351. You are my inspiration, my great true and only love, you are the best thing that has happened to me in my whole life.

352. You are and will be the most important thing for me today, tomorrow and always and all eternity.

353. You’re so beautiful that every time I think of you or I sees a picture of you. I’m paralyzed, thinking that I wish I had you at that moment, just look at you. Hold you and let my feelings flow with the nice, warm, tasty kiss of yours.

354. Love of my life, only you make me feel like a madwoman who cannot breathe if you are not with me.

355. I love you and I take you inside my heart. This is the only reason to justify this crazy dream that I have with you.

356. It’s a dream that I still have when I wake up and that makes me feel like the happiest woman in the world.

357. I feel so happy to know that you love me, that you miss me and that you want to be always with me, sharing the simplest things in life.


358. You are the most beautiful and awesome thing that has happened in my life. I ask God that your arrival in my life, be forever and that beyond eternity. You continue to love me as I love you and I will love you.

359. Someone should invent new words to define my feelings of devotion, admiration, emotion, and love. To need you every second. I feel that and much more.

360. I tell you that I love you, but you already know it, and perhaps from so much repetition you distort that beautiful words. Because every time I tell you, it’s because my love for you has kept growing more and more.

361. Mine is love without time, it does not have distances either, it is simply pure love, full of illusions, full of promises that must not be fulfilled because they were all fulfilled when we met you.

362. I love you, like two words that form a smile on your lips, like two skies full of colors reflected in your eyes. Like two infinite words that should not stop feeling.

363. Loving you is really a prize, I do not know if I deserve you. At least I fight to deserve you every day.

364. For letting you love yourself, I thank you and I offer you a thousand years of love. Which I condense in this passionate kiss that I give you from the bottom of my heart.

365. You can not say it in any other way, there is no other word that best describes what I feel for you.


366. Maybe if the words to explain your love existed, it would not be enough to describe how I feel about you.

367. I love you more than anything in this world, I love you with the body, with the soul, and with the heart.

368. I love you because I only live to love you because I only live to spend the rest of my life with you.

369. Your love for me is the best thing in the world, it is my food, it is a sensation that takes me to another universe.

370. Your lips are the most delicious fruit that exists in this world. The rocket that makes me jump into space, to the sky and does not let me go back.

371. A kiss of yours is enough to die already very happy. I love you more than my life, and I will never stop loving you since you are the reason why I smile. You are the reason why I am so happy and joyful. Faithful love, lasting and eternal.

372. I want you to know that I do not want to lose you, that you forgive me if I disappoint you for something.

373. Hello my love, although time and distance have been very unfair to us, I can not stop loving you.

374. The months I was by your side were so wonderful. You taught me what true love is I will never forget my wonderful heart of soul. Remember it always: I love you and I will love you.

375. Love even though you are so far from my presence, your image will be engraved forever in my thoughts and in my heart.

376. I madly miss your kisses, your caresses, your words, and all your beautiful being.

377. Neither time nor distance can erase you from my mind, and less from my heart. I love you, I need you and I miss you every day and for every second of my existence.

378. You make me remember what sweetness, joy, and beauty are. I look at you and I’m paralyzed in the mirror of your eyes. I look at you and I enjoy looking at you. I know that I keep looking at you, that I even exceed in contemplating you.

379. I look at you with disbelief because sometimes I think I do not deserve you. But you know that I struggle every day to get it.

380. I love you and looking at you with love, love increases. I love you, and I can not stop looking and adoring at you.

381. If one day you forbid me to look at you, you will get my sadness. Because looking at you is my dream and even looking at you is my devotion.

382. Look at you, how can you not look at yourself? If being able to look at you is a dream fulfilled. If to look at you is to thank you, if looking at you is to continue dreaming.

383. I look at you, and with this, you will know that when I look at you, I tell you that I love you with my eyes. I say thank you for responding and I say goodbye to your new look … it will not take more than a second.

384. I look at you and I will never stop looking at you while I live because I only know that I love you immensely.

385. I love you in the deepest part of my soul, of my being …, of my life.

386. I love you like I never wanted to, because until I met you. I did not know the true meaning of the verb love.

387. I love you, beyond passion and feelings. I love you, traveling the verb to love in every moment, savoring the sweetness of your mouth to feel you.

388. I love you every day, every moment, in every thought, in every look, in every word of you.

389. I love you in your memory, in your presence. I love you in my longing for you. I love you without asking anything in return, I just love you. And even if you did not love me like me, I would still love you forever.

390. I love you so much that I lack the words to express this beautiful feeling of love. You will prove it, loving me … you will see.

391. My love, I will not be perfect, I will not be the person you want me to be. But I am the one who loves you the most and who loves you all over the world.

392. I would never forget you, I will never separate from you. I swear to love and I promised to be always by your side. We made a pact not to separate. It is clear: I will fulfill it. You know why? Everything I do, everything is for love.

393. Men more beautiful and handsome than you there is no other, I assure you my life.

394. Maybe you never get to understand clearly because you mean so much to me. Because your opinion is more important than any other being in my life.

395. Maybe you will never understand because I adore you, and I do not hesitate to look you in the eyes and tell you what you mean to me.

396. Since the day I met you, you have not ceased to be my love, my companion, my friend, my everything. I can not live without you!

397. I want life to keep this beautiful prize that you have been for me, and with these words, you will understand why every time I can, I seek to see you happy.

398. Looking through you, I can see pure feelings, I can taste your air. I can even dance without waking up from this dream.

399. Why when I look at you, I’m not satisfied with just looking at you. I want to embrace you to be more in you, and I also want to preserve your image as a photograph, in which you are the light that illuminates my days.

400. I never tire of reflecting on you, because I know you, but I want to know you more. And by looking at you, I continue to know you and I know our love and also the luck I have to love you.


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