111 Best Tips Happy Nepali Father’s Day Inspirational Messages Wishes You Will Read This Year 2078


Nepali Happy Father’s Day Inspirational Messages:- I watch time go by, and I am afraid of losing you because I know that you, father, are worth gold and are all that I love most in this life.

My father, my hero, I thank you for being who you are, for everything you did for me, for the times you cared and donated to make me happy.

You are my most excellent example, my strength, and the certainty that there are good people worldwide. I love you.

Do you know all the examples you gave me, father? I followed them, and today I am that complete, happy person.

Thank you for being my best friend, my father. I know that as long as I have you, I will not be alone.

Nepali Happy Father’s Day Inspirational Messages

Your strength gives me strength; your words soothe me. Only thanks for everything!

You are fundamental in my life, and without you, I would not have had such a happy past and present.


I will always thank you for everything, my dear father. It is an honor to call you that and be sure that our lives have been crossed forever.

Having a father who is present, enjoyable, and full of love: I am so lucky.

Having a father who is present, enjoyable, and full of love I am so lucky. happy fathers day image

Among so many bad men in the world, I won the lottery for having a father who is not like that, loves his children, and gives his best day today to be an example and form good people.

About my father: I owe him everything, and I have the greatest love in the world.

My dad taught me to be an honorable man who is not afraid of judgments and always values love. He is not a saint, no, but he is a great man.

I have a father who is a friend, brother, and my best companion. Thank you Dad. Happy FAther’s Day 2021.

Happy Father's Day Image son

Dad, Whenever I look back, I see that you really always wanted the best for me and how hard you worked to get it.  Dad, I always feel proud to be your daughter and I hope I could make you proud in the days ahead.

I have a 100% person by my side, who fills me with advice, love, and examples. I dedicate my life to my father.

Nepali Happy Father’s Day Inspirational Messages

Today I see that your most excellent show of love does not come in words but comes through gestures and has much more value to me.

So many people in the world and who has the best advice to give me? You! The most sensational father of all!

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Thank you for always listening to me and guiding me, I know that many times I still want to insist. But in the end, I always know that you are right and I prefer to listen to you and act as you guided me!

Today, I thank you for everything you did for me because all things and actions made me better and saved me from bad situations!

You are a fantastic person, and you only do the best for me. I am lucky to have you as my father, and I will always thank God for that. Without you, for sure, I would be nothing!

Nepali Happy Father’s Day Inspirational Messages Wishes

You are a wonderful man who inspires many people. Thank you for giving me a great example that you are and teaching me so much about life and how to be someone better for the world.

Is there an incredible man in this world? For sure! And you are one of them! Of course, you have your flaws, who doesn’t? But they are so small around the beautiful being you are, Dad!

Thank you for being someone so special to me and the world! You teach me many things, and I am entirely grateful that God gave me you as a father on this earth.


I admire your every gesture and all your dedication to my life. You are an amazing father, and I thank you every day for having you by my side.

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I am very grateful to be precisely the way we are, we always understand each other, and we know how to respect each other’s space.

Nepali Happy Father’s Day Inspirational Messages

Surely, you are an example to me, father, and everything I am today is thanks to you and everything that has happened to me in this life!

I love the way you are, and I understand that you are always looking out for my good. Know that I see you like the best father in the world and that I never want to cause you pain in this life.

If there is anyone in this world who is my accomplice and always by my side, no matter the occasion, it is you, right, father !?

You always hold my hand and say: go ahead, but know that I am going too. You go out of your way to help me with whatever it takes to take care of me and see me achieving what I want so badly.

Nepali Happy Father’s Day Inspirational Messages Wishes

If someone in this life is my best friend and fulfills that role very well, that person is you, father!

I tell you everything that happens, I ask for advice, laugh, and always be there, always willing to listen to me and reach out to me. It is funny to see our relationship, and how we get along in many ways, we often don’t even look like father and daughter.

When I am in despair, my highest refuge is you, father!

I may not know how to show all my love and gratitude for you, but it is in you that I always have peace, by your side, even in silence, that’s where I always feel better.

How many times has your lap been my biggest and best refuge? I’ve lost count, but I know that nothing is better than being there in bad times!

Thank you, Dad, for being the best person in this world and who I can count on the most.

Nepali Happy Father’s Day Inspirational Messages

Among so many people in my life, for sure, you are one of my greatest inspirations of people, father!

You are a translation of love and a birth father. I love you, and I thank God that you have such an essential role in my life.

You can make your life story the most beautiful biography ever written with a plot of victories, joys, happiness, and achievements.

There are people very close to us who we love a lot, but we never tell you how much we love. You are one of those people.

It is not for me to conceive any need so crucial during a person’s childhood that the need to feel protected by a father. And you, Dad, have done your duty loyally.

If I close my eyes, I can correctly hear one of the pieces of advice you loved to give me… Ah, my father, we had so much to live for, but we also live so much!

Thank you for forming the character of the person I am today; it was a privilege! I will always love you, my dear father—happy Father’s Day up there.

Nepali Happy Father’s Day Inspirational Messages Wishes

Father, on this very special date, I would like to take advantage and thank you for everything you have done and do to this day.

Mentor, guardian, counselor, protector… How to define you, my father? It’s impossible because you always change to suit what I need to be happy!

It’s incredible to be able to count on a person as full of love as you are, older man! Thank you for being present in every part of my life.

Nepali Happy Father’s Day Inspirational Messages

Even though I know other incredible people, no one will ever approach you, my father. Happy Father’s Day, thanks for everything!

Dad, you deserve more than a card in your day, because you’ve given me so much more than love all these years. And honestly, I will be forever grateful for that.

Father, when I look in the mirror and see the man I have become, I feel enormous pride, because I feel like you.

I love that people say I’m your face, but you know what else I want from you? That heart of gold is always willing to love and do what is necessary to see the child growing up happy and healthy.

Happy Father’s Day Motivational Messages Wishes

I love you, absurdly, and I feel my heart full of joy at being lucky to be your son. Happy Fathers Day!

I know they say that Father’s Day is every day and blah blah blah, but I see on this day an opportunity to thank him for being the most amazing father I could have so that I will thank you, yes!

I thank you and God, who chose me to be lucky to be your son. Thank you for always being there, thank you for all the love you give me daily. It’s fantastic to be your son, older man. Happy Fathers Day!

Nepali Happy Father’s Day Inspirational Messages


If today I know what love is, my father, it is only because I received it from you very early, then I know very well the contours of that feeling and what it causes in people’s hearts.

I am very grateful, older man, that God chose me to be your son because I can hardly say how wonderful the gratitude I feel for having you as one of the essential parts of my journey.

Dad! Of all the defects in the world, you can have the biggest ones. Of all the qualities, have the best. Not at all boring, there you have it all! But even so, I love you, you know?

Nothing as beautiful as these flowers could symbolize the great love I have for you, to my friend and comrade, your son’s hug.

Dear Dad, for a father as wonderful as you, only an orchid, the most wonderful of flowers, manages to represent a little of all the love and affection I feel for you.

No matter how many fights and ear tugs, it is you who are always by my side when I need to.

It is a wise man who knows his son. But a son is even wiser when he truly loves his father.

When I grow up, I want to be as amazing a person as you are! Thank you for being a person with a giant heart.

Thank you for showing me that life can be simpler than I imagined. I adore you; I love you, I care for you!

Nepali Happy Father’s Day Inspirational Messages

I don’t know what would become of me without you around. Know that all I want most is to fulfill all your wishes because you have already fulfilled all of our family.

You are the most kind, faithful and friendly man I have ever met, so I thank God every day for being so lucky to have a wonderful father.

Thank you for building such a beautiful family and for giving us so much support. You are a fighter, and I am proud of your history.

You are a person who has always fought for our family’s dreams, and I am grateful to have such a kind person by my side. You are my great luck, the best dad I could have.

Thank you for being so present and for teaching me so much about life. I am grateful to have you by my side, always giving me the best advice.

You have always been my life partner, and I am proud to have such an incredible person present. I’ll never get tired of saying that I have the best dad in the world!

I am grateful to be your daughter and to have learned so much from you. Thank you for not abandoning me and for supporting me so much in my dreams.

And all the films we’ve watched together will be my best memories forever. Thanks for everything, dad!

Each day with you is another day of learning. Thank you for being such a friend and for teaching me so much about life. I know that we sometimes disagree, but I admire you too much and am grateful to have such an incredible father.

My best friend, the one with the best advice. Dad, you are amazing, and I won’t trade you for anything in this life.

You will always be my biggest inspiration. Thank you for always being by my side and for showing me the best side of life.

Days with you mean it guaranteed fun! The best laugh, the best jokes, and the best moments have you by my side. Thanks for everything, dad.

You are my pride, and I feel an eternal love for you. Thank you for supporting me in my dreams and not leaving my side during the difficult times of life.

Nepali Happy Father’s Day Inspirational Messages

Thank you for never losing focus and for giving so much attention and love to our family. You are our superhero, the best father I could have, and we are all very proud of you.

You are light in my life! Thank you, father, for always fighting for our family and for not missing anything.

You are our support, and we thank you every day for having such a particular person in our lives.

Hey, you are the most fun person I know. I am lucky to have you as my father, and that you are so present. Love you!

I will always want to be your princess, and I want you to be my superhero. I love you uniquely and difficultly!

Dad, you are my favorite clown! Did you know that when I grow up, I want to be just like you? Know that you are my inspiration.

Dad, you are more than a friend. At all times, you have been by my side, giving advice, and helping. It allowed me to do things that other parents wouldn’t let me do, because I thought that was how I should be raised (and you got it right).

I don’t know what it would be like without you, and my gratitude is enormous. Love you very much, dad.

Happy Father's Day Inspirational Messages
Happy Father’s Day Quotes Card

Father, after so many years together, today, the feeling that dominates me most is gratitude.

Nepali Happy Father’s Day Inspirational Messages quotes

Life made us a father and son and allowed us also to be friends. Thank you for your most fabulous foundation and support at all times.

May I be a son that gives you pride and a great friend always! 

Dear father, It is so good to enjoy the moments on your side, to live a beautiful friendship between father and son that makes me very proud.

Thank you for every advice, criticism, and encouragement, which made me a better person.

My beloved father, what happiness to have the privilege of loving you. The privilege of being able to call you a father!

Happy Father’s Day Inspirational Messages

I will remember with longing the beautiful moments we had and will still spend together and, every day, that I am with you.

I promise to give you the enormous affection and love inside me because you have done this for me all my life.

Dad, it’s not because I grew up that I stopped learning. I would like you to know that your every gesture is closely watched by me, as a student observes his teacher.

You created me for the world, but you barely know that my world is you!

With your strong arms, you have supported, not only yourself but our family. Thank you, Dad, for never leaving us alone.

Being a father means protecting and caring for the one who will one day be like you. I hope to be fulfilling this role as well as you are.

Every day I thank you for having you as a father, but today I especially want to thank you for being this wonderful father, friend, and counselor.

Today, as an adult, I can see how much love you have always given me how much you sacrificed for me. How much you put yourself in second place so that I could achieve what I wanted. You are the purest example of sincere love!

Being a father means choosing to be your best for your children. To be a father is to give your best, even without knowing what will happen while you are fighting against the world.

Being a father means being an inspiration, a source of admiration and courage while living each day without knowing what life will bring next.

Being a father is to surf with the waves and seek to perform the most beautiful maneuvers. You can’t help but admire these human beings we call parents!

Nepali Happy Father’s Day Inspirational Messages wishes

I looked at the old photos and realized how much we changed over time … I lost the face of a child, and his face was filled with the marks of time. And it made me think how precious the time we spend together is… Dad.

Thank you for sharing your time with me, for donating your smiles to me and giving everything you could to make me happy.

Gratitude for the time we spent together, and for the beautiful moments we have already lived!

You are the reason that I became who I became. You are the base of my being; you are the example of love, sincerity, and companionship that makes me believe that the world is good.

Happy Father’s Day Inspirational Messages

You have always been my most excellent companion, my most enormous fan, most rooted in my success! And today, already grown up, I want to tell you that I am your biggest fan!

You were the example of all the best for me, and I thank you for doing everything you did during all these years!

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I grew up and had my life, but I miss being closer to you, dad. I miss our moments together, the nights playing dominoes in the living room, and the omelets we cooked together. I miss having you by my side at all times, father.

How many good times we have spent together, right? I want you to know that I admire how you raised me and how you made me your friend. And not less than you, and I am very proud of the relationship we have today.


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