201. Open your door, I am the woman who knocks. The faithful servant who prays to you, the prisoner who loves you, the king of my heart.

202. Do not Believe In Your Own Shadow, Because Until She In The Dark Leaves You.

203. The love I Met You By Chance, I Saluted You For Simple Education. I Kissed You For Attraction But Never Thought That Your Kisses Would Be My Greatest Addiction I Love You.

204. Simplicity, Goodness, Faith, Love, and Joy are Magnificent Stones to Build the House of Life.

205. Turn over in bed and feel your COMPANY, is the best way to end the DAY. Good night love.

206. I would not change you for anything in the world, although I would change the WHOLE WORLD for YOU.

207. I just wanted to say goodnight, my love, because if I do not do it, avoid forms inside me that keeps chasing me. I love you madly.


208. The days pass and I am happier. You know why? Because you’re the first thing I think about and that comes in my mind, just wake up. You are my source of energy, you love me with your sweetness and love, your affection and your kindness. My heart beats intensely thanks to you.

209. Thank God, tonight I can see your smile shine and immerse in your eyes once more. It’s a gift and a blessing to have you in my arms.

210. Having someone like you at my side, the difficulties do not exist, the hours fly by and every moment with you is a sip of glory and honey. I love you, my love, good night and fight for what you want, surely you achieve everything in this life.

211. Even if the distance does not allow us to embrace night the kilometers are less painful with a message sent from the depths of our hearts.

212. Think that when we get together again, our love will be so strong that nothing and no one will dare to separate us and divide us.

213. There is nothing better than checking that you are by my side when you go to sleep. You give me the motivation to face the day and the pleasure of sleeping at night thinking about you. Good night my life.

214. Two green moons illuminate me each night filling me with peace and tranquility.

215. From here I give you a virtual hug for a new night to begin. I miss you. Good night my prince charming.


216. I want to be your only woman who wakes you up every morning. I wish to be the reason for your happiness and joy.

217. I want to be the woman who has breakfast with you, the only one you can hug at night. Meanwhile, I will continue to long for you and your company until we meet again. I hope this message will remind you of me and my love.

218. I hope that together we overcome our past to have a better future and present. I do not want to separate and be far away from you, I like you very much.

219. I am so happy knowing that in awakening you are the only mine forever … Never forget that I will be at your disposal for what you need, I love you with all my soul.

220. Life is not enough time to spend it with you, but I do not expect to lose hope either. And with someone like you in my life, every day becomes short and at the same time infinite.

221. Do you know that you are the one in charge of making my nights worthwhile? It remains that way tonight too.

222. If I give you some flowers you will know that I love you, if I smile you will know how much I like you, if I cry, you will know how much I miss you. And this message of “Good night, Prince” means that I can not think of another thing more than in you.

223. First I thought that with you I would be very happy but I was afraid of not being reciprocated. But thank God we are still together today despite everything and everyone who wants to separate us for one reason or another.

224. Love, I want you to silence me with a kiss, I want you to look at me and that one of the two will escape a small laugh. While we are together, without thinking about tomorrow, only about our love.

225. I want you to hug me and tell me how important I am to you, that when we have some small discussion. In the end, everything is resolved and everything remains in that, nothing important.

226. You know that I can not live far from you, that I do not ask for impossible things, just enjoy each day and night we spend together. That it is unique and unrepeatable, that we make from each moment a new and unforgettable experience.

227. I want you to be by my side forever, to never stop loving us like now.

228. You and me for the good and for the bad, for the cloudy and sunny days, facing together the problems and adversities and the happy days. For everything and forever, until we are old.

229. Love of my dreams, I have come to this world imagining your being, devising your figure, but my mind has not to form such a wonderful description. Why do not I have to settle for just this unfinished description? If for me this little ideology of yours provokes in me the deepest feelings.

230. My heart does not resign itself to the fact of not being able to hold you in my arms, to touch your honey lips, to feel your subtle scent. The only longing to get to reflect your eyes on mine makes my heart immerse in an ecstasy infinite.

231. It’s what I do not know! You’re just an inconclusive illusion, a dream that makes me happy but at the same time torments me.

232. I know you doubt and you are afraid, love is not easy, but I accompany you. I know you’re afraid of the pain of love, but love only hurts if it goes wrong, and it will work out for us.

233. If you get me I get you, if you tie, I hug you, if you fear I calm down. I’ll be here … I am brought. I can not tell you that you will be happy, but if I tell you that without trying you will not be. I tell you that love is sky to navigate and sea to dream.

234. Before you there was nothing, after you there is everything. I want to tell you that you are in the mind of my mind, that you own my thoughts, you live in me. I want to tell you that I owe you every second and I pay you what I can. My love, I would like to be able to demonstrate my feelings, but well in words I do not have any words, just understands silent silences that tell you everything.

235. I would also like it never to end, that in a thousand years you would continue to lie and wake up next to me and I to yours. That we would continue together sharing eternity while we looked at each other with the usual tenderness.

236. I would like to tell you so many things, but it all comes down to the fact that I love you. That you can trust me and that always I will always always be with you.

237. Tell me yes and this way you will make me born, tell me yes to my love. Tell me yes to my dreams … tell me, yes to make me happy.

238. No questions are needed, not even answers, just one glance followed by a kiss that means yes, yes to love and yes to a thousand feelings.

239. I say yes, to respect ourselves, to trust ourselves, to feed ourselves, to listen to ourselves. To understand ourselves, to wait for us, to talk to each other … to love each other.

240. With a soul as a gift and the world as a witness, I ask for a yes, and I kneel before you. With my listening to you, with my senses delivered to your will, with my life in your hands, I hear your love.

241. In this time that we have together, we have gone through everything; kisses, hugs, anger, jealousy, disappointments. But nevertheless on my part and without a doubt.

242. I know and I feel that if in the future I write something good and noble I should do it only by hearing the doors of your heart. I would like my life to pass by your side until we become the same being that will die when the time comes.

243. Love, there is very little time that I have spent by your side, but it has undoubtedly been the best of my life.

244. You came when I thought I could not fall in love again when I was determined never to love again, and today I have you here.

245. I find it incredible that despite my mistakes, you love me as much as I love you.

246. You are definitely the love of my life, I can not stop thinking about you. You are in every word, in every thought, every day.

247. I remember as if it was yesterday the first day I saw you, you hypnotized me. You are an angel that God sent me to guide my way and take care of me.

248. I remember at the beginning when everything was dark and you appeared. You came to make sense of my life, to get the best out of me, to fight for us.

249. I want to tell you that despite the problems that life gives you and that you can not remedy. I will always be there, by your side and trying to help you in everything, because if you are wrong I sink.

250. You do not deserve what is happening to you but, believe me, this is only a blip, an obstacle. Everything will be solved and your sadness will be erased with time.


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