10 Handsome Nepali Celebrities (Male Actors) That Every Boy Wants To Be Like Them


Handsome Nepali actors : Nepalese actors are gaining popularity and importance in the field of the film industry, not only because of their brilliant appearance and their musical and dance skills.

Because they are talented, hardworking, they do not fear new roles and images. And for their talent, they are so loved by the audience all over Nepal.

Many actors have kept them so well and fit and this is one of the main reasons for their charming personality and appearance. By which, Nepali actors have gained more and more followers.

Today we are here with the 10 most handsome Nepalese actors in the industry. Check it out;

10 Handsome Nepali Celebrities (Male Actors) That Every Boy Wants To Be Like Them

  1. Rajesh Hamal

Rajesh Hamal is the most popular and widely recognized actor in Nepal. He is loved by all and settled in the hearts of millions of Nepalese. His contribution to the Nepalese film industry is incalculable, since he has revolutionized professionalism in the Nepalese film industry.

Rajesh Hamal has become a common family name in Nepal. His career as a dedicated actor has redefined the classifications of what it means to be a Nepalese actor.

It’s almost record number of films and performance achievements have not only inspired actors (aspiring and experienced alike), but also have given Nepali cinema an incomparable level of credibility and have changed the country’s film culture to higher standards of professionalism and quality.


Rajesh Hamal
Rajesh Hamal

Beginning his career as an actor of “Yug dekhi yug samma”, he became the most famous actor who has now worked on more than 300 films, including a Pakistani film. He began to make between 10 and 12 movies that finally reached more than 20 movies a year.

Since his film debut in the late 1980s and his apparent rise to stardom overnight, he has become one of the most emblematic figures of Nepalese cinema, if not the most important.

His roles varied in character and variety, from joyful romantic comedy to exciting action and adventure. His cinematographic success has not gone unnoticed. There seems to be nothing Mr. Hamal cannot do.

Through his hard work and determination, he has won more than 130 national awards for his films and has received nominations about 50 times. He has won several awards for the best national film award, national secondary actor award, best national comic actor, etc.

As, he has such a splendid  personality and he is so handsome that many youths want to be like him. It is said that, Rajesh Hamal do not gonna be old. In many shows and interviews, he always created humor briefing that he is young. By his charming personality and sense of humor, many youths praise Hamal.

  1. Anmol Kc

Anmol KC is a prominent, successful and handsome actor from Nepal. He is best known as the son of a famous Nepalese actor Bhuwan KC and director Susmita KC. It is said that he rose to fame on behalf of his father. His debut movie is Hostel.

Nepali film actor Anmol KC Picture
Nepali film actor Anmol KC Picture

Due to his madness in the Nepalese film industry, he is Nepal’s highest paid actor to date. He began his acting career in the movie Hostel in 2013. Some of Anmol’s most successful films are Hostel, Jerry, Dreams, Gajalu, Kri, Captain and A mero Hajur 3. He has received many national awards for his performance.


No matter Anmol KC has topped the list of the most attractive men every year due to his cute look and charming personality.

  1. Salon Basnet

Best known for his role as “Junge” in Hostel and “Jayason” in Gajalu, Salon Basnet is one of the popular actors in the industry. Salon is the son of the popular film director Shovit Basnet.

Salon basnet
Salon Basnet

Before debuting at Hostel, Salon appeared in his father’s movie when he was only 6-7 months old! He then played as a children’s artist in the movie “Nepali Babu” at the age of 8. He is mostly praised by Nepali girls because of his cute face. He has acted in the movies such as Hostel, Luv Sub, Aavash, Eauta sathi, Gajalu and Aadha Page.

  1. Ayushman Deshraj Joshi

Ayushman Desraj Joshi is one of the most popular and rising actors and models. Aayushman entered the filming area with the debut of his film “Chapali Height 2”.

He is the son of Father Bhavendra Joshi. His father is Deputy General Manager of Mega Bank Nepal Limited, Nepal and his mother is Raveena DS Joshi. In this world of Kollywood, he is a rapidly flourishing actor. He has made several movies and music videos.

Ayushman Deshraj Joshi Nepali Male Model
Ayushman Deshraj Joshi

Ayushman Desraj Joshi is VJ, model and debut actor. Better known as VJ in gold Kantipur in the Global Beats and Holly Bollywood program, Ayushman already has many female followers.

With a Hollywood look, this guy is the heart of all the girls and he is one of the most handsome man of Nepali film industry. Now that he will debut with Chapali Height 2 in front of his own girlfriend Paramita Rana and Ke ma timro hoina ra, debut actress Mariska Pokharel, he is expected to be the next king of kollywood.

  1. Nazir Hussain

Nazir Hussain is one of Nepal’s talented but promising actors. Debuting a short role in Punte Parade, Nazir is best known for his role as Rameshwor in Hostel Returns. Nazir is a theater artist of Mandala Theater.

His performance at Hostel Returns is highly appreciated by the audience and critics. Nazir was an apprentice in the Mandala theater and has performed in more than 20 dramas. His first drama was “Charandas Chur”.

Nazir Hussain Nepali Actor
Nazir Hussain

He obtained a ticket to the Nepalese film industry through the short role in “Punte Parade”. But a diamond shines from the corner, this jewel had a great jump in Hostel Returns as the main actor.

With the role of Rameshwor, Najir received much appreciation from the Nepali audience. After Hostel Returns, Rameshwor joined movies like Junge, Rajja Rani, Bir bikram, Kagaz patra, Timi sanga and Gatho.



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