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Many google searchers are searching is Nepal a part of India, is Nepal going to be a part of India, why Nepal is not a part of India, is madhesh going to be a part of India, is Nepal part of India before, is Nepal part of India in history, Nepal is part of India or not, is Nepal ever part of India, is Nepal considered part of India, is Nepal a country or part of India etc. Who are searching like this? Which country are they belonging? I don’t know. But I know the thing that I am going to share with you.

I am Nepali. I am from Madhesh, the southern part of Nepal. I Love Nepal being Madheshi. I am Proud to be Madheshi being Nepali. I wanna give some reply to all the searcher of these questions. I hope you all get an answer.

Is Nepal going to be a part of India?

The matter talking about the Nepal and Nepal is worst about the going to be the part of India. India is our best friend and we can also say the brother but not the our family members that can takes the their rights of landmarks. It’s totally the wrong and scandal that Nepal is going to be the part of the India. As we know that Nepal and Nepalese are mostly influenced by the Indian culture, religion, and lifestyles more too. But it’s not the true that the Indian have conquered or made their lands and footprints in Nepal is the one country and India is another country but due to the open border between both of country, everything is communicated and transported easily.

Nepal flag with people

Nepal flag with Nepalese people

The border side is mostly adapted to the Indian market because they got all the products nearby them. Nepal has their own history and culture having their own identity marked in the world. Nepal does not need and proof for recognition in the world because the world l highest peak Everest and the light of Asia Gautam Buddha is our permanent and immortal proof that makes the identity of Nepal and Nepalese more shiny and immortal.

Nepal has the largest story behind the creation of their own territory and geographical area. In the ancient time, many people have given their blood and life for the saving of the nation and nationality. Nationality is the root of the nation of the people for creation and marking of identity. The world is the witness of the history that is very interesting about the Nepal related to war and the battle with the unity and non-flunk. Nepal is the country who have become the slave of any there country.

And the history of the world is our proof and the Britain is our witness to prove the Nepal and the Britain is that the two countries that had never come to any other country servant and slave. Therefore, the Nepal is also recognized as the country of a brave and fearless warrior. Nepalese warriors are famous and popular in the world for their contribution and efforts and their arts that they saw at the time of war and in the field of battle. No one in the worlds is looser until they play the game. And no will be treated as the winner too until they don’t play the game.

National flag of Nepal

National flag of Nepal

So to make the one side win and one side lost there must be the full game to conclude the result and summary to about the game and player. The brave is not that who don have fear but it’s the that the person who even goes ahead with fear is treated as the real fearless person or warrior. Similarly, the Nepalese soldiers are serving their power and strength in another country too as the battling. The Nepalese army is sent to the other country for making that country peace with their own power dedicating to them and create the peaceful environment which is impossible for other country’s army buy this works is very easy and practiced for the Nepalese army as they are more practiced in this subject matter.


Border linking

Nepal link it’s border with the India and has also many outputs that are sent to Nepal. The exchange of goods and services and cultural have made this two country as the two brothers of one mother. But the scandal about the country Nepal is going to be the part of India is false. Yes, it’s true that the Indian government used to makes their role in the Nepalese government and sometimes also they intervention of the action and plans of Nepalese government. Nepalese are treated as the monkey and the Damru is on the Indian hands.

Nepal India Border Pillars

They make the Nepalese political leader be acted according to their instruction. This is happening because the ancestors have made the contract with Indian as like this. The Sugauli treaty held in 1873 have also the great story for the action and intervention made by the India in time to time. Nepal has to flow their water according to the edge of India if the instruction is made by their government. Nepal is like the player only but the umpiring role is playing by the Indian government. The cemented bonds and relation has formed with Indian government because the Nepalese family cooks and wears 95% of Indian products in their kitchen in every dishes and wears everything made in India. India makes the supply of everything from a pin to plate and plane too.

All the petrol, kerosene oil and many beverages are imported from India. So if there occurs any kinds of discussing between this two country then, Indian stops their supplying of petrol and diesel. The time when the constitution was in the launching process and the Madhesi alliance started their strike against the government launching of the constitution. At that time, it has been seen that the India have given full support to the Madhesi alliance for the strike and the result was there becomes the crisis of petrol and diesel. Every motorbike and car become like the carts and wheeler due to the scarcity of petrol and diesel. The inflation exponentially goes high and makes the prices of all and every imported product very high.

There become the scarcity of many food items and many beverages too that have also taken the life of many people. We can say that directly or indirectly, the Indian government is intervention on Nepal policy and strategy. The government of Nepal is working and adopting their rules and if they want to implement without taking the permission of India, then the evidence will enlarge and become the problem of stopping the projects. India is making their marks in every sector of Nepal because they have the greediness of water flowing to Nepal to India. If the water flows freely to India, then it may make the India rich and more powerful independent on water sources by the help of Nepal.

Cultural and Sugauli treaty


Nepal is landlocked country and has not touched the border, facing the uncountable difficulties in importing and exporting the goods and services in very cheap rate. Nepalese are like the workers but they did not have any their own production o and output firm. The lame can’t travel the journey of the pitable way but they can do if the commitment is stronger than fear. Nepal and Nepalese political leaders are not showing their full interest in the construction and development of the country and it’s so the country is moving like the punctured cycles like the creeping lizard.

interesting facts about India and Nepal in terms of economy, geography, nature, tourism, literature, trade, border, treaty

Nepal is dependent, they have the full body of their won but not the leg, So they did not move without their help. Here, the leg is treated as the India. The great relationship between both of country is formed by the exchange of culture and relation r, religion in the past and also the great treaty of Suguli have made the nearness among both of the countries. The times started from then is going onward by the intervention and instruction of Indian government.

The help and primary funds are also sent by the Indian government that is also the matter of appreciation. The first helps and food items were sent by the India government while the life taking earthquake addressed in Kathmandu in 2015. Due to a neighbor, they have played their better role and made the relationship stronger. India has played many roles in helping and forming the establishment architecture and contributing the funds to Nepal for more development. But they are more interested in playing their games of responsibility.

The Nepalese political leaders are not showing their power to build the country, they are busy in packing the money bundles in politics and sleeping like the dog. The country has many resources but the resources are not utilized in proper ways that have made the resources null and empty.

Six-month strike

The strike held by the Madhesi alliance have made the country dark and deaf because all the goods and services are blocked in the border and the Indian government has also not sent a large number of goods due to blockage made by the people of Terai. The strike long up to six months and made the country like the desert and people become the camels of the desert but they have not the capacity of storing the water and foods for six months. It’s very bad the strike have taken the life of more than fifty youth.

oil tanker in madhesh terai nepal

oil tanker in madhesh terai of Nepal

The country has no any responsibility and accountability for the problems facing by their countrymen. They are only the leaders of name not the for the work. The country has made the Nepalese like the snails. Nepal has made the countrymen optimistic for the supply of foods and beverages along with petrol and oil from china but it was the false scandal made by the government for reducing the p some fear from the people. The long queue used to see while there become the great and un-definite strike announced by the Madhesi alliance against the constitution launch.

The half of Nepalese celebrated that day as the Diwali while half of the Nepalese celebrate as the dark day.

Due to the daily transportation and communication of people into India have made the country and countrymen closer. The people of Nepalese are also exchanging their religions and connecting their relation with Indian people by the marriage ceremony and many more example. The people of Nepal are directly or indirectly joint with the Indian cultures and traditions.

Due to many evidence and intervention in many plans and policy made by the government of India is making the country more powerful in one sense and also the weak in another sense. The scholarship given by the Indian embassy to the Nepalese students has also presently increased in number that the past and the loans one billion American dollars have been also given for the production of electricity and supply to India, these all event and contraction is speaking about the brotherhood relation with India. There are a much Indian living in Nepal by their own business forming.


Truth and reality

The scandal that has gone out of Nepal is going to be the part of India is totally wrong but it can not be told that the India will make the Nepalese their own part and province in future. B because we can also imagine and suspect that the Indian army has conquered and captured about 56 Bighas land in the eastern Nepal. And also the more that 25 Bighas land in western Nepal.

The captured of Nepalese and the capturing of all the sources of Nepal will might have the long term strategy of India but it is not shown in their full mood and motion and action. But slowly, the area of Nepal is going in decreased order due to the neighbor capturing crudeness. Nepal has many water resources and the great MAHAKALI WAS ALSO BOUGHT BY THE NEPAL BY MAKING THE POLITICAL LEADER IN THEIR OWN TRAP AND SIMILARLY THE KOSHI WAS ALSO IN TEHRI OWN HANDS. SO IF WE SEE THE HISTORY OF NEPAL, INTERVENTION MADE BY THE INDIAN IS THE LONG TERM PLAN FOR MAKING THE NEPAL THEIR OWN PART.

Nepalese are also many of it in the expedition to save the nation and nationality as the land captured by the Indian government in eastern and western Nepal but the government is not interesting and helping in their expedition made by the youth who are active and thinks for the nation and nationality. Nationality is the identity of nation and country. The nationality is root while the wings and leaves are the countrymen and streams are the leaders.

Nepal and Nepalese youth have to wake up to save their own prestige and nationality for the surviving prideful life in marking the history. It’s also the history telling about the braveness and greatness of Nepal area enlarge to 264000 square kilometers now have shrunk in 147181 square kilometers. And due to the neighborhood action of capturing intensity is going in rapid, to save it all the Nepalese should join the hand and make the track to fight against them.

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