5 Reasons Why Google Adsense Is Best Adsense to Make Money Online For Nepali Blogger


When it comes to blogging, all the bloggers used to dream about having an approved Google Adsense account. I also did the same. Well, I’m earning more from Affiliate Marketing than Google Adsense. You can also earn like a pro blogger if you target tier 1 traffic, high CPC keywords, and also if you build high paying niche sites.

5 Reasons Why Google Adsense Is Best Adsense to Make Money Online For Nepali Blogger

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is the most demanded and popular advertising network developed by Google. Google Adsense is also known as the Contextual advertising network, which means ads will be served according to your blog content. For example -: let say your blog post is about making money online then AdSense will automatically serve ads related to your blog post i.e about making money online.

Prior to now, you will or might not have known Google AdSense. If you haven’t, it’s a poster network that Google has come upon to permit electronic computer house owners, bloggers, and many others to put ads on their website and build cash.

Put simply, a poster network is basically an area unit that contains ads from firms UN agencies who are wanting to advertise on internet sites. Firms approach ad networks and that they raise them to run their ads on sites that area unit signed informed the ad network (i.e. if you had a Google AdSense account). It’s an easy conception. The short and dirty breakdown goes one thing like this.

Ads Earning
Ads Earning

In order to know about Google Adsense, you must know about the following steps:

1 – Begin with an online website or a journal.
2 – Sign in for a Google AdSense account (it’s free).
3 – Prepare a poster unit to be announced on your website (color, size, and content you’d prefer to filter).
4 – Place your ad unit on your net site/blog.
5 – Populate your net site/blog with content.
6 – Promote your net site/blog and build cash from ad clicks/ad views.

Google Adsense in Nepal also works the same.


Now, it is not therefore easy to only follow these steps and profit, however, that is the essential framework of however it works. There’s an excellent deal that you simply have to be compelled to do with every step to assist on and that I can cowl the necessities later within the post.

Except for all intents and functions, it extremely comes right down to having a website, linguistic communication up for AdSense, making an advertisement unit (basically, a placeholder you set on your electronic computer that runs ads from Google AdSense), then putting it on your website and hopefully creating cash as you populate your site with content and grow its quality.

Now, if you are in like American state, you would like nearly granular detail concerning however one thing works to desire you have a solid understanding of it.

In order for you to actually perceive however this all works. I mean, for you to urge a firm grasp, you’ve got to know the ad scheme a touch. In alternative words, however, do these ads — apparently all over you go currently on-line — truly facilitate build individual money, however, another question comes whether these ads build Google billion of dollars or not.

Google will pay you once you place these ads on your site, however, another question comes whether the businesses that these ads area unit created for profit or not.

By the manner, if you’ve got any specific queries you’d prefer to raise once reading this text, be happy to fireplace them away within the comments below.  Despite my initial plan to build this text flow as simple as attainable, I will be able to inevitably bit on varied points at completely different times and leave the variety of you confused.

First, it is vital to know what happens once somebody clicks the associate AdSense ad. The location that runs the ad makes cash and Google makes cash. In fact, Google earns quite you are doing by a large margin, therefore that is, however, Google will afford to try to this.

So, to require you to the highest of the chain of however it works, firms move to Google and that they say, “Hey, Google! I am going to pay X quantity of dollars/cents to you for each ad click and/or ad impression if you run my ad on relevant sites that folks have AdSense put in on.”

Google then takes that ad (which should 1st undergo a strict acceptance process), pops it on their AdSense network, then — if your website or web is deemed relevant to the content of the ad. Google can offer you a proportion of what they earn from each click on its ad if it displays to a traveler on your site.

The only grab to the full factor is mere that you just do not see any of that money hit your checking account till you earn $100 price of clicks/impressions (impressions area unit simply the ad being displayed. A little quantity is typically paid per X variety of impressions, however, clicks area unit continually price way more).

That is okay, though, as a result of seeing even one cent show up in your AdSense account may be a kind of inducement if you have near messed with it before.

Once you see that it extremely works, it motivates you. To note, it took American state eleven months to hit $100 once I 1st started running AdSense ads, primarily because of American state not having a decent understanding of it, except for as long as which will appear, time flew by and that I was enjoying looking at the numbers rise (even if it had been at a snail’s pace).

It will get frustrating typically once you do not see the numbers rise quickly, however continually prompt yourself that you simply have much time to figure on this.

Why is Google Adsense the best choice for Nepali blogger?

Yes, Google Adsense is the best choice for the Nepali blogger. Do you want to know the reason? If yes then let’s move ahead.

1. Traffic

Like another ad network, Google Adsense never demands traffic from English speaking countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom. You can also earn a handsome profit from Nepali traffic via AdSense.

I know the CPC and CPM rates are very low in comparison to tier 1 countries. But you can win them if you manage high blog traffic. The more traffic, the more ads viewed. The mere ads view more earnings.

2. Easy payments

After earning $100 in your AdSense account, you can withdraw your hard work directly into your bank account, via cheque or from western union. Like another ad network, Google Adsense never ever charge you a certain amount in each and every transaction.

And also in another ad network, the payment threshold for wire transfer is more than $500 but in Google AdSense, it’s only $100. Most of the AdSense alternatives used to pay earnings via Paypal. But it Nepal we can’t still verify our Paypal account.


4 Ways or Solutions for How To Verify Paypal Account In Nepal

3. High rates

Google Adsense is the king of an advertising network. You can find many Adsense alternatives saying that they will pay high CPM rates up to $1-$5. I have tried many AdSense alternatives but still, I didn’t found any high paying Adsense alternatives. That’s the reason why I called Google Adsense is the king of all advertising networks.

4. 100% legit

When it comes to making money online, we all want to know the answer to the same question “is this legit”? While googling, I have found tons of advertising network which had never paid publisher’s earnings. But Google Adsense is not like those kid advertising network.

They will pay you on time. Just you need to verify your address via Google Adsense pin and reach its payment threshold i.e $100.

5. Account approval

Can we get an approved Adsense account in Nepal? The question may arise if you are new in this online zone. Let me clear you that Google Adsense is available in most of the countries in the world, including Nepal.

However, for now, AdSense does not accept websites or blog written in the Nepali language. But if your website is well written in the English language then I’m sure you will get an approved Adsense account without any problem. To get approved Adsense account,

    • You must have 30-40 unique quality post
    • Well Designed blog
  • Must have important pages like About, contact, privacy policy

Hope you got the reasons why Google Adsense is the best choice for Nepali blogger. If you have any problem related to Adsense then you can comment on your issue below.

How to begin with Google Adsense in Nepal?

In Nepal, as in other countries you need to follow some steps. These steps are mentioned as follows in chronological order.

1 – Begin an online website or a diary: If you’ve got near started your own internet site or blog, then your journey to implementing ads to create cash in all probability sounds like an impossibility to you immediately. Fear not, though.

If you are unsure of the way to purchase a website name, a hosting set up, and place up your own internet site, there are lots of places out there on the net wherever you’ll be able to check-in for a free blog.

I would like to recommend “WordPress” or Blogger. Each site has nice guides for walking you through sign-up and quickly selecting a glance to induce you off-and-running quickly. Again, it utterly absolves to check in for a WordPress or Blogger diary, thus right off the bat with this method, you are out fully nothing monetarily.

2. Check-in for a Google AdSense account: language up for AdSense is not tough, however, it will involve a method. Once you give Google with the data they have, they’ll mail you a card (not email, however, snail mail) that contains a code you may get to enter to activate your account will be so that they can verify your address.

Now, I am a giant fan of utilizing well-crafted resources, thus around all of your questions on language up for and using AdSense are answered on Google’s AdSense Central or on their AdSense Support web site.

Look within the left-hand sidebar of either of these sites to seek out the ways that will help you get over different videos for your purpose of ad sense. I want all of the users to spend some time over there and you may get to learn more things that may be very beneficial for you.

3 – Prepare a commercial unit to be announced on your website (color, size, and content you’d prefer to filter): all over again, pertaining to Google’s terribly own facilitate section can permit you to create quick work of this.

Here could be a link to Google’s facilitate section concerning the preparation and utilization of ad units. Once doing this step, take into thought the categories of content that are most involving the content of your website.

You’ll be able to filter specific classes of content not involving your website, therefore eliminating pointless ads from being shown to your users sadly, for the nowadays, filtering out content affects all of your ad units. thus if you have got 2 utterly totally different internet sites, since you’ll be able to solely have one AdSense account, you may get to have all applicable classes of content created on the market.


Luckily, though, if your site’s content is targeted enough, Google is going to be good enough to use applicable ads to your individual sites. Bear in mind, no clicks for you means that no clicks for them.

They create cash once you make cash, thus it’s in their best interests to show the foremost relevant ads to your website. Lastly, you’ll be able to produce as several ad units as you need, however solely three can show on anybody page, thus take that into thought moreover.

4 – Place your ad unit on your net site: Once you follow the steps on top of, you may have a commercial unit able to be placed on your internet site. Wherever you place it’s up to you, however, there are folks out there World Health Organization swear by explicit placements.

It looks people have their own distinctive success with placements, though most I even have run into a claim that the correct aspect of the page works best for them.

If you’d like, you may simply keep on with what Google recommends for your variety of websites by mistreatment their ad location best practices optimizer. Whereas there are ways that to watch individual ad performance and placement, I’ll cowl that and a lot of advanced sides in a very later post.

5 – Populate your internet site or diary with content: the simplest and most fun of the steps, this is often wherever you fill your website with no matter the content you want! If you run a photograph diary, post photos. If you run a journalism website, post articles. If you run a game website, post links to games.

No matter what you are doing, positively get a text on your page that is involving the subject of your website. If you run a photo diary and solely post photos, Google is not planning to have a freaking clue on what kinds of ads to last you.

Their spider understands a text, not images. So, if you have got an image of a blue flower, ensure you get the words “blue flower” on the page! I want is, take a glance at the steps in my SEO for pictures diary post to induce an honest plan for tactics to induce text in along with your images.

6 – Promote your internet site or diary and create cash from ad clicks/ad views: Promotion is improbably vital, as a result of you cannot acquire ad clicks or page views if you do not have visitors.

Produce a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and perhaps even a LinkedIn account. These are very fashionable social networks that may permit similar folks to seek out you abundant faster than if you just produce a website, post to the location, and leave it at that.

And if you verify my signature at rock bottom of this post, you may see wherever I even have connected intent on all three of this site. Another plan is to travel out and realize some forums or different blogs that post content involving yours. Visit Google, sort in a very search involving your content, and add the word “blog” or “forum” thereto.

You’ll be able to establish mutual friendships with people World Health Organization run similar sites and interact insides like guest-posting. If somebody incorporates a way more widespread diary than you then it shall be seen if you’ll be able to do a guest post on their diary with a link back to your page.

If folks fancy what you post there, they’ll definitely check you out. You would like to own content on your website for folks to examine if they are going there, thus ensure you pay a while populating your website before you pay time promoting it heavily.

What should be remembered while using Google Adsense in Nepal in a profitable manner?

It all starts with Advertisers. Associated degree admin can opt for sure keywords on that they might prefer to advertise.

Let’s suppose I would like to advertise my new stringed instrument search. I might bid on sure keywords like “buy a stringed instrument, guitars for beginners, low-cost guitars and others”. The quantity that I might bid depends on the competition of keywords.

For example sure keywords are terribly competitive like insurance, health, etc. thus If I had to advertise on those high competitive keywords I might bid high amounts any wherever from $1 to as high as $50 to $80 per click.

After associate degree adman makes a bid on sure keywords Google can place their ads on contents relating to that keyword. For example: If somebody makes a video or writes regarding “guide to shop for guitar”, then my ad is shown in their video or journal.

Once somebody clicks on its ad, Google can charge cash from Pine Tree State (advertiser), take away of that cash, and provides some amount the money to the one who has created the content.

As you’ll be able to see there are ads on my website. If you click on those ads, I’ll create a few $ off it.

Don’t worry if you didn’t perceive any of this. It’s not necessary without delay. You’ll begin to understand a lot of regarding it as you begin with AdSense

Many ones who have the website and wish to earn with it then they need to begin with Google Adsense. They need just one name in their mind that they will earn with solely Google Adsense. If you would like to earn with Google Adsense then you ought to be terribly careful as a result of Google has some terribly strict policies to that they will ne’er sacrifice.

If you would like to urge Google Adsense account within three to four days then you’ll be able to scan this post terribly rigorously and if you apply that entire issue then you’ll sure as shooting get your totally approved Google Adsense account.

Many folks tried such a lot of times however they’re discomfited as on top of aforementioned that Google has such a lot of restrictions or protocols and check these entire protocols before approving your website and web blog.

You should apprehend all the fundamental would like before applying with Adsense. Again and again, I actually have seen that whether or not you have got a website, traffic, and rank over that website or web blog, it’s not necessary that Google can approve your web blog. Here we have a tendency to area unit with high ten things to try and do before applying with Google Adsense.

Before applying you create certain that these purposes should be followed as each point that I actually have written here area unit completely base on my expertise and that I feel that this stuff matter plenty. Every single thing plays a very important role in approving the account of Google Adsense.

What precautions should be applied while using Google Adsense?

I think this is often vital as a result of it doesn’t solely track your website however conjointly tell you the way your website acting and that page is acting well within the computer program.

You’ll sign on within the Gmail and obtain a code once you add your website within the analytics website of Google. This is often the code that is most vital for tracking ought to you got to add this code in your website header and every page should have this code in the header section. This code can track your website within Google Analytics.

Google Webmaster Code within the web site Pages.

It is most vital too as a result of once we apply for Google Adsense, I feel and analysis that they conjointly check this issue. It conjointly verifies your possession towards the website.

Before these factors, many of us apply to an anonymous website that is extremely well-liked. Google verify that account as a result of that website is thus well-liked and well-known complete and it’s counted as a fraud. That’s why they check the webmaster code within the website that you’ve got applied.

Bing Webmaster Code within the web site page

I think this is often conjointly vital as a result of it’ll conjointly verify your website possession and makes an honest impression over Google to simply accept your account. Bing webmaster code tool is as Google Webmaster tools.

You’ll simply log in to your account within the Bing webmaster tool and add your website within the tool the same as the Google Webmaster tool. It’ll generate your code and you’ve got to stick it in your website Home Page. You’ve got further website map too along with your web steadying.

Alexa Ranking

Many people denied mine this reality, however, I need to say Alexa ranking of any website or web blog matters plenty whereas Google Adsense approve your website as they need to grasp what percentage users square measure drawing close web site.

Though Google Adsense team has several tools to see all the factors however affirmative, Alexa is additionally an element that we are able to improve before applying with Google Adsense. It should be below 400K.

Minimum Post / Pages And Articles

When I begin my work and mine 1st request was disapproved by Adsense, I notice what quantity massive issue is that this that you just ought to have minimum numbers of Article / Pages or Post in your article. Its referred to as should condition of the Adsense approval and everybody is aware of that.

It terribly in step with several issues suggests that Google computer program simply desires to see whether or not square measure you serious along with your web blog and website or not. square measure you drawing close web blog or website only for earning otherwise you need to offer some quality service to the user or not.

Actually, if you wish to use for any WordPress web blog then you ought to have a minimum of fifty quality posts that square measure adequate to fifty posts however the foremost significantly you ought to watch out of the quality of these web blog posts.

However, within the alternative hand you’re writing your web blog or website in Joomla or hypertext mark-up language and CSS then you ought to write thirty-five quality posts. If you follow this rule then you may for sure get your Adsense account.

Creation of Robots.txt

It is most vital for all bloggers and web site house owners that they need to form robots.txt move into their blogger and website as once the Google check your website it for sure check this file.

Robots.txt file is most vital as once the crawler involves your website, it first checks robots.txt file. Robots.txt file could be a file that contains all the knowledge regarding your website that that page ought to be crawled and that page won’t.

Crawlers of varied search engines scan this move on a priority basis. Thus for approval of your account in Google Adsense, you ought to add this file to your website.

Creation of Sitemap.xml and Sitemap.html

These 2 files contain the all computer addresses of your website that you wish to index by Google. This is often the file that you produce manually for your website and web blog. Sitemap.html could be a file created for the user perspective that he simply understands what percentage pages you’ve got in your website.

However, sitemap.xml is formed for Google and alternative search engines perspective as they perceive and simply will crawl your website if he found all the links of your website as one location.

Domain Age

Your domain age should be at least half dozen month back registered as Google invariably love that domain that is engaged at-least half dozen month back and register for an extended time so that they invariably think about the age of the domain.

Good Quality traffic.

It is conjointly vital that you just ought to have an honest and quality traffic for your weblog and website and that they ought to be visiting your website. Your web site ought to have those traffic with at-least seventieth or on top of search engines or organic traffic.

Add Some further Pages

At last, we wish to mention to you that your web site and weblog ought to have some further pages that are at follows like Privacy Policy, Terms And Conditions, Disclaimer Page, Contact USA, and regarding the USA, terms of Use, Payment Policy, etc.

Google Adsense can be utilized in these ways and patience is the most essential factor while using the given service by Google.  Similar ways can be used for using Google Adsense in Nepal for profitable extraction from Google.

Finally using these mentioned ways the service of Google ad sense can be used in the profitable and economic manner in Nepal.

Best luck

Writer: Abhishek Raj Jha & Sachin Gurung


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