Hanuman Dhoka Museum in Kathmandu, Nepal

The National Museum too can do a valuable service in publicizing the glories of our culture by providing colourful post cards, photos and illustrated booklets for children, wall printed and illustrated literatures for general visitors and catalogues, handbooks, monographs, etc. for the specialists. But Basantpur durbar square museum is unique than national museum.

kathmandu durbar square


Hanuman Dhoka Museum is located in Basantipur or Kathmandu durbar Sqaure. It is one of the biggest historical museum in Nepal. It houses the Tribhuvan Museum, Mahendra Museum and Birendra Museum. The Tribhuvan Museum highlights the life and contribution of King Tribhuvan (1906-1955). It exhibits his childhood dresses, ceremonial costumes and his personal belongings. This museum has rare photographs and paintings and portraits of other Shah rulers and members.

The Mahendra Museum sheds light on the life of King Mahendra (1955-1972). It has his personal belongings such is medals, decorations, letters of commendation, honorary degrees, gifts and coins, his cabinet room office chamber. His is literary creations are also on exhibition in the museum.

Recently established, the Birendra Museum exhibits the life time achievements of King Birendra. It also includes his personal belongings, photographs taken on different important occasions and in the important events in his life.

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