Main Reason of Google Office is Not in Nepal

Advertisement is the most popular and the world’s best search engine which is used by a most of people in all over the universe. There is no doubt that Google has made human life very very easier, simplest, faster and also provided job opportunities to people from different countries in all over the world. 

Internet Users in Nepal using Google as main Search Engine which could reach over 90% of the total search. But the google has launched the its search engine especially for Nepal and Nepali that

However, Nepal is not main market places for Google for their products such as Adwords and Adsense and many more Because Nepal is one of the lease developed country in the world.

Google Office in Nepal

Google has more than 70 branch offices in more than 40 countries around the world. Google has not its offices in Nepal. But Google office in India is serving to the Nepal and Nepali. 

So if you are searching the google Nepal office and location and address of Google office in Nepal then it’s not good news for you and all of Nepali people that that Google has not opened yet any office in somewhere of Nepal.


Google Inc is the Multinational Company with branches in all major countries in the World. There are Google India Pvt Ltd in our neighbor country India and has four offices in Indian. Google offices in India are in Bangalore, Mumbai, Gurgaon, and Hyderabad.

Main Reason for Google Office is Not in Nepal

Main Reason of Google Office is Not in Nepal is that Nepal is not main market places for Google’s eyes for their products such as Adwords, Adsense and many more…. Becuase of the that reason Google has not established it’s office in Nepal.


Google Server in Nepal

Google Inc, the best web search engine company in the world, installed the Google cache server in Nepal (Kathmandu) at Nepal Telecom  office at Jawalakhel Internet Exchange Point which are operated by Nepal Telecom (NTC) The Nepal government authorized company.

This is cache server, established by Google in NTC Office. A Google cache server is a such cache server which is dedicated network server. The main aim of cache server is to save Web pages or other Internet content locally. It helps not only speeds up access to data and but also reduces demand on an enterprise’s bandwidth.

Let’s hope the Google will open a office in Nepal in coming days.


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