Best 3 Google Adsense Alternatives For Nepali Publisher


In my blogging journey, I used dozens of Google Adsense alternatives. During this period I got many experiences about Adsense alternatives. How they work, how much they pay, which is legit and which works best for Asian traffic. It’s very hard to earn money from Adsense alternatives because they used to pay very very low then the google adsense. In google, Adsense is getting $1-$2 per CPM but in Adsense alternatives, the CPM rates never increased from $0.15. Now you can guess yourself why you can’t generate high revenue from Adsense alternatives.

That’s not the end of your blogging journey. In my previous post, I had talked about AdSense for Nepali blogger. Now in this post, I’m going to mention the name of some suitable Adsense alternatives that will be fit for Nepali publisher (Blogger).


Best 3 google Adsense alternatives for Nepali blogger Earning money online is not an easy task. You have to work very hard to generate real organic traffic. You must get tons of blog traffic to earn money from Adsense alternatives. Here is the list of best 3 legit adsense alternative you would love using them.

Best 3 Google Adsense Alternatives For Nepali Publisher


Infolinks is one of the best google Adsense alternatives I have found on the web. And no doubt.. it is 100% legit. Infolinks is an intext advertising network that works on the PPV (pay per view) model. I
mean revenue will be generated only if your visitors view the infolinks ads. Previous infolinks model was CPC and CPM but now they changed it to PPV.


Getting approved in this network is not so difficult as Google AdSense. There is not any traffic requirement to join this network as the publisher. And one thing, it only accepts website which is written in English and Spanish languages. If you have well-designed sites with 15-20 quality post then you will easily get an approved infolinks account within a week (maximum time)

After using infolinks I have discovered that not all the blog traffic will be converted as ads view. Once I had 1000 blog view but in infolinks report it was showing only 100 ads view. After that what I learned is “to generate income in info links, your must have at least 1500 daily blog view”.


Revenuehits is one of the leading CPA advertising networks I had used ever. I have seen many publishers reporting that they are not getting their earnings after generating click and ads view too. Do you know why? It is because it works on CPA model i.e Cost Per Action. You will be paid if your visitors do install, download, signup or do some purchases.


You will be automatically approved in their system as soon as your signup process ends. After that, you can earn money by adding revenuehits ads code on your website. It will not take more than 5
minutes to complete this whole process. is a native advertising network which also works best for Nepali traffic. Instead of showing banner, pop up on your website, you can monetize your website with the promoted content. After reading its so many reviews I have to say it is also a legit advertising network.

The ads served by is fully responsive. It means ads will be visible in all the gadgets including mobile phone too. Due to this, you have got high chances of generating more click and impression. works on CPC and CPM model. You will get all your earnings at the end of the every month.

I have also used other ad networks like Chitika, clicks, adsoid, adsbronco, bidvertise and much more. I will write about them in my near upcoming days.

Best luck

Writer: Sachin Gurung


Jitendra Sahayogee

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