Happy Diwali 2019 – Diwali Animated GIF HD Cards, Wallpapers, Wishes

Happy Diwali 2019 – Diwali Animated GIF HD Cards, Wallpapers, Wishes

Here are some unique animated Diwali gif photos of happy Diwali 2019. You can use these Diwali animated photos or if you want to download these animated Diwali photos then you are free to download these animated Diwali pictures. Here this collected Diwali animated pictures are posted for you to celebrate this Diwali festival of Hindus with happiness. These happy Diwali animated photos are collected from various sources of Internet searching on Google. Thanks for image creators. We don’t own these Diwali animated HD wallpapers or photos.

Numerous legends are related to this celebration. It denotes the triumph of Ram over Ravana. In actuality, Diwali is the image of the triumph of the powers of good over underhandedness. As per some on this day Lord Ram achieved Ayodhya alongside Sita and Lakshman. The villagers of Ayodhya invited Ram, Lakshman, and Sita by enriching and enlightening their town with Diyas.


Jains says this is the day when Lord Mahavira achieved “moksha or salvation”. They demonstrate lights in celebration of subsequent achievement. Dayanand Saraswati of Arya Samaj likewise accomplished ‘Nirvana’ on this day. It is a celebration of lights and firecracker. It comes after Durga Puja as the winter sets in. In West Bengal and some different places in North India, Goddess Kali is venerated amid the Diwali. As the lights fend off the obscurity, Goddess Kali heads out the detestable powers in our reality.

Incredible executions are made for this celebration. Everybody begins making game plan multi-month before Diwali, new materials are obtained, and houses are cleaned and adorned with lights, blooms and so on. Individuals call and welcome their closest and dearest ones. On this celebration, desserts are made and conveyed among companions and relatives.

Individuals enjoy the fun and skip upon the arrival of Diwali. New garments are worn by the youthful and the old. In the meantime amid night, fire-works and saltines are additionally let off. The splendid blazes of the fire-work present a flawless sight oblivious night. The celebration wears a flawless look. Everybody has well clad gay and mirthful some praise it in the most energetic way some enjoy betting as per card sharks, shapes a piece of Diwali celebration.

During the evening the general population enlightens their homes, dividers, and porches with earthen pots. The sparkling lights in the dimness of night present an entrancing scene. Aside from houses, open structures and government officers are likewise lit up. The scene of lights and brightening is extremely captivating.

The Hindus love Lakshmi; the Goddess of riches on this day. They say petitions, with the goal that Goddess Lakshmi may visit their homes. Lakshmi Puja is the Puja of Lakshmi Goddess and is performed at the night amid Diwali. Diwali celebration is the celebration of the entire nation. It is commended in each alcove and Corner of our nation. In this manner, this celebration additionally makes a feeling of unity among the general population. It turns into the image of solidarity. India has been praising this celebration for a great many years and keeps on commending it even today which is both verifiable and religious.

Happy Diwali 2019 – Diwali Animated GIF HD Cards, Wallpapers, Wishes

As we all know that Diwali is the one of major and greatest festival of Hindus pantheon. It is the festival of lights. And it is true that without Diya, Diwali is incomplete.

Happy diwali animated photo with Deep flaming

Be cheerful in light of the fact that the colossal event is here. Sprad the adoration and fellowship with family and companions. Glad Diwali festivities

1. Tihar Wishes Gazal in Nepali language

jhilimili battile utsaba lyaos tiharma
sabaika gharagharama laksmi aosa tiharma
Desai bhari dipavali laksmi puja bhai tika
deusi bhailo ramailo dhuna chhaosa tiharma
Nahos khali nidhar bhai ko hat didivahiniko
okhar sangai sandhesati phuti jaosa tiharma
Saptarangi tika mala didibaini ko hatabat
sabaile tika yasapali launa paos tiharma
Jhilimili battile utsaba lyaos tiharma
sabaika gharagharama laksmi aosa tiharma

Ram Saran Shrestha
Chisapani Ramechhap

Happy Diwali 2017: Diwali Animated GIF Wallpaper No. 1

Animated diwali gif wallpapers

image src: picspik.com

On this astonishing day of Diwali, I ask that all that you have arranged will come into satisfaction. I trust that you will have some good times and get bounty endowments on this astonishing day, Happy Diwali welcome to you.

2. Tihar messages SMS in Nepali

na phyak makhmali Phool ra rato tika;
timro Bhai aaunechhan ;
na hau Udaas bahini haru;
daju bhai ko nidhar haru khali hune chhaian
Rani pokhari ma gayer bhaye pani
tika lagayer chhadne chhan!
happy dipawali 2019

Happy Diwali 2019: Diwali Animated GIF Wallpaper No. 2

Animated diwali gif wallpapers

img src by 123greety.com

I am wishing you and your family the plain best Diwali festivities today. I trust you discover joy wherever you go. Trouble will never come on you and your family. Cheerful Diwali welcome and festivities.

3. Happy Dipawali wishes in Nepali Font

न फ्याक् मखमलि फूल् र रातो टिका;
तिम्रो भाइ आउनेछन् ;
न हौ उदास् बहिनि हरु;
दाजु भाइ को निधार् हरु खालि हुने छैनन्
रानि पोखरि मा गयेर् भये पनि
टिका लगायेर् छाड्ने छन्!
happy Deepawali 2075

Happy Diwali 2019: Diwali Animated GIF Wallpaper No. 3

Animated diwali gif wallpapers

img src by shemford.com

I feel so glad and eager to send you my Diwali welcome. Truth is this celebration brings light and sparkles light on every obscured part of our lives. I am consequently sending my adoration and friendship to you and your family today. Upbeat Diwali festivities.

4. Diwali wishes in Hindi language

aja sse aaap key yhaa ddhan kee barrshaat hoh,
maan laxami kaa vaass hoh, sanakataton kaa naas hoh
her dil per aapakaa raaj hoh, unanatee kaa serr pr taaz hoh
ghhe mein saanati kaa waas hoh

Happy Diwali 2019: Diwali Animated GIF Wallpaper No. 4

happy tihar animation gif picture greeting ecards wishes nepali
happy tihar animation wishes quotes design

Life will; dependably be better in the event that we indicate love to each other. I am sending my warm Diwali welcome to you today. May you come in contact with satisfaction and euphoria wherever you go. Have an awesome time.

5. Diwali SMS in Hindi language

Shree Lord Rama jee aapakey ghharr sookh kee barasaat kareyen,
Dookhoyn kaa nash kareyen.
Premm kee fulajhaaree waa anaarr aapakey ghharr koh rosann karrey.
Roshanni key deeye aapaki jinaddagee mein khushiyaa laayenn.
Happy Diwali 2019

Happy Diwali 2019: Diwali Animated GIF Wallpaper No. 5

Animated diwali gif wallpapers

You will appreciate the joy that the Diwali celebration brings. You will encounter tremendous delight and satisfaction in whatever you do. Those that issue to you won’t di before their opportunity. Upbeat Diwali welcome to you.

6. Tihar wishes in Nepali language

Yahi nai Dherai chha ki Timile e mero bahini tihar ma aayau
Yo sano chhij jasto dekhine tar mero lagi thulo saubhagya ho

I am sending you and your family the best and astounding Diwali welcome today. Toss all pity out of the window since bliss and happiness is here. Upbeat Diwali welcome to you.

7. Tihar wishes in Nepali language and font

यहि नै धेरै छ कि तिमिले ए मेरो बहिनि तिहार् मा आयौ
यो सानो चिज् जस्तो देखिने तर् मेरो लगि ठुलो सौभाग्य हो

animated photos of happy diwali

Glad Diwali welcome, what is up for supper? It is safe to say that we are permitted to participate? May we celebrate numerous more Diwali together. Have a fabulous time and make the most of your day.

8. Dipawali wishes in Nepali language

Malaai laagchha ki Ma sanga dherai maayaa chha mera bahini haru ko laagi
Aafu bhandaa pani Malaai uni haru ko dherai dherai sneh chha!

I am sending my warm wishes to you and your family today. May peace never stop in your life. You will everlastingly live in satisfaction and delight. Glad Diwali to you. Good health.

9. Dipawali wishes in Nepali language and font

मलाइ लाग्छ कि म सङ धेरै माया छ मेर बहिनि हरु को लागि
आफु भन्दा पनि मलाइ उनि हरु को धेरै धेरै स्नेह् छ!

animated photos of happy diwali

Am stunning time to celebrate with individuals we adore. May we assemble capacities to celebrate and make special recollections from this celebration. Glad Diwali welcome to you

10. Diwali wishes in Nepali language

yasto aushi ko Raat 1 barsh Pachhi Aayo;
Yo parva hamro 1 barsha Pachhi Aayo;
Aaj laksmi puja aauchha ra mata laxmi sang Bhetine palo chha;
Aaj ko Raat lai dherai mahina dekhi kurer baseko chhu

I ask that the joy and satisfaction that this occasion brings the envelope you and your family. You will discover interminable satisfaction today, tomorrow and for eternity. Upbeat Diwali welcome to you.

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