Full Form of Happy Chhath Puja Meaning

Find here great Full Form of Happy Chhath Puja. It is also supposed as the true meaning of chhath Puja. This is season of holy festival, dedicated to God Surya Dev. Literary meaning of Surya Dev is God Sun. It means we are worshiping the Sun. Why we are worshiping Sun? There are many reasons to worship the Sun. But best reason is to worship the Sun is to give thanks.

Full Form of Happy Chhath Puja Meaning

wonderful greeting cards of holy hindu festival Chhath Puja 2014

This holy festival is widely celebrated in all over the country Nepal and but by some states of India. Especially it is the festival of Bihar and UP. But nowadays the valuation of Chhath Puja festival is increasing.  That is why the celebration is getting and spreading to all over the India. This is festival Hindus. Here is chhath puja meaning in English. You can read this beautiful meaning. we hope you will agree with us. If you have special one, you can send us.

C  equals to = chant

H equals to = heaven

H equals to = Holy

A equals to = almighty

T equals to = together

h equals to = hallowed

p equals to = pious

u equals to = upbeat

j equals to = jubilation

a equals to = awesome

Happy Chhath Puja

One English SMS for Chath Puja in Bonus

May this Holy Chhath Puja gives
lots Blessings, peace and happiness ur way
May this Holy Chhath Puja fulfill your dreams
that come true
And all evils and bad situation shed away.
Happy Chhath Puja 2015.


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