a sun that shines and shines in my heart. I love you and I miss you … I have a heart with your love, a love without limits, a sincere love.

You are like a star, I can only see you for a few moments, but your beauty is so intense that I remember all my existence.

Give your imagination free rein to receive a bouquet of flowers with each letter of this text message telling you how much I think of you.

You are my most beautiful poetry; your laughter, my most beautiful melody; you crazy laugh my most beautiful symphonies; your face, my most beautiful landscape; Your eyes, my most beautiful journey.

Your smile wishes me such a great emotion that embraces my heart in a stifling oven and acts in my head with such a strong passion.

I have flowers for you: those of our friendship, the loyalty and the many bees that hold together, if you ever remember to forget me.

If you are sad, think of me, if you do not make sense, send me a message. If you are looking for a true friend, call me, but if you need love, my heart is for you.


If a girl cries for a boy, it means she misses too much. But when a boy cries for a girl, it means that no one in this world can love the girl more than this boy. Happy Day hug.

They look through the police of love, accused of making it hard. You will not be released until after paying a hug.

Every time I look at your beautiful face, I feel my heart melt. What luck and my luck, I discovered a true treasure … you! You are my beautiful dream and my reality, my fantasy of hope.

When I look at the sky, I see thousands of stars, but the most beautiful is in front of me. Your mother must be a thief because she stole two stars from the sky to make your eyes.

I have fallen into a trap, that of your heart that does not breathe me and that robs me of freedom. You are the sun that enlightens my life. Getting up without getting up in the morning means getting up in a world where it’s always night. You are my happiness.

I have many friends with whom I can share my time, but I can also share my heart with you. Since I know you, my heart keeps wondering.

Your heart holds me captive, but I do not want to be released because knowing that you love me is worth more than any freedom.

I do not love you because you are the simplest. That’s because you make me better. The in-love characters are much more interesting, effective, and valuable than words.

True love is choosing many things that make a person good rather than doing something wrong. True love records no mistakes.

Sometimes it’s just a kind of love to talk to someone who has nothing in common and who is still fascinated by his presence.

True love is not the way you forgive, but how you forget, not what you see, but what you feel. Not how you listen, but how you see and not how you let go, but how you survive.

True love does not happen immediately; This can be a constantly evolving process.

True love is sincere and pure, true love is not affected by the meaning of sighing. True love is simply felt through the sense of taste, that is through the heart.

Love is the power to see similarities in inequality. Happy Hug Day my love.

For love is comfort in misfortune, silence in chaos, peace in chaos, hope in despair. Be careful when using the word love. Say quietly when you talk about love.

I’m not an angel who can still be in your hands, but my prayers for you are always there when I pray.

If you want a luxury car, I have none. If you want a lot of money, I do not have it. But if you want a responsible and loyal couple, I’m ready.

You may not be a beautiful, elegant and charming person in your eyes. But for me, you are the first person who can change my address for the better.

I will love you more from day to day until the day of my death and my heart stops beating. I love you darling.

Honey, no one else in the world is as beautiful as you are. I know that I’m the luckiest man on the planet, because now I can call you mine forever.

True love is not a strong passion, burning and patient. Instead, the element is calm and deep. This is only seen externally and attracted only by the quality. He is wise and discriminating, and the ministry is real, honest and eternal.

True love is when you want to spend time together, even though one of you falls asleep.

While everyone shares stories about their true love. I’m here waiting for you to look at me.

Some people believe that money can give you happiness. But there are some things that money cannot get. The love I really have for you is a testament to this fact.

This love will end to the end, for true and eternal love binds us together. I love you

What happens if we both become thieves? I will steal your heart and you will take my heart.

Do you have markers or not? Is there anything you ask for? Color the calendar so that there is always a holiday that loves you.

I’m not sad when tomorrow is Monday, I’m sad when I do not see you. Even if you’re fat, but you still fit it in my heart.

My love for you is like a metabolism that will not stop until death. Happy Hug Day my love.

Do you know what your equation is with AC? You are welcome to make me great.

If I become a representative of the people, do I seem to fail? How do I think about people when I think about YOU?

My goal was to become a doctor, but after I met you, it changed, and I wanted to make you happy.

I’m ready to take part in a race around the world as long as you’re at the finish line.

For humans there are three main needs, namely food, shelter and clothing, but for me: only you, you, you.

In addition to your beautiful face, you always listen to me, even if you do not know what I’m saying. Happy Hug Day my love.

Let’s see the sunset, it’s so beautiful. But beauty cannot keep up with your beauty. Happy Hug Day my love.

If you can count all the fish in the sea, there is in addition to all the stars. Besides all the grass on land. I know that’s the number of my mission from you.

If we are to be together, I want to give you not only promises and faithful words. Because love needs real certainty. Happy Hug Day my love.

A problem that always strikes me to make you love me, but it’s harder to force my heart to stop thinking about you.

I hope you do not ask for the most beautiful thing that ever occurred to me, because you are the answer.

Do you know what my love for you has in common with the sun? The equation also appears every day and ends only until the end. Happy Hug Day my love.

If I miss, I’ll read your chat. If I want to see you, I just close my eyes and introduce myself, and if I want to hear your voice, I’ll just throw a stone at the neighbor dog. Happy hug day, sweetheart.

If I miss you, I have sleep problems. I cannot eat, I cannot drink as if I am in a coma. I need a doctor who can get rid of this coma. And that’s just you.

Although I am an adult, I cannot live independently. The reason is that I cannot live without you.

If you are an angel, I will break your wings. Because I do not want you to go back to heaven. Happy Hug Day my love.

There are things in this world that I like most. The sun in the morning, the moon in the night and the last you are forever.

It was very beautiful in God’s creation, to the point where I was so fascinated that I saw your sweet, sweet smile. Happy Hug Day my love.

There are things in this world that I cannot count, the number of stars in the sky, the fish in the sea and my love for you.

My love for you is like a nail, although it is always cut, but still growing. Happy Hug Day my love.

Never be surprised if one day, when you wake up, there is a mountain in front of your house. It is definitely a mountain that I miss.

The weather announces tonight a strong love rustle, a heart-shaped eclair and rainy anger that can touch your lips as a result of our love.

Love is a microbe in the heart and in the head. It takes a lot of antibiotics to kill him. This antibiotic can be a new love. I do not know if I’m breathing, I do not know if I’m alive, but I know that I love you.

The sound of your voice between my chest is so good when I drink your lyrics. I hallucinate if you let me feel the effect and fire your fingers as they slide over my neck. I’m shaking everywhere.

I found myself in the desert of loneliness again. You have come to lead me on the path of happiness, joy and love. I like you to infinity. It is said that in a couple there is always one who loves more than the other! I would have preferred not to be me.

You are joy, love is you, life is you, you are everything. So how can I live without anything? I miss him so much. In this world of wonder you are of natural beauty and for me the most beautiful girl I love you for eternal life.

A night without you is long, a day without you is very long, days without you, which are even worse, but weeks without you than death.

You, who have gone now and left me alone, because my thoughts fly to you, to you, whom I have loved so much. I love you is a sentence that is so natural that it is eternal before you.

With you, I feel like something bigger. It’s like you’re a piece of me. The best part of me. Close your eyes. I’m in love with you.

I am sending you this message full of love: Love Love!!! Kiss sweetheart. You’re the one who makes me smile. I am glad to be the one who makes me laugh. I am a dreamer.

When I see you, what a relaxing balm, a disarming smile, a warm light, a reserved space, a shelter, a pure joy.

I send you a plane of kisses in a sky of love, covered with a cloud of tenderness, drawn by a wind of happiness, in the hope that it will destroy your heart.

Maybe I was blind in the world. I mean blind not to see other women besides the beauty in you, darling … I love you.

The earth can stop spinning, the birds stop singing and the fish stop swimming. But I will never stop loving you. I miss you and I love you.

Just enough to close my eyes so that the scent of your hair penetrates into me. Forgive me, but a fierce heart screams for your zest for life. Happy Hug Day my love.

Dear, you are the great sun that reminds me. I drop those few soft and tender words that reflect the feelings my heart has for you, I love you.

When I looked at the sky, I understood that it was nothing, and when I looked at you, I understood that you were everything. Happy Hug Day my love.

You open my heart and give me confidence in every step of my life. The peace is for a long time my little angel and the person of my life. Many kisses. Happy Hug Day my love.

I like it when you look at me at night, like an angel who, with your beautiful star-gaze, reveals that look that surprises me. You duplicate my joys and reduce my problems, enlighten my days you and only you.

You can be human to the world, but to me you are the whole world, I love you. Even if my text message looks banal, it is full of sincerity, I love you my heart.

When the flowers stop growing, when the sun stops shining, when my heart stops beating, I can only stop loving you.

I often miss words to express all the love I feel when I need them. Yes, I miss those sweet words with regards, to tell you how much I appreciate you every day a little bit more.

I think of you when the sun is up, I still think about it during the day, and sometimes I dream at night. It is fortunate to always love you because you need to know how much I love you.

My dear, if you were here, maybe I would be the happiest man in the world. I forgot the frustrations of worrying about the loneliness of life. With your support I would have met the punishments and dangers. My love, I love you

Just like a composer who needs a theme for an endless melody, I need you.

I declare my love for this SMS because I do not have the courage to tell you in advance. Unfortunately, when I see your beauty, I have not found that my word hits the silence.

Author: Jitendra Sahayogee

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