Happy Dashain wishes for sister with name :- Dashain also called as Dussehra, Dasara or Vijayadashami is an important Hindu festival celebrated after the auspicious occasion of Navaratri every year. This is considered to be the biggest festival for Hindus and people of India and and the longest Hindu festival in Nepal.

Happy Dashain Wishes For Sister With Name in Nepali Greeting Card

Happy Dashain Wishes For Best Friends With Name in Nepali Greeting Card

May your burdens keep running up in smoke with the fireworks!

May your satisfaction be duplicated ten times! Sending Dashain wishes to your mind.

May this Dashain enlighten for one of the wants of happy conditions and fantasies for multiyear overflowing with smiles! I want you happy Dashain!

On this rare day, as you praise courage and determination, triumph of good over evil, wish you accomplishment and joy in all that you do.

On the cheerful occasion of Dashain, I ask that lord Ram fills your truth with heaps of satisfaction, thriving, and accomplishment. Upbeat Dashain for you and your loved ones!

May your own life take another turn this Dashain! Allow simply positive and upbeat thoughts to include you, and all negative and anguishing ones devour nearby the version of Ravana.


Happy Dashain Wishes

On this fantastic day of Dashain, I want you each fulfillment and the fulfillment of everything that you would seek after.

Dashain has implied the triumph of malevolence. May all the obscenities in and around you obscure away by the love and goodness in and around you, wishing you a happy Dashain!

On this promising event, I want the shading, bliss, and superbness of the festival…! Be with you since the year innovative!

Happy Dashain wishes for sister with name card
Happy Dashain wishes for sister with name card

May lord Rama faithfully… Keep diminishing his gratefulness upon you… May your life expectancy be wealthy and… Quiet throughout; happy Dashain.

You may be persuasive and happy before the end of time. Glad Dashain!

The reality is always triumphant. Upbeat Dashain to everybody. May Rama provides each one of you the pleasure and peace for you and your loved ones!

We could be heaps lonely on Dashain, anyway your reflections are convenient for my disposition intellectual of you as and urge you a happy Dashain!

May the Maa serve you with wealth, riches, and bliss all of the year!

May god help you with achievements on the hopeful event of Dashain!

May that Dashain convey light your household existence with love and pleasure!

Cheerful Dashain to every one of my partners, and that I presume this Dashain moves on satisfaction and pleasure to everybody’s life.

Give this Dashain an opportunity to illuminate your skies. With swallowing flares of delight, enjoy the triumphs blessed for you.

Wishing your own Dashain be filled up with pleasure and festivity. Cheerful Dashain!

It was now that great depended upon triumph awful. May this day apparent all hardels your own life and start a fresh time of wealth!

May Saraswati play in your lips and tongue! Lakshmi plays in your palms and Parvathi on your heart, Durga, in your arms. I want you a joyous Dashain.

Happy Dashain Wishing Messages

Truth is always profitable! Upbeat Dashain!

May you win every fight throughout regular life! Upbeat Vijayadashami for you.

May the satisfaction which Durga puja conveys be with you always. Glad Vijayadashami!


I am sending you the method by which in which the endowment of heavenly gifts to illuminate your own existence with serenity and satisfaction.

Jai Sita Ram, want you accomplishment and bliss in everything that you do! Upbeat Dashain!

Bhagwan smash pulverized the uncharted kingdom and sowed the seed of peace. All of the top on Dashain into the vast majority of my cherished once.

We need to praise this Dashain with enthusiasm and fun, favors to you implore with positive chance to have considerable quantities of your years might this event bring you amazing cheers.

May the palms of the goddess allow you to be successful! Additionally, allow you intellect to thump the entirety of your own insecurities. Glad Dashain for you!

May the ruler Rama provide you with sweet and support joys! Subh Dashain!

Empty each of your worries piles up all of the great times.

A favorite Dashain to you along with your friends and loved ones! Enjoy the piles of presents god has enabled you.

May this particular comprehension of Dashain rouse one never to give up in your dreams and desires! Triumphs are now written on your biography. Have an excellent time!

Happy Dashain Wishes

Fights and issues are still ordinary in a person’s life. Be as it may, you’ll never win them using a negative mindset. Let’s Dashain jump upward hope on your heart.

This celebration is as beautiful as you. I am happy I’m praising this together with you. I feel cheerful and preferred. All the best to you also.

May your prizes be enlarged at a hundred folds! Enjoy all of them on Dashain!

May the chance this Dashain has attracted you now will continue always! With warms and adopts, I would like you to enjoy everything life has to offer you.

Happy Dashain Wishes For Best Friend With Your Name in Greeting Image

May the master Rama ditch your weights during everyday life and supplant them with positive fortune in your packs! Enjoy this Dashain day!

An favorable Dashain for you! May the master Rama help you with quality to face your day daily challenges!

We, certainly, foresee for more notable triumphs. Possessing an effective Dashain!

We should praise this triumph together! How about we fulfill this Dashain with enormous cheers!

Happy Dashain Wishes

I want you great health and flood wealth, a favorite Dashain for you and your loved ones.

May you’re helpful and optimistic! Glad Dashain!

Extended understanding of Hindu civilization’s tradition, since the centuries have cruised by, Hindu civilization is becoming stuck and much more stuck; let us keep this up. All the best wishes for Dashain.

Great wellbeing and accomplishment avoid maliciously, master’s favors happy Dashain, yummy Dashain triumph over malevolence happy joyous season spirit of goodness.

Before the brilliant sunrises, allow me to finish every one of the beams wid accomplishment and satisfaction to you and your loved ones. Glad Dashain!

This Vijaya Dashmi may goddess Durga prefer us and the entire humankind together with her choicest endowments. I’m wanting you and your loved ones a joyous Dashain!

May the enormous goddess Durga mata provide each one of us with this occasion of Dashain, ability to vanquish our rectal adversaries which are, by way of instance, insatiability, self-image, and duplicity!

Celebrate Dasara with all the favors of god along with your senior citizens, sending dasara fantasies your own direction.

Spread goodness to vanquish for this dasara. I want you and your loved ones a overly cheerful Dashain.


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