99 The Powerful Wishes & Quotes About Happy Fathers Day You’ll Ever Read From Son


Happy Fathers Day Wishes From Son:- We wish you always to stay that way, giving us love and affection. Only you know how to take care of us. But that’s not just why we love you. It’s just that you’re cool. Congratulations on your day, Daddy.

When I was born, my father was a being who sometimes appeared to applaud my latest profits. When I was growing up, I was a figure who taught me the difference between bad and good. During my teenage years, it was the authority that put limits on my desires. Now that I’m an adult, he’s the best counsellor and friend I have.

There are often people very close to us whom we love a lot, but we never tell them how much we love them. You are one of those people. I love you, dad.

99 The Powerful Happy Fathers Day Wishes From Son

Dad, on this extraordinary date, I would like to take advantage and thank you for everything you have done and do to this day. You are essential in my life. Love you forever.

Dad even if sometimes I ask you for money like a bank, also if I borrow the car, even if you have to pick me up, yet though I am to blame for your white hair. I want to tell you that you are a great Father that I admire and that I love you very much.

It is not for me to conceive of any need so important during a person’s childhood that the need to feel protected by a father.

To be a father is to plant roots, it is to teach holding your hand with courage and determination.


Father is not the only one who puts his son in the world. Father is the one who educates, who transmits the security of the father figure, who cares, corrects mistakes, and advises.

Dad, you say you created me for the world, but my world is you.

Being a father is making sure that everything you do is to guarantee the joy and well-being of a child.

Happy Fathers Day Wishes From Son

In our childhood, we like to think that our father can do everything, later we realize that his love can understand everything.

I may not be the best child, but my best qualities indeed came from my father.

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Father: image and likeness of that one in heaven.

Father, such a small word, but with infinite meaning.

It is in this father that the strength, the courage, and the will to fight to give a son, a dignified life, a better life, fit.

Being a father is much more than planting a seed in the woman. It is much more than waiting anxiously for nine months to know if you will have your eyes or your hair.

Happy Fathers Day Wishes From Son

Even though I was so small, I already knew you were too much. Looking at you with fresh eyes, I felt the strength that came from your hands, when walking you held mine. An invisible force, which is not seen, is explored.

Even without plans, you guided me, showed me ways, and many of them, even with a sincere heart, for not taking you with me. But you barely knew that also if I flew away from you, I would always carry you inside me.

Years are essential to perceive things that as children, we do not understand. Adult life brings us a reality that we didn’t know before, and we started to value people and things that we didn’t even care about the back.

Today I value every moment, every story we live because they were the ones who brought me here today to tell you how important you are in my account.

Thank you for every tear you shed for me, even though they were contained.

Happy Fathers Day Wishes From Son

Thank you for each smile you gave me, they gave me the joy of living.


Thank you for each gesture of affection, because I felt the delicacy of their love from them, and fed me with the best feeling in the world.

I know who you are, I know who you have become, I know how much you’ve dedicated yourself. I thank you immensely for every detail and wish you a happy Father’s Day.

You helped to form my character, you educated me, loved me, taught me to be upright.

You were firm and strict when needed, but always with a lot of love and care.

Father, you taught me that it is possible to love unconditionally and not be permissive, and you have managed to raise healthy, human children.

Father, your greatest gift is your life; it is the way you lived and the fruits you are reaping now.

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You, in addition to being a father, are many other things, and I am suspicious to speak of, but I would say that the mission you performed best was that of a father.

Dad’s word is sweet and beautiful. Person of fibre and courage, I love to love you.

In life, sometimes, out of fear or shame, we fail to say what we feel and that can be bad, because when you want to say it may be too late.

Happy Fathers Day Wishes From Son

I demonstrate, speak, and assume every day that you are the reason for my life, you are my great love, friend, confidant, in short, you are everything to me.

Thank you for the advice, for the tears you didn’t let go, for the hug, for the kiss, for the veiled sleep. My special hero, kisses and happy father’s day!

Dad, you have aged, and I have matured, but you know what else comforts me? That you were my guide, my teacher, my sun.

It was from you Dad that I learned the value of respect, the importance of being worthy.

Happy Fathers Day Wishes From Son

I miss when you picked me up and turned me into a superhero, even though I knew that you were the hero in that story.

Father, it was so good to have you by my side for all this time and to be still able to enjoy your presence today.

You used to say that I could be even better than you, but what I wanted most since I was a little boy was to be a man just like you.

I love you, I follow you, I look for you in every decision, trying to get it right as a man, as a father, as you got me right.

You are the greatest blessing of our lives and the great pillar on which our family rests.

You are loving, affectionate, patient, dedicated, attentive … You are everything; it is perfection; it is love and affection.

Happy Fathers Day Wishes From Son

A father present is like the light that guides the pilgrim during his long journey, helps him choose the best path, offers comfort and warmth, provides shelter and security in the most challenging moments of life.

Thank you, Father, for being the light present in my life and for making me understand the importance of me being the light in my children’s lives.

Thank you for living fatherhood as the best adventure you have ever lived and loved every moment, whatever it may be.

Thank you for wanting to become the best version of yourself.

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Thank you for today and tomorrow, I am sure you will still fight for me and try to give me the world, but not without first teaching me how to fight.

In this world of so many difficulties, finding people worthy of respect is almost impossible. But that light shone my way. I still look for examples, I found you.

Happy Fathers Day Wishes From Son

I discovered that to be a father, or a mother is not merely to fertilize someone, but mainly to participate in the life of the one you love.

Through your examples, I have understood that it is worth being an honest person and that dignity is a gift, a gift given to those who seek it.

You are the source of my answers to the big questions I had.

Being a father is different from looking like a father, and this I learned from you, my beloved father.

You taught me that being a father is both knowing how to impose and discipline and knowing how to play and allow your child.

To be a father is to be a thick voice of authority and to be affection and a kiss of love. It is to be firm and at the same time, soft-hearted.

Happy Fathers Day Wishes From Son

Being a father is to be a continuous line of worry and a smile of tenderness. It is wisdom that teaches but is also willing to learn from your child.

To be a father is to be what you are and always have been, my father, daily setting the example of the life of a great man, generous, honest, persistent, and fighter.

I thought it was easy to make a poem for you, Dad. But I see that your life is an ambiguous poem that we cannot write.


I remember a father, who sleeps with his eyes open thinking about his son, who doesn’t open his eyes.

Father, I ask God every day to illuminate your paths and lengthen your days of life, with harmony, peace, and health.

Father is a friend, companion, faithful squire. At the moment of scolding, at the moment of affection and the moment of distance.

Everyone has a father, but being a father is something else, it requires courage. I love you, dad.

Happy Fathers Day Wishes From Son

From my childhood support to fulfilling my adult needs, I want to thank the most amazing father in the world.

I may be a great person in the future someday, but I believe that I can never be more significant than my father.

Father’s Day is the ideal time to say thank you for everything you have done for me to date. I love you so much.

Today is Father’s Day, a date dedicated to you, and I have no words to describe my gratitude and my pride in having you as a father.

Father is the person who is always by our side; he is our best friend, our partner and the one who always does everything he can to protect us.

Father is a partner, companion, and counsellor. There is nothing better than having our father by our side in the most challenging moments.

Father, You were always by my side and always protected me even from myself in some moments. Today is a particular date that I take to say I love you.

Happy Fathers Day Wishes From Son

My eternal guide, an example of kindness, willing to help those in need, my dear father, with the gift of comfort, teaches me to love and to forgive.

Great man, makes us forever a child, gives us affection, and hope. I admire you very much, Happy Fathers Day!

I took your sleep away, made you smile, and got quite ready. You still told me stories to sleep. Sometimes close, sometimes far, but always worried. For all of this, Dad, thank you very much.

If I can see further, it is because I am on the shoulders of a giant. If today I have become who I am, it is because I have the strength of someone who supports and holds me. Thank you, Dad, for showing me that anything is possible.

Father: unconditional love. Affection. Attention. Participation. Limit. Example. Authority. Support. Safe harbour.

Happy Fathers Day Wishes From Son

What takes us by the hand until we know how to go it alone and then, let go and let us go on, with eyes full of pride and longing. The one we want to be when we grow up. The one we keep in our hearts.

My steps in your step, your example in what I do, sometimes I get embarrassed if I lose myself in this bond. Happy father’s day.

Give me hands, give me arms, strong as steel, in success or failure, make me whole. I love you, dad.

Each time in time, I discover my space, I understand your tiredness, I listen to you, I follow you, I love you, I hug you, father!

A father gives advice and encouragement when we need it. A father cares about the things that are important to us. A father is happy with our success and happiness, his whole life.

Happy Fathers Day Wishes From Son

I thank father, for the hugs, laughs, joys, and special moments each day. For all the ways, you showed how much you loved and cared for your patience and your humour. I am very proud and pleased to have… a father likes you!

There are no words to thank for my father’s courage, patience, kindness, understanding, but I want to express my gratitude to You most loving fathers.

Let your desires come true. Let the sun always shine for you. Accept these modest wishes from children who love you.

On the occasion of your holiday, I want to thank you, Dad, for yesterday and today, for what you have done for me so far – for warmth, love, understanding, and protection.

Happy Fathers Day Wishes From Son Greeting Card
Fathers Day Card

Forgiving me strength and providing a happy childhood. Thanks to this, I grew up a joyful and fulfilled man. I know that without you, it would be impossible.

On the occasion of Father’s Day, I send you my dad’s best wishes: that fate never let you experience any worries in your life.

For all the beautiful moments that I remember is so pleasant. For fall, winter, spring, and summer, Thank you, dear Dad!

Dear Dad! I know how hard you work to make things easier for us. It is thanks to the protection that we have achieved so much.

Thank you for your wisdom, noble heart, love, understanding, and that we have always been in the first place for you.

Happy Fathers Day Wishes From Son

Dear Dad! Thank you for everything you’ve done for me so far – for all your care, help, sound advice.

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For forgiving my mistakes, you loved me and believed in me more than anyone else. Thanks to your support, I am a happy person today.

Thank you, Dad, for being with me through tears, laughter, and diapers. Happy Father’s Day!

Sending an ocean of love to the best father in this world, and that is mine. Have a great Father’s Day!

Being a good father is the most responsible and necessary job in a man’s life. Become an example of a son and a good wizard for a daughter. To teach, tell, protect, explain, and do all this with love and patience – the only dad can do this.

Happy Father’s Day! I wish that in your life there has always been a place for gatherings and fun with your children.

The joy of fatherhood will make you more reliable and nobler. Love you, happiness, and pride for your children!

Dear Dad, I congratulate you on Father’s Day! You truly deserve this holiday, and I want to wish you strength, like a hero, to have enough for all of us.

May you have cement health, a bag of happiness, also, a lot of varied relaxation, positive emotions in your family’s circle, and the supply of money, naturally endless.

I wish you to always remain as reliable, to be a real earner, and to stay constant support for our entire family.

I wish you happiness, so that life is in joy, you have good health, and your heart is forever young.

Let fate often reward for all your efforts, and always protects, no matter what happens, and wherever you are. I wish you good luck always be faithful and joyful every moment.

Today we congratulate all fathers on their holiday. Being a father is an important and responsible role. On this day we tell you: Thank you!

Thank you for being there, for always being able to rely on you, and I could always turn to you for advice and support. Happy holiday to you!

The problematic role of a father in the life of a daughter or son is vital and honourable. Let your dreams come true, and the grandchildren will always hear loud laughter in the house!

Happy Fathers Day Wishes From Son

My beloved dad has always been an example to me. And how can they not be a man who has golden hands, a lion’s heart and the kindest and most cheerful eyes in the world?

In the life of each of us, a father plays an important role, being a guarantor of protection, a wise adviser, and friend. We wish you family well-being, pride in children, health, and self-confidence.

The older man, your day has finally arrived! I want to take the opportunity to thank you for being part of every bit of my journey, always being ready to help with what is necessary, still giving me a profound love and the best advice in life.

If one day I am half the father you are to me, I know I will be an incredible father. Thank you for being who you are! Happy Fathers Day!

No love in the world is comparable to the love of a father. He is unique, challenging, and kind.

I preserve my father and say whenever I can that I love him because I am proud to have a father who does me good.

Oh, my father. How grateful I am to you. Everything you have done for me throughout my life has helped me to be who I am today.

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Your claw has always helped me to have the courage and follow my dreams, without fear. Your affection always encouraged me to look at the world with love. Therefore, I promise that your name will always be honoured.

I love you so much, Dad, I can only think of how lucky I am to be cared for by the best person I know: you.

When I talk about you, my father, I get to be moved. There were so many good moments lived, so much proof of love that I even miss the hours of difficulties.


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