700 Happy Dussehra Wishes SMS Shayari Collection

151. Happy fun this Dussehra season. You get the chance to celebrate for a considerable length of time. Experience it minus all potential limitations. May the event of Dussehra convey satisfaction and flourishing to your life have a bright Dussehra. Dinner and highlight diverting the dandiya raas have begun maa is favoring us through a totally shubha Dussrehra to you.


152. Nine days of celebration pull. Long periods of Dussehra festivities. May the bubbly period of Dussehra expedite delight and thriving your reality, have a chipper Dussehra. May the celebration of lighting installations breathe life into you and your precious ones lives? Happy Dussehra.

153. May the master Durga favor you a year brimming with cash, satisfaction, and thriving. Have a have a bright Dussehra! May this Dussehra be the most extraordinary event of your family. Have an uncommon time and be honored Dussehra !

154. The delight of this shocking occasion is fragmented without you. I’m mulling over you as the shades of nine evenings assume control over the field. Have a fulfilled and prosperous Dussehra dear!

155. Nine evenings of no secular experience is bounty more a la mode when you are with me. How about we have a ton of fun the triumph of good over insidiousness on the whole this time!

156. May this celebration convey you joy, fulfillment, sprightliness, rapture, dapperness, energy, great spirits, prosperity, happiness, and satisfaction.

157. Pleasure, fulfillment, sprightliness, rapture, great wellbeing, inward peace, energy, great spirits, prosperity, pleasure, and prosperity. Have a bright Dussehra

158. Glad Dussehra. May all-powerful goddess Durga favor you and your family, may her support be dependably with you.

159. Annihilation the fiendishness in existence with the support of Maa Durga. May this Dussehra bring peace and success for you and your family! Cheerful Dussehra!

160. The time that we as a whole have been envisioning has come. Gather all your unfulfilled objectives and enable them to welcome Maa Durga as she makes every one of them come proper! Have a lively Dussehra!!

161. May every one of your wants come truly for the span of this blessed occasion. Allow yourself be overpowered with the guide of the finesse of Maa Durga. Wishing you a beautiful Sharda Dussehra!

164. May you and your family be secured by means of the power of Goddess Durga until the end of time. Experience this dazzling event of Dussehra together with your hover of relatives and close to ones!

165. May you wind up positive over every one of the issues, challenges, burdens, and nerves in the existence much like the Goddess Durga developed positive over the shrewdness. Wishing you splendid evenings of peace and joy, fulfillment, liveliness, satisfaction, great wellbeing, internal peace, sparkle, dapperness, prosperity, bliss, happiness!

166. Spinning to the tunes of intriguing cadenced beats. Guys and females with dandias in palms. Observing Dussehra with get-up-and-go and happiness. Wish you encounter long stretches of merriment.

167. Expectation this Dussehra uncovers you and your most cherished ones, being honored by means of the Goddess with joy and flourishing and genuine greetings to shutting constantly!

168. May your event of Dussehra presents to all of you the excellent issues to you! May Goddess Durga give you the vitality to practice forbearance through exercise!

169. May Goddess Durga shield you from every one of the issues in presence. May this Dussehra there best be delight, fulfillment, brightness, euphoria, great wellbeing, internal peace, joy, satisfaction, liveliness, dapperness, prosperity, bliss, happiness on your reality. Wishing you a Happy Dussehra!

170. Bringing you peace, delight, and joy, fulfillment, sprightliness, satisfaction, great wellbeing, inward peace, joy, great spirits, prosperity, happiness. Glad Dussehra!

171. I’m wishing you the amazing and most cash Dussehra merry season ever, delight at the times of being as one with your very own family and mates. Have a fulfilled and prosperous Dussehra!

172. Experience this present day, as Maa Durga will give us support. May the eminent vitality of goddess pass on you joy, fulfillment, sparkle, satisfaction, buoyancy, happiness, great spirits, prosperity, pleasure, in the life. Have a chipper Dussehra!

173. The brilliant divinity, bring you peace and joy, fulfillment, merriment, delight, great wellbeing, internal peace, happiness, great spirits, prosperity, pleasure, in the life. This Dussehra, the next day and all as the year progressed. Subh Dussehra!

174. Lucky is the one

175. Who has figured out how to perceive,

176. However, not to envy.

177. Precise requirements for an upbeat Dussehra,

178. With a considerable measure of peace and success.

179. This Dussehra,

180. You’re the main character I have to want and welcome to have cash Dussehra,

181. For you has been a decent pal to me.

182. Have a chipper Dussehra!

183. I comprehend somebody who has the right to be honored this Dussehra,

184. A man who has been so legitimate, so sharing thus exceptional.

185. That a man is you!

186. Have a bright Dussehra!

187. I petition Maa Durga to your upbeat and a hit the life.

188. May you satisfy your entire existence want

189. Upbeat and prosperous Durga Puja to you!

190. Separate yourself from scorn and disturb,

191. Have a lively Dussehra!

192. This heavenly occasion constantly inspires an emotional response in my memory of the considerable number of points of interest I’ve gotten throughout everyday life. You’re one of a kind present among them. I am craving for you an awesome time with your hover of relatives!

193. I’m longing that Maa Durga favor you, Guide you, and supply the majority of your coronary heart preference. Shubha Dussehra to you!

194. Have a fabulous time every day of Dussehra with consistently developing enthusiasm and enjoy yourself in promising exercises and divine beings will I am longing for you in the coming year. Move at the ground and have a decent time this entrancing event together with your companions and family units.

195. May the current year’s Dussehra be the most extreme extraordinary occasion. And may this convey you unending delight, peace, and abundance. Have a merry Dussehra to you and your very own family.

196. May right now of Maa Durga be the start of your right the ways of life and exact fortune. And I wish that Dussehra merry season fill your coronary heart with adoration and mirth. Have a fulfilled and prosperous Dussehra!

197. May the goddess of power bathe you with masses of focal points that you may impart to other people. Have a cash and noteworthy Dussehra! May goddess Durga favor you with right companions, cheerful family, correct the life and legitimate wellbeing. Cheerful Dussehra!

198. Celebrate nowadays with the one that you adore family and companions. Also, I’m wishing you to have a staggering time. Upbeat Dussehra!

199. Jai Sitaram, craving for you achievement and joy, fulfillment, sparkle, euphoria, sprightliness, energy, great spirits, prosperity, happiness, in the aggregate you do! Have a fulfilled and prosperous Durga Puja May the triumph of exact over underhandedness energize you towards your own triumphs.

200. May this Dussehra you be honored with favorable luck. Dussrehra is a happy period of triumph on terrible components in our lives. Cheerful Dussrehra.