500 Romantic Good Night Wishes, Messages, SMS, Quotes, Greetings, Status, Text Msg For Husband From Wife in English With Cards Images

401. Let me keep looking through you; you are my mirror and the person that reflects my emotions.

402. You are the reason for my feelings and pleasures.


403. You are my mirror and therefore not to look at you, I do not stop thinking and I do not stop loving you. But on the contrary, I only want to love you much more and see you immensely happy.

404. I can not help but love you more than what is good for me. I will feel happy until I see you again.

405. I am always aware of my closeness to you, of your presence that never leaves me for a single moment.

406. I always imagine you every moment and I always dream you with me.

407. You are totally attached to my heart and I can not, nor can I ever leave you.

408. Good night to you, whom I love a thousand times and ten thousand times more.

409. There are already a thousand moments of love that I have shared with you.

410. There are a thousand instants together and many words in which we have spoken with love music, how much we feel.

411. Love is like this: fatigue never appears, we never stop producing magic with feelings.

412. I just want our love to continue like this, because with every word, with every syllable. With every sound that comes out of your lips, I shudder, and even though I already know your voice.

413. Every time I hear you I tremble again and fall in love with you, one and a hundred times more.

414. When you are not there I hear you, when you are, I admire you. When you are not I feel you, when you are I want to hug you.

415. Recite me your thoughts, your hopes, what you expect from me, what you dream.

416. I will try to get into your dreams and your thoughts, fulfill your hopes and be there every moment.

417. I want to keep hearing from you, adding the sounds, keeping your words in my feelings, showing with loving your longings.

418. I want to keep listening to you. When I do I forget the world, I forget my sorrows, I forget until I forget them.

419. I wish the time comes to turn it to listen, because with your “I love you”. They are my strength and the reason for my life.

420. I just want you to know that I love you very much and that I will always love you continuously. That you have been and are very special in my life, that you have meant a lot to me.

421. I have in my memory and that I will never forget the moments that I spent with you, and I will be thinking of you may be more than ever.

422. I thank God that He has allowed me to meet you. And I will ask Him to take care of you and to bless you always.

423. I thank you very much for everything you gave me, thank you for each and every minute that passes by your side. That even though very few were very nice, thank you for everything that I had and that made me very happy.

424. Your sweet kisses and caresses, the warmth of your hugs, the light of your mischievous look, your unforgettable and beautiful smile have kept me going.

425. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to see your pretty little face up close.

426. Thank you for your advice, your words, your calls, your messages, your valuable time that you invested in me. Your thoughts; for the opportunities you gave me to be those few minutes with you.

427. Thanks for the hope and for making me feel loved and reciprocated. Thank you very much for every time you made me fly, when you said I love you, I miss you. For the nerves that you provoked with your presence.

428. Thank you for your care. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be something in your life. Thanks for making my dream come true. Thank you for having enlightened my life.

429. I know it’s late and you should be going to sleep, but I could not sleep without telling you how much I love you.

430. I know that maybe it is not the best day or the best time to do it. But it is urgent for me, that you know how much you mean to me.

431. I want to continue fighting to be by your side and enjoy your company, that courtship that I have imagined so much.

432. I do not want to lose you, because when you’re not with me, I lose myself between nothing, I’m dying of cold.

433. It’s time to start, start from scratch, give us a new opportunity and make this new love grow by creating a new story.

434. I can only tell you that I love you with all my soul. You are the person I will always love in life, there are things that happen in life. But there are things, in which memories stay.

435. You know, you’re the person who created a magical world for me, just by being by my side. You created my inner peace, you created my success and my life.

436. You really are everything to me; For me, there is no longer the past or the future. There is only the beautiful present because it is in this wonderful moment that I can be with you.

437. You know, I feel very happy, I love you and I do not regret doing it. Because believe me that everything I do or what I will always do, is out of pure love and nothing more than that.

438. I wish and hope you understand. I love you, but it’s not easy to make a promise overnight. Believe me, I’m doing the impossible to be for you what you want. But many times I can not realize the things I can do wrong and believe me in this I try to be better every day.

439. Do not leave me please, because the mere fact of thinking that you would no longer be by my side makes me feel like a disoriented person with no direction, no sense of life. Since only you are the reason and my will to live.

440. I show you that you, for my life, are worth much more than the gold of the world.

441. You came to my life at the most appropriate time to give it a great sense.

442. Fill that void that until then had experienced in my soul. I remember your first stolen kiss and already that, many years have passed since then.

443. I love you just like the first time you fell in love. I am so hooked and subject to you, that I would not know what would become of me when this ends with your lack of love.

444. I miss you and one more day that passes, I wake up and I feel totally incomplete. Nothing is the same sense in the mornings you are no longer by my side.

445. Do you know? At this time I would like to be by your side and be able to share unique moments or just talk about any simplicity. Since the subject is not as important as being in your company, it is enough for me to close my eyes and think about You.

446. You know, asking my head to stop thinking about you, would be like asking my heart to stop beating and really that is impossible.

447. When I remember you, I think of those moments that I shared with you. That although they are seconds, for me they are eternities.

448. I relive those kisses that at some point happened between us and for me all that is paradise.

449. I remember that spontaneous smile of yours, for me it is the most beautiful.

450. When I remember you, I think of your skin, your hands, your face and your personality in general.


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