How Do We Celebrate Happy Fathers Day in Nepal – Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day 2020 (2077 BS)

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16th Bhadra is a Happy Father’s Day in Nepal.  Bau Ko Mukh Herne Din 2077 is a day to remember father.  Bua Ko Mukh Herne Din 2020 is a Day to promise to follow the path that is shown by your father.

Happy Father’s Day 2020 is a Day to be Happy.  Bau Ko Mukh Herne Din 2077 is a Day to sing a loving father song. Happy Father’s Day 2077 is a Day to dance with your father.  Bua Ko Mukh Herne Din 2020 is a Day of offer gifts to your father. Happy Father’s Day 2020 is a day of honor to your father.

Bau Ko Mukh Herne Din 2020 is a Day of respect to your papa. Happy Father’s Day 2020 is A day to love your papa.  Bua Ko Mukh Herne Din is A day to you’re your respect to your father. Father’s Day 2020 is A Day to feed sweet to your father.

Happy Father’s Day 2077 is A Day to pray to God for your father’s wellness.  Bau Ko Mukh Herne Din 2020 is A day to visit your father if you are far from him. Happy Father’s Day 2020 is a Day to call your father if you are not able to meet him.  Bua Ko Mukh Herne Din 2077 is a day to say I LOVE YOU DAD.

On this  Bau Ko Mukh Herne Din 2077, make Sorrows leaves us and Happiness enters in your relations. Make all the Questions goes and Answers comes in.

On this  Bau Ko Mukh Herne Din 2077, make Sorrows leaves us and Happiness enters in your relations. Make all the Questions goes and Answers comes in.

Remember, Father’s Day in Nepal is 9th Bhadra 2077 BS.

Father’s Day in Nepal

Nepal is a nation of allure like no others having lively culture and vivid celebrations. Nepal is a nation with a greater number of temples than houses, more god, and goddess than individuals and a larger number of celebrations than days in a Year”. Nepal has in excess of 125 diverse ethnic groups mainly on Indian and Tibetan origin.

All these ethnic groups have a particular way of life and a different tradition bringing about brilliant lively celebrations celebrated in the affection of socio-cultural heritage. The rich heritage of Hinduism and Buddhism have brought about the various celebrations and events to celebrate.

The festivals in Nepal are one of the significant purposes for the solid solidarity and the resilience among the general population here. Each celebration has extraordinary esteem and unique importance in Nepal, having the religious congruity between each religion.

As indicated by Hindu Mythology, Fathers are considered as the God. They are an educator, Care Taker, and Protector and they have great respect in family members. This is the unique day to pay regard and praise for each dad by his children. Father, mother, and educator are given the special place of God in Hindu religion. Father, Pita or Baba is master, rakshak and the palankarta. That implies father is an instructor, defender and the friend in need.

Father’s Day is the day of paying appreciation indeed to him. The Nepal tradition and culture holds a lot of respect for father and is considered as the mainstay of quality and support for the family. Father’s Day in Nepal is celebrated on the dark fortnight in August or early September. Like the greater part of the festivities, Father’s Day help to fortify family relations and qualities.

KuseAusi or PitriTirpaniAausi or GokarneAusi are the other names of Father’s Day. This day Nepali individuals pay their praise to their dad with their most loved sustenance, apparel, and other father’s most loved stuff. Mukh Herne signifies “to permit somebody as our relative or give respect or to recognize the achievement of somebody”.

This is a special day, we perceive and pay regard to our dad for his care and love to us (his kids and family) during his lifetime. Consequently, this day is classified “Babu ko Mukhherne din”. The exacting importance of Mukh Herne is to see somebody’s face.

This is a unique day set apart for the worship of one’s dad. On this propitious day, children and in addition girls go home to meet and invest quality time with their dads. Home-cooked delights, desserts, meat and different blessings are offered to all dads. In the city are seen married girls with treats advancing toward their maternal home to meet, regardless of how busy their calendar is.

People do sraddha or Pindadaan to their dead father by going to the east of Kathmandu, Gokarna and some do Shradha at home or at the close stream or at any holy place close-by. In Father’s Day, he who has already lost his dad remember him giving Sidadaan to pandit (Sida is a sacred blend of rice grains and other unadulterated sustenance materials with garments). When Shiva and Parvati vanished from Himalaya Parbat.

Every one of the divine beings was extremely astonished and begun seeking them all over the universe. The “Buck” Shiva was gotten by Brahma by his horns. Horns of Shiva turned out in Brahma’s grasp.

At that point, Lord Shiva requested that Brahma and Bishnu build up those horns as Shiva linga in some place in Nepal as they think fit. Brahma put it in Gokarna. From that point forward, it is believed that in the place Gokarneshwor Mahadev by worshiping Shiva and doing pindadaan (homage to dead individuals) is correspondent visiting Gaya 10 times (Gaya is another Hindu blessed place).

Kush is a kind of holy grass. There is an occasion to bring Kush at home on this day of Aunshi (no moon day). Henceforth, this day is called KusheAushi. Hindu individuals use Kush grass in all occasions, functions, auspicious a custom performing individual needs to tie kush round the finger (wear a ring made) of this grass. It is a tradition of keeping Kush home for hundreds of years.

About Kush

It is scientifically proven that this grass assimilates radiations and bad beams. Indeed, even the x-beam can be absorbed by this grass, imagine what else it can do. An examination was additionally led by taking a group of Kush grass close by and take an x-ray. A lot of x-rays was absorbed by Kush. That is the reason Puran and other Hindu stories portrayed Kush to wear in the right-hand finger as a ring.

It is said that Kush assimilates the bad vibration in the environment and clean the assemblage of one wearing Kush ring. The count of leaves relies on the capacity that is held viz.: for some functions related to death just Single leaf Dharbham is utilized; for Auspicious and day by day schedule a ring made of two leaves is utilized; for inauspicious however not demise related functions, Furthermore, for the Temple Prayer and Pooja, a Four-leaf Dharbham ring is used.

These Kush have spread all the four sides of the Agni Kunda likewise when a fire ritual known as Agni Santhana is performed. Additionally, amid the Eclipse time, these Kush (Dharbham) are used to cover all nourishment things to shield them from the harmful ultraviolet radiation. Whenever any function is held, first Hindus perform a site purifying act known as “SudhhiPunyaahavachanam”.

While recounting the particular verses, they grasp the Dharbham group and placing the tipping point of it over the vessel containing water. Thus, through the kush (Dharbham), the recounted vibration values are absorbed by water in the vessel. If dharbam is cut and gathered on the Avani Amavasya day (KuseAushi) it can be held for use for one entire year. Additionally, if cut on the Masi Amavasya day then likewise one can use it for the entire year.

There is a particular slokha for cutting dharbam (the blessed grass) that will be recited while cutting it. If Dharbam is acquired from a Brahmin who doesn’t know this slokam or versus, the Dharbam is pointless, states the Vedic scripts.

Father’s Day is always celebrated but not only one day in the year. Wishing all the fathers, Happy Father’s Day!!

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How Do We Celebrate Happy Fathers Day in Nepal – Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day 2020 (2077 BS)

Bhadra Krishna aushi is also known a Kushe aushi. More commonly known as father’s day in Nepal. This year the father’s day in Nepal will be celebrated on Bhadra 24. Most nations in the world celebrate the fathers day on third Sunday in June.

Nepalese society and families celebrate the day by seeing the face of their loving father(buwa ko mukh herne din). This day is the day of showing respect to the father. Those who don’t have the physical presence of their father remember him and offer special dedications to their fathers.

Regardless of any religion or community, we have learned how to take baby steps by holding the hands of our father. He puts his effort to keep our lives by day and day and protect us. He works 24*7 to put on the roofs over our head. He forgets his likes and dislikes in the caring for his children. He hides his tears and failures from us and shows only the happiness and smile if his face.

He always lends the strong shoulder of his for us to lean on no matter how old is he. He becomes our ideal. He becomes the first superhero for his son. He becomes the first love of his daughter. He loves their mother and takes care of her.

We can only learn and feel the sacrifices they have made once we become parents ourselves. We then realize how hard and the laborious job it is of the father. We then understand how sad we can feel when our children shout and scream at us. We then learn the true meaning of sacrifice and love.

Many of us are working hard to become the strong support for our fathers. Mother and father are the living Gods of our life.

On the day of Kushe aushi, those who have fathers offer different types of deserts, fruits, clothes in the form of the gifts to their fathers. The offerings and the gifts all are given according to the likes of fathers. Those who are away and living abroad call their fathers and receive the blessings.

Those who do not have the physical presence of their fathers, those who have unfortunately lost their fathers remember them seeing their photos. There are special temples to go in fathers day like Gokarneshwar Mahadev, Betrawati in Rasuwa, Devghat in Tanahun, Baraha Chhetra of Sunsari.

Those who have lost their fathers go to this temple, take bath in the purity of the rivers in the temple and do the Shraddha in their father’s name. Shraddha is the Religious Rite performed In Memory Of Dead.

Some to remember their fathers and pray for the peace of the soul by engaging in Spiritual thinking.

But the real dedication for every father that his children can give him is the fulfillment of his dreams he had for us. Achievement of the higher education, employment in the high-grade position, or formation of one’s own business, earning of wealth and name and fame.

The ideal and loving grandson and granddaughter, the safe and comfortable home, time to time hot meals on a day. All these are the common dreams that any father can have for his children. If we are able to give all these then there is the real celebration of his day.

We have different cultures and religions. Despite the variation of cultural rituals, the moral of the celebration of the fathers day is the same. To dedicate even one day for our father who has devoted his whole life to make our future.

The present time has changed the life of people in so many ways that we don’t have enough time even for ourselves. The mentality and the thinking of the so-called modern youths have modified such they prefer to leave their parents in the old age home. Just because they don’t have time. Once a year on father’s day, they visit the old age home and give some gift.

That is the father’s day for him. Some even don’t bother to visit that day. They think to leave the parents in the care if these old age homes they have fulfilled their responsibility towards them. Why do they forget that they will also become parents one day?

They will also grow old. They will also seek for the help and care of their children. What would they feel when their children treat them the same way they are treating their parents right now.

We don’t need one day a year to celebrate for our parents. We can make every single day a celebration. The only goal behind the formation of this one special day is to remember them with love, give them what they like, feed them what they want.

Can’t we do that each and every day according to our ability? After all the sacrifices they have made for us. They don’t ask much of us. They only want care, love, and support. They don’t want delicacies to eat or expensive clothes to wear. They only want our time and two words of love.

This culture of worshipping our father and mother. Even for one day in a year keeps us memorizing that father and mother are the ones who have enabled us to differentiate between right and wrong. Differentiate between clean and dirty. Differentiate between good and bad. Differentiate between hero and villain. Differentiate between real and fake.

Not all children take their parents to old age home. Most of the children sacrifice their life just for the one smile of their parents. The dreams we have are the dreams of our parents. The blood that flows through our veins is the blood of our father and mother.

Let’s remember this on this year’s father’s day. Let’s give him all the happiness and joy that he truly deserves. Let’s love him selflessly this time. Let’s give him what he really really wants.

Things to do on Father’s day

Many festivals and programs have started to spread as a special day on a global scale. One of which is Father’s Day. This day is celebrated at different dates in a different part of the world. India, America, Sri Lanka, Africa, Pakistan, Burma, Bangladesh, Japan, China, Malaysia, England etc. celebrate it on the third Sunday of June. But Nepal doesn’t follow anyone. We have our own way to calculate the day of father’s day celebration. In Nepal, father’s day is celebrated on Bhadra Krishna Paksha aushi.

Father’s Day was first celebrated on July 5, 1908, in Fairmont, West Virginia. Its original purpose was to honor 210 fathers who were killed in a mine accident in Mononga, West Virginia on December 6, 1907. However, after this ‘Father’s Day’ celebration gradually increased on the global scale.

The origin of ‘Father’s Day’was from a painful mine accident of West Virginia but in Nepal, the values and moral obligation of giving respect to the parents and teachers are practiced since the very beginning of the origin of the human culture.

In Nepali culture the meaning of ‘Father’s Day’ is different. Here the main purpose of this day is to show gratitude towards the infinite sacrifice made by our father during our upbringing and the eternal sufferings he had to endure while raising us. This day is also dedicated to cherishing the memories of the deceased fathers and ancestors so that we can follow the moral obligations of a superior and ideal child.

The lessons of adhering to the orders of the parents, walking on the path shown by them, serving them in their old age are some of the moral obligations that are taught from our childhood.

In the Nepalese culture and mythology, the highest respect and place are given to parents and guru. These cultures cannot be seen anywhere else in any civilization and culture.

When a child is born he is raised by his parents. When he mature and parents grow old then he has some duty towards his parents, which he should follow. Vedic culture says that the duty of a child is to follow the instructions of the parents. The child who disrespects parents and teacher. His all actions will result in failure. Because it is impossible to be free from parental debt.

Our culture and Hindu Vedas and granthas have so many examples of the honorary sons. Like King Ram of Ayodhya who went to the forest for fourteen years sacrificing all the luxuries of a palace. Just to obey the order of his father King Dashrath.

Lord Ganesha completed the full three circles around his parents. Thus he became the first lord to be worshipped before any gods. So from the mythological era to the day, present parents are always placed in the greatest position above all.

Father’s Day is celebrated with great fanfare throughout the country. Someone celebrates it at home. Some may celebrate by organizing a dinner. It is believed that from the 16th century the word “father” came into existence. The most important day for the father is to realize that his love is special for everyone.

Occasionally taking time to sit with the father, talking about his things, his experience, the life he lived, and the events related to him. It will make his eyes bright with happiness. These things make the children happy too.

Usually, we celebrate father’s day at the home of our father. We do some preparations for him to make him feel special. I want to categorize the different things that we do on father’s day at home or anywhere. They are:

How Do We Celebrate Happy Fathers Day in Nepal – Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day 2020 (2077 BS)

A. The children who are fortunate enough to have a father with them do the following :

  1. Waking up early:

No offense but daughters are more excited to celebrate the father’s day than the son. Is it because once the father’s get old they feel closest to daughters or daughters have always been the little princess of their daddies. No matter son also get excited but not as much as the daughter especially the married one who has realized that what dad has meant for them and have done for them. Anyways those who have the habit of waking up early can do this job easily.

But those who like to sleep late in the morning find it very difficult. But still, they will set the alarm in their clocks for the mornings and wake up early. It is believed that on this day those who have their fathers with them should not bath. Only those who have not the physical presence of their fathers with them have to bath. So the children do their daily job of cleaning and washing, peeing and whatever they do except they won’t take the bath. So this is the first thing that we do.

  1. Visit the nearby temple:

Then we visit the temple and pray to God for our father. We pray for his safety, good health and long life. Fathers have done the praying for their children infinite times. On this day we like to do the praying for the dads. We give the foods or clothes as the charity to the needy ones so that they will also pray for our father’s wellness and happiness.

  1. Buy the gift for the dad:

What gift can we buy for the fathers who have given infinite sacrifices for the benefit of the children? He who has sacrificed his night sleep to change the diapers and feed the baby to make it go back to sleep. He who has sacrificed his hard earn money to put in the roofs over the head of his family. He who has spent every single penny of his income to fulfill the wishes and dreams of his child.

He who never comes empty-handed from work just to make his children happy. He who sacrificed his health and rests to play with the kids and work night and day to make the future of the children. What worldly gift can any children give to their father for the greatest gift he has given us. The life we live is a debt we owe to him. Can any gift be measured up to the mark he set? The greatest gift he can get for his children is their time and love and care.

Apart from this, however, we can make him happy by giving him the gift he will never ask for. He will never let his children know what he is needing at the time. We have to know for ourselves what he needs and buy him the perfect gift or gifts.

The more common gifts that we can give is like shoes or clothes or tie. These are the representation of the small gestures that we wanna do for our father to make him happy and to make him feel that we his children do care about him.

  1. Buy the perfect card:

The greeting cards are available in the market with numerous heartfelt quotes to wish for the father’s day. A gift with a card is the perfect gift for our dads. Sometimes we can’t tell our dads how we feel for him and how much we live him directly like we do to our mothers. There’s always a kind of slight restrictions in communication with our dads.

These cards help in telling exactly how we feel for him and about him. Small children are more excited to celebrate the father’s day so they prepare the card by themselves which can be more precious to a father than the market bought cards. So we grown-ups can also make some effort to make him a card wishing him for a father’s day and pouring our heart out to let him know that we do love and care for him.

  1. Prepare a delicious meal:

Father’s day is all for the father. Daughters married or unmarried and sons like to prepare the best meal for their father. All the items which their father like at home with their own hands. The experienced ones who have the knowledge of how to cook can do the job easily.

But the inexperienced ones who don’t know how to cook also put an effort to cook for their father by themselves by the assistance of one and only google and youtube. There are also cookery books which were used to be a great help.

The purpose is to make our father enjoy the meal we prepared and make him feel happy. Seeing our father relaxed even for a single day relieved from his all-time duty of being a father and enjoying a meal makes us happy to and feel the inner joy and peace.

  1. Prepare a Puja Thal:

This is a tradition followed in Hindu religion. For us, children father has always regarded as the living God whom we can see all the time. Whose blessings never go empty-handed. Father’s position is above than the God. He gives us life. He raises us. He gives us dreams and makes us capable to follow and fulfill the dreams. He protects us from the evil eyes of the world. Je takes our pain away. He cleans up our messes.

He turns a disgusting messy baby into a full-grown person with a mind, thinking, abilities and capabilities. Isn’t the greatest than the God whom we know exist but whom we haven’t seen. But fathers are with us every time. So we worship our dads just like we worship God.

We prepare a thal(plate) of Puja(worship) by putting flowers, some rice, some Abir(red powder we use to sprinkle on God) and Diyo Batti(a small handmade earthen lamp with a cotton thread and some oil or ghee). We then worship our dad by applying the Abir on his forehead. Sprinkle some flowers and offering a diyo.

  1. Prepare a Sagun and give him gifts:

Sagun is a symbol of good omen. Giving Sagun to father’s is especially practiced in the Newari culture of Nepal. Sagun consists of boiled egg fried in oil with a pinch of salt sprinkled over. And some dried fish fried in oil. Some pieces of garlic, few pieces of cooked meat and some cure. Sagun is given to fathers to wish for a good omen to come in his rest of the year till the next father’s day. Sagun is the sign showing that children wish only good luck, fortune and good luck for their fathers.

  1. Receive the blessings:

After worshipping dad and giving him Sagun we touch the feet of our father regarding him as our God. Receive the blessings from him. Wish him a very happy father’s day. Then we give the gifts we brought for him along with the fruits and desert that he likes and loves.

  1. Organise a party:

It is not followed in every home. But some children like to surprise their father by organizing a surprise party for the father inviting all his friends and the near and dear ones. Since he is in the all-time duty of being a father. He usually has no time for himself to enjoy life. He has no time to visit his friends and enjoy life. Thus to make him happy and alive some children organize the party. Gather his friends and family so he can enjoy the day himself and relax.

  1. Cake cutting:

Some children in the modern day buy the cake with the special decoration of sciptions wishing him a father’s day. Let him cut the cake.

All these seem to be the small gestures but these are the efforts that children put who are dedicated to their fathers. To show him their love and respect. The only aim is to make one day very special and enjoyable for the fathers.


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