A Guide On Bengals, An Intriguing Cat Breed

Cat Breeds :- Bengals are a vastly misunderstood breed of cat. They are on many lists pertaining to cat breeds, including most aggressive, most dangerous, and also among the world’s most popular. 

The feline is most unique when compared to traditional cat breeds making it vital that anyone considering an adoption engage in considerable research before committing.

It has been registered relatively recently for domesticity with many inquiries into its history, characteristics, and personality, in large part due to the excessive price point for the exclusive feline. 

Though the name might confuse people, this animal is not of tiger descent, and it doesn’t have recognition as a leopard of any size. It is, in fact, a domestic cat that can cost upwards of $2000 for a quality kitten for a trusted breeder.

cat breeds
cat breed

Price points for breeds are determined by coloration and markings with a significant preference for “rosettes” or substantially sized markings.

You can view a complete cat breeds guide at https://www.holistapet.com. The ancestry of this species is that of the Asian Leopard combined with a domestic cat producing an awe-inspiring beauty.

Facts Relating To Bengals Cat Breeds

The Bengal cat has a stigma that follows the kitty for being dangerous and aggressive due to its genetic makeup with ancestry including the Asian Leopard. This cat breeds itself, though, is not a leopard nor a tiger but rather a simple domestic cat. If you decide this is the animal that you want to adopt, you need to familiarize yourself with a few facts before committing fully.

  • A Unique Coat Unlike Most Others: The coat for this animal is unlike most other cats in that it is like a pelt with a silky, plush texture and a natural shine you can see when the cat’s fur has exposure to the sun. The rays enhance the beauty making the hair almost glisten and highlighting the striking array of markings arranged throughout its body.

You would only assume that with such a lush volume of hair, grooming would be a considerable chore. Still, a Bengal requires minimal brushing because this animal is extraordinarily thorough with self-grooming techniques.

  • Coloring: The suggestion is that no two Bengal cats look exactly the same. The variations in colors are high, with the creatures all having either gold or green eyes. Claims indicate these cats could never produce with blue eyes. The base color is generally brown, but other colors include marble, blue/black, sepia, snow, or silver. 
  • The Cat Enjoys A Great Deal of Maintenance: The kitty has high demands and doesn’t hide the fact that he requires a great deal of maintenance. While the bond that the animal develops with their adoptive family is usually very strong, the cat will require a significant amount of attention and time from the pet parent. Not everyone will be cut out for this level of commitment on an every day, every minute kind of scope. 

Generally, when a parent adopts a cat, it’s because a cat kind of takes care of themselves, where a dog is like a baby. Well, a Bengal is reminiscent of a dog in that they follow you throughout your home, verbalize their unhappiness, and attempt to immerse themselves into whatever it is you’re doing. 

The noise these cats make is incredible. This is a loud companion, so if you’re envisioning the solitude and silence of a feline family member, this isn’t it – you should run away from this one.

  • Like The Energizer Bunny: You need to be prepared for activity and stimulating the kitty physically and mentally. If this cat gets bored, you should watch your home. The animal will sleep in increments as most cats do, but when they’re awake, you better enlist some method to engage this cat because otherwise, the feline will find its own play, and that means getting into everything that you don’t have locked down. If you’re unsure what type of cat you actually have, read this for guidance on how to distinguish your cat breeds.

When you believe it’s safe to go to sleep at night, it’s really not. This is when a Bengal pounces, demanding attention, and for you to find it some activity, or it will simply race throughout the house in an imaginary search for potential prey, destroying what’s in its path.

Though Bengals get a bad reputation as being a dangerous pet to have, it’s merely a cat with a lot of energy that needs keeping under control. If you have less time to spend on an animal, this won’t be the right adoption for you.