500 Romantic Good Night Wishes, Messages, SMS, Quotes, Greetings, Status, Text Msg For Husband From Wife in English With Cards Images

251. My love, in moments like this, what I most want is to be with you, to caress you, to hug you, to kiss you. This message is not enough to express all the love I feel and I have for you.

252. Even though I am far away, in my mind I am always by your side. I count the moments that we are separated from each other as if they were beats that were missing from my heart.


253. It is a true miracle to find someone to whom you can open your soul and your heart, who accepts you as you are.

254. I have been waiting for a long time for a soul mate with whom I can become a better person, and with you, I feel I’m close to achieving it.

255. Let’s spend the time we spend together, for me it will always be little. You are my soulmate and the person I need to compliment me.

256. I just wanted you to know that I am here, that my heart has so much love for you, that I write you a letter every day.

257. I dream of the night we will be together, that I will be by your side, that I will listen to you while you speak. That I will laugh with you and even more, I will mourn with you because you are you and you are my essence, my everything.

258. Dear love, the path of love is long, but it is short if you shake my hand. They are steps of earth and of stumbles; When I fall I know that you will be there to get up.

259. I will be careful, I will be by your side, I will continue your walk very close to you. Surely I will be wrong, be patient if I choose the wrong path, I will wait for your forgiveness.

260. Do not let me walk alone, without you I will lose love, I will remain as a guide the sadness that will cloud my eyes with tears.

261. Do not leave me alone, I’ll be wrong on the way and I will not find happiness. At your side, I can smile and have as a friend tenderness. At your side, I can dream of being happy, and wake up and be happy.

262. By your side I will walk, by your side, I will love you. The road is long, but the longer it would be without you.

263. Because one day I met you and I knew since then that you would become the beginning and the end of my life. And that each step to walk would bring me closer to you … to your heart, to your love.

264. Thank you for looking at me, for letting me enjoy your presence, for looking at me and for speaking to me.

265. Thank you for letting me dream about you, for making me live on you, for causing the illusion that your name bears.

266. Thank you for choosing me, choosing me to accompany you, choosing me to walk together for life, choosing me to feel.

267. Thank you for breathing, walking, looking, talking, waking up, smiling, listening … thank you for existing. Thank you and an infinite thanks for letting me love you.

268. You know, even though we’ve been together for a few months, it’s the most beautiful thing that could have happened to me.

269. I am very happy to have found you my life. An angel put you in my path and I have been very fortunate.

270. From the first moment I promised to value you in every second that we are together. To make you the happiest man in the world, to completely give you my heart completely.

271. If you knew everything that your caresses make me feel, your hugs, your I love you, you’re I miss you. In short, they are so perfect details that every day that passes I value them more and more.

272. Ours has turned out to be a great love, as you well know I can not live without you.

273. Thanks for letting me know you existed. I just want to imagine and create a world where our love and happiness continue to strengthen every day more and more, where we are you and me.

274. Today I have thought of you, I have known that I love you, that you mean everything to me.

275. I thought that without you I would perish of sadness because your life is my existence.

276. I think every day about what I love and that I am lucky. I am very lucky to be the owner of your love and to be able to share my dreams and desires every day.

277. I’m lucky and I can even boast of being loved by you because nobody can be happier than me … for you.

278. I know that I love you, that I owe my happiness to your feelings, and that mine bears your name. I have the taste of your kisses and sound to the celestial music of your voice cradling my pleasures.

279. I know that I love you because I can not imagine without loving you. It would be a complete emptiness full of tears with sadness and I would no longer be me.

280. I know that I love you, neither is love rational, it is only full of feelings, but I know that I love you. Anyway, accept my love, so that I can continue to love you every day as I love you now and even more.

281. Not even the most famous poet would be able to delineate the precise words that highlight all the splendor of your undeniable charisma. I only know that you exist but I do not know how to reach the glory of your love.

282. The only thing that I have clear is that you are a person difficult to forget but very easy that you win the heart of all those who have the pleasure of being near you.

283. I’ll never forget you for sure, love works miracles and this is one of them that you never forget to a prince like you.

284. My love, when I saw you for the first time, my heart began to beat with great force. As if your walk produced the most delicious of rhythms.

285. My heart is a dancer, it always was, but your rhythm is so different and special that with every thought my whole being starts to vibrate.

286. I am touched by your presence, I am moved by your comings and goings, your apparitions, each of your words. I am moved by every sigh of your breathing, you thrill me.

287. The emotion you give me has no name, only yours. It has no color, that of your eyes, it has no taste, that of your lips, it has no time, the infinite in which we love ourselves.

288. You thrill me, you always thrill me, even with silence you thrill me. Every time I look at you it’s an emotion, and every time you look at me it’s a thousand emotions. You thrill me, you fall in love with me, you thrill me. When I remember you, I cry if you are not, but I also cry if you are.

289. You will always thrill me, even if you stop loving me you would excite me. But I prefer not to try the emotion of your memory, only that of your presence.

290. You thrill me, they are all feelings, they are dreams, they are seconds with excited eyes in my eyes … they are emotions.

291. My partner, that’s how I call you because that’s how you are. That’s how I think about you and that is how I conceive you, my companion, full of feelings, full and great.

292. You are my companion because in you I support myself, in you I think, in you I trust and in you, I see my present and my future.

293. Calling you to mate, is thinking that I belong to you, that I give words of illusion and happiness.

294. And I am your companion, the one who gives you everything and only takes away sorrows, who gives you his hand to throw you into my world and at the same time enter yours.

295. You are my companion, you will not fail me, you will not betray me, you will not harm me.

296. If you fail me, if you betray me if you harm me … even if you damage me, I will continue to love you, my partner. And the partner is not just a word, they are promises, they are plans and they are a thousand moments of sharing tears and smiles.

297. My companion of the soul and my fruit of passions, the soul that accompanies my soul. The blood that caresses my blood, my companion, my dream made wake up, my companion … my love.

298. Every day I see you I feel that I die of love for you. When I look at your eyes I see the reflected as the most beautiful thing in you. When you kiss me I feel that the emotions of having you to squid to my side increase more.

299. I just want you to sign with me with us to follow us and feel every day of our love. I’ll command you many, many kisses my love, just for you.

300. Sometimes I think that a person does not exist in the world. You are a person who in the first moment I met, awakened the most beautiful feeling that I have come to conceive in my heart. That feeling so beautiful, so special, so wonderful is “love”, just a feeling that a single person has made me feel.


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