500 Romantic Good Night Wishes, Messages, SMS, Quotes, Greetings, Status, Text Msg For Husband From Wife in English With Cards Images

301. It’s such a deep feeling that every time I see you feel that joy, that happiness, that energy that tells me that you are whatever I always dreamed.

302. The feeling after seeing you makes me vibrate of happiness, it makes me feel the beautiful thing that life can be being alone by. What is cute is to feel your love, look at those eyes in which I see every day, reflected in them that passion. That love, the same that I feel I seeing it, it would be difficult to try to explain with words immense and deep that it is my love for you.


303. It would be difficult to think that there may be a life in which I do not find me with you, away, from your lips, from your skin, of everything that in all forms your you, what you are for me.

304. You can describe only with words, but these words are just words that when compared to reality would be empty words. Because the words will be when it comes to describing a wonderful person like you.

305. You are my inspiration, my great real and unique love, you are the best thing that has happened to me in life. You are and you will be the most important thing for me today, tomorrow and always.

306. We will definitely become we are, we are one in two, two in one love. We feel every moment of feelings, sharing up to the last of our desires. I want to tell you I need you, you are my cause to exist because I live for you.

307. I tell you that I owe you every second of happiness, to smile, to look at you absorbed with illusion. I owe you my strength, my will, and even my thoughts.

308. We are needed, we are two beings that know how to love and enjoy emotions. We understand our pleasures. Our complicity unites us and even with silence, we say everything without more. Nothing has changed from the first instant, from the first look and word that united us forever.

309. We are just being one. We are necessary and you will always be missing me, you know, I need you. And with this message I confirm my love for you, my anxious of you and I want you. You never miss me or absent you, do not stop burning again because you are my life and my existence.

310. I wish I existed a more accurate way to demonstrate how much I love you. And you want them to sometimes get screaming to the winds, that I am in love with you without me wanting it. And I feel the need to kiss you at all times and every time and tell you: I want you.

311. I wish there were a place and a moment where we were just you and me. That we did not have of whom and what to worry about, unless you just be of our love. I wish you could feel what I feel every time I see you, every time I kiss you or every time you are absent.

312. I wish you were going for a minute of your thoughts and you stop to think about how important you have become for me. And what would be necessary for your presence, if this story had a happy ending and feel the same as I feel for you?

313. It seems a beautiful dream that tonight we are together.

314. After many nights by recycling the dream of early morning and whole days imagining about you, today we are looking like a beautiful dream.

315. You are even more special than I ever thought and I summarize you as a blessing in my life and for my heart. Thanks to your sky, I know what is the happiness and full happiness.

316. Just make me feel with you to smile like silly and be in your arms to feel the most fortunate woman in the world. That you are not perfect, I know, but it’s about whether you’re perfect but only for me, and go you are.

317. I feel happy for knowing that you love me. Life is different and the air smells of many smiles. I feel happy for having you, great happiness that I feel because I belong to you.

318. Each kiss is a dream and each of your looks is heaven through which I walk endlessly.

319. What joy I have when I wake thinking that I will see you. What joy when I dusk waiting to wake up to see you again.

320. It is always a joy, you are joy and happiness. And the world is happy, even sadness is happy if you accompany me, if you are with me.

321. Because love is joyful, it is joy and you are the center and the essence of any happiness.

322. The world sees me happy, happy and I do not hide that joy. It’s hard to hide love, and it’s impossible when it comes to loving you. You are the best, how can I not be happy?

323. Again today I will lie down with joy, I will sleep with your image in my mind, I know that you love me and with that my joy will last.

324. The brightness of your gaze disappears all the obstacles that exist between you and me.

325. With your smile, you gladden my world and make things easier.

326. With your words, I get the strength I need to get ahead and destroy all my fears and fears that make me suffer.

327. Maybe you have not noticed maybe yes, but I think it’s very easy to guess, that I’m falling in love with you. I do not know where or when this great love was born.

328. Without you, the streets have been deserted. Without you, my bed became a sea of tears. Without you, the color of life turned black and white, without your voice the food has already lost its flavor.

329. Without you, I come to do like a hollow guitar, dull and without sound. Because your voice and your affection, melodious played the strings of my soul and sang a sweet and happy song of my love.

330. I do not ask you for eternal fidelity, I only ask you to always love me and love me more than your life.

331. The day you tell me you do not love me anymore, that will be the last day of my love or the last day of my life.

332. I want you to know that my love for you grows every day, from the time I met you.

333. All my world and all that I appreciate is just you. I ask you for love, only love and nothing else, because the day you stop loving me, my heart will dry up and wither with you.

334. It is a relationship so full of love, it is impossible to run out or end one day.

335. You are the only person who knows how to awaken my senses and my greatest desires.

336. You are the only one who anticipates my thoughts and who ignites and activates my passion, without any rest and without respite.

337. Just thinking, just imagine, my body begins to react to become a volcano of feelings and love desires. And only you are capable of that.

338. That’s why you have me from the first moment I met you, that’s why I am only yours in body and soul, in a sincere and direct delivery that will last for all eternity.

339. The intensity and the immenseness of my love for you are not subject to time, or space, much less to others. Because my love can only feed directly from you, only you.

340. I can not imagine what life would be like if you are not by my side, and I can not and I do not even want to think about it.

341. Because this wonderful love, it is worth living one and a thousand lives more alone in you.

342. So you will always have me for you in this life and in the years to come. Because my love has the strength to transcend and transcend reasoning and the heart.

343. Sometimes I begin to think that there is no single person in the world like you. A person who, at the first moment I met awoke the most beautiful feeling that I have come to conceive in my heart.

344. It is such a beautiful, so special, so wonderful feeling. It is “love”, it is a great feeling that a single person has made me feel and experience.

345. It is such a deep and sincere feeling that every time I see you, I feel that joy, that happiness, and that energy, which tells me that you are what I always longed for and dreamed.

346. You make me vibrate with happiness, you make me feel how beautiful life can be only by living and being by your side.

347. How beautiful and beautiful it is to feel your love at the same time, to look at those beautiful eyes. In which I see every day, reflected in them that passion, that joy, that love.

348. It would be impossible to try to explain with just words, how immense and profound it is and my love for you.

349. It would be difficult to think that there can be a life in which I am not close to you, away from your lips, your skin, everything that together you form.

350. What you are to me, can be described only with a few words, but these words are only words that when compared to reality would be very empty words. Because words are too many when it comes to describing a person as wonderful as you are you.


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