How Do We Celebrate Happy Fathers Day in Nepal – Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day 2020 (2077 BS)


The children who are not that fortunate and who have lost their father do the following on father’s day:

  1. Wake up early in the morning and take a bath:

The children who do not have the physical presence of their father, the ones who have already lost their fathers wake up early in the morning. They take a bath on this day if possible with the pure water of the holy river. If not then they bathe in the normal water. To purify themselves physically and mentally to worship for their fathers and ancestors.

  1. Shradhha and offer Tarpan:

Shradhha is a ceremony followed in Hindu religion. It is a ceremony in honor of and for the benefit of the deceased ancestors which the children offer food cooked in milk and ghee etc in their names. Tarpan is an act of offering of water to the soul of the dead so their souls can be satisfied. It is believed in any religion that the body may die but the souls never.

It is believed that though children may not be blessed with the physical presence of their fathers their souls are always present. They look after us and give their blessings. It is our duty to offer them food and water and make their souls satisfied once or twice a year.

  1. Charity in the name of the deceased fathers:

After Shradhha the children then give a charity to the needy ones in the name of their fathers and the deceased ancestors. They give rice it clothes or fruits or blankets whatever they can afford. So that they also pray for the peace and rest of the souls of their fathers.

  1. Meditation:

Then children visit the pilgrimage and meditate in the peace of the pilgrims in the name of their fathers so they can give the peace to the souls of the deceased. It also gives them the inner peace they needed and wanted so much ever since the departure of their fathers.

This is the special category for the children who practice the father’s day in a special way. In this category, those children fall who want their parents to think well of them but who really call when they need something. They want their parents to do everything for them, give them the properties that their father and ancestors have earned with their sweat and blood.

They think it is the duty of the parents to raise them, educate them because the parents have done the great work by bringing them into this world. Their mentality is that parents have to give them everything they own but they don’t have to give a single penny to the parents. Why? Because they haven’t asked their parents to give them birth. They did that in their own will and for their own benefit.

So why should they care? Why should they spend their valuable time in taking care of the old ones when they can expense their time earning money. Why should they have to suffer in the nights hearing the irritating and continuous coughing?

So they do the great honor to their parents by placing them in an old age home. There they can spend time in remembrance of God’s and in the company of their same age group people. They can pay the charges that these homes take for taking care of their parents. These children celebrate the father’s day in the following way:

  1. Remembrance:

Firstly it will be a great honor if they remember that today is the fathers day. Usually, they are so busy with their work and family and with their own kids that they don’t remember the one who has bestowed them with the life they are living is still there waiting for them. It takes a great effort from their side to remember that the day is the father’s day.

  1. Call them:

Once they remember that today is the father’s day. They then take their mobiles with lots of effort and call the old age home. They then say hello to their fathers and ask them how they are and how they are spending their days. And lastly, they ask their father to give them a call if anything they need at any time. Oh and if they still can remember about the fathers day then they wish their father’s happy father’s day.

So that’s it. Their duty and formality that they have to do is finished and over with. Now they can Carry on with their normal daily routines. These children at least can remember the occasion and call their fathers. But there are some who don’t even remember anything related to their fathers.

If they have kids of their own they can remember they have to come home early for their kids. But they can’t remember where his father is or he has any father who is currently living in some old age homes with some strangers taking care of him.

I will not say that all the fathers and mothers are good. There are some who have abandoned and tried to kill their infants for the selfishness of their own. ButI can say that  99.99% of the father’s and mothers in the world love their kids and take care of them.

I will also not say that every child is evil and selfish. Most of the children to take care of their parents out of love and care and respect. Some may care for their parents and make them stay with them in the hope of receiving their property after their death.

But most of the children love their parents back. They want to lend the support to their aging parents without any selfishness of their own.

One thing that every child should keep in mind is to treat their parents with loving care. One day will come when they will know their value when they see their empty chair.

So honor your parents and your children will honor you back.

Happy father’s day to all the real fathers in the world.

These were some selected SMS, messages on father’s day. Happy Fathers day once again to all Nepali or Nepalese who love his/her father.

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Father’s Day SMS in Nepali Language but English Script

Aafno boli ko dhar unko lagi prayog nagar
Jasle timilai bolna sikhayo
Aafno safalta ko dhakle unlai na khaslnu
Jasle timilai bato dhekhaye
Happy Father’s Day 2077

Father’s Day Message in Nepali Language but English Script

kasaile sodhe ki
tyo kun thau ho jahan
harek galti, harek apradha ra
hare truti haru maaf hunchha
A little child smiled and said, mero babu ko mutu
Happy Father’s Day 2077

Father’s Day text messages in English language

Papa no one can describe
in words what a father means.
Happy Father’s Day 2020

Father’s Day Shayari in Nepali Language but English Script

Bua ho pyar ko naam
tapai lai lakhaun salam
garidinchhu tapai mathi fida yo jindagi
aaunus tapai lai aadar garne ho mero kaam
Happy Father’s Day 2077

Facebook Status for Father’s Day 2077 in Nepali

आफनो बोलीको धार उनको लागि प्रयोग नगर
जसले तिमीलाई बोल्न सिकाए
आफनो सफलताको धाकले उनलाई नखसाल्नु
जसले तिमीलाई बाटो देखाए
Happy Father’s Day 2077

Facebook Status for Father’s Day 2020 in Nepali

कसैले साधे कि
त्यो कुन ठाउँ हो जहाँ
हरेक गल्ती, हरेक अपराध र
हरेक त्रुटिहरु माफ हुन्छ
एउटा सानो बच्चा हास्यो र भन्यो मेरो बाबुको मुटु
Happy Father’s Day 2077

Father’s Day Greeting Cards 2020

fathers day 10

Father’s day 2077 gift ideas

Fathers Day Tie Gift

Best Tips for the father’s day in Nepali

बाबुको मुख हेर्ने दिन बाबु उठनु भन्दा पहिले आफू उठी बाबुको खुट्टामा ढोग्नु र भन्नु ‘म तपाईलाई धेरै माया गर्छु. मलाई तपाईको आशिष सधै चाहिन्छ’ र एकदिन अघि बाबुको लागि किनेको उपहार दिनु। Happy Father’s Day 2077

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Author: Ankur Pradhan