500 Romantic Good Night Wishes, Messages, SMS, Quotes, Greetings, Status, Text Msg For Husband From Wife in English With Cards Images

101. Never close your eyes to the world, for there are people in the world who await your gaze.

102. The one you love gives you the power to inflict great suffering on you. Only the one who deserves your love would never take advantage of it.


103. Jealousy: unnecessary concern for something that can only be lost if it is not worth keeping anyway.

104. Love me when I least deserve it because then I need it the most to uplift myself.

105. With a lot of love and with kisses, life should flow away until the beautiful night, which unites you forever.

106. The Great Secret To A Happy Marriage Is That You Mutually Forgive Being Married To Each Other.

107. With my thoughts, I am with you. With my dreams, I am with you. With my wishes, I am with you. Why are not you with me?

108. A Mysterious Fate Of Destiny Has Made My Heart Disappear. And landed it is obviously in your pocket. But I do not write you these lines to reclaim it. Exactly Would It Be Me, You Would Keep It. For without you in my life I would not know anymore what to do with it.

109. It’s as if my emotions are playing crazy, ever since I realized what I feel for you. Constantly I think of you. I could not stop thinking about how to best say it to you.

110. Fate has once again played a clever trick on me. The desire to write you this message became so great that I simply did it.

111. Today I want to tell you once again how much you mean to me. Your Love, Proximity, Your Understanding, The Freedom You Allow Me To Breathe. All these things mean to me not only very much, no, without your want and I can not live anymore.

112. Love …, I do not know how I could live without you until now. The moments with you are so intense. You still find something positive in everything, if I had already resigned for a long time. Your laugh makes Dark Clouds disappear and your Refreshing Nature keeps captivating.

113. I Love You So Infinite That I Can not Express It With Words. My heart is your heart. It only beats for you alone. I wish that the time we spend together never ends.

114. Never let me go again. I want to be a part of you. You are the sweetheart of my life. They fill me, I love you so.

115. I was always hopelessly and madly in love with you. They Treat My Law, Me So Well Treat With Respect. You, the man of my dreams. Hold in your arms and never let go.

116. You, my star, you, my dream. Take me with you and keep it close. It’s apart from my life. My sweetheart, you are my sunshine and moonlight forever.

117. Tell me that you love me and care for me. It’s Apart From My Life Because I Want To Be A Part Of You. My angel, Come on My sweet angel hug me then kiss me. I love it, your heart fell in with my love.

118. Your Unique Eyes Will is not Let Me Go More. You pushed yourself into my thoughts and messed everything up.

119. Still, your fragrance is floating in my room. I have not shaken the bed so that I can always see the folds where you have lain beside me. Under my fingers, I still feel your soft and warm skin.

120. I can not think of anything more than both of us. I want to hug you, I want to remember your heat on my chest, I want to bury my face on your neck and in your hair, I would like to smell you. I want to suck you up in me, for hours, so that I can again survive the dreary days and nights without you halfway unhindered.

121. Even if you are not near me, you keep constantly in my thoughts. Often I’m going to catch myself as I share all the situations that I experience daily, in the fantasy with you.

122. The Attraction Between Us Both Is Unique. She is a band that unites me with you at all times and gives me a different perspective.

123. I am glad that I was able to get to know you and that we both have discovered our feelings for each other, that enable us to have this fulfilled relationship.

124. The pain, when we have to separate, is sweet, because I know that the joy of reunion will be all the greater and I can always grab the phone if I want to hear your voice.

125. Even a daylong thunderstorm could not detract from my good mood. I have the feeling that the people in my environment are watching me obliquely because I’m going through life like a teenager in love. But if you were to feel what I feel, you would go the same way.

126. It’s great that you share my life. I enjoy the bond between us. I love you!

127. A Future Without You, My Heart, I Can not Imagine For A Long Time. And I Want To Spend An Infinite Much Time With You.

128. Spend the nights apart, I miss you infinitely and can hardly fall asleep. You are my prop, my best friend and the part of me that has always missed me. With you, I have found out what true love is. And if you are not with me, I do not feel complete.

129. No one loves you more than me, in the advent season and over the year, and you love me as I love you, then it becomes the feast quite wonderful. Good night honey.

130. No one knows how the Advent, that it burns in my heart. Our depth, faithful love, which now remains there forever.

131. Because I love your closeness and my longing in yours. Green Eyes Losing, I decided to open myself and all fences disassembled.

132. Day and night I think of you, my star you are in the dark. But you are so far from me. I miss you so much your love words carry in the heart and in the ear.

133. Every moment with you is much more precious than gold. Oh, could I fly to you, follow you everywhere. Always be with you, yes, that would be my greatest luck.

134. Hand in hand with you I want going Forever Through Life. Joyful and sorry to share with you, until the last day. So long is still the time until we meet again. But I carry your picture in me. It’s burned into my heart.

135. You, only you, where I look, with you forward, never back. We, only we, only you and me, what I miss, do you have for me. Us, only us belongs to the world. Nothing More Important, Not Fame And Money. You, Only You Make My Life Healing.

136. Love is a trampoline. You hurry leisurely. You bounce high and sometimes down, there’s the love colorful. She throws herself into the cold, and then into the warmth. And then into unknown arms.

137. I like you so much. You are my eye star. I really love you. But you are so far away that I fly over to you.

138. I can not grasp it, not describe it. Will stay forever and forever by your side. It’s a miracle, it’s magic, It is love. Nice as poetry. How long have I been longing for? I would never have been so lucky.

139. You finally bring it back to me: The luck. With you I am Me. Do not move me. Just like you take me, Do not press me. It can not be grasped, not described. Please let me stay with you. Only With You I Finally Find It Again: Happiness.

140. Love? The is never lasting. But one thing is love, is the splash of alcohol, is the elixir of life. Sometimes She Foams Like A Beer. Then a sweet egg punch. But only in the cocktail of hormones is the desire that we clone ourselves.

141. This poem I solemnly present to you today, because I would have brought out without the written lines No word. It’s Made Because I Love You And Never Let It Go Again.

142. You enrich my life in a very special way and I have never been so happy as with you. That’s why I ask you: Will you sleep beside me and wish me good night?

143. December is the most beautiful time to fall in love with because never our hearts more ready for love between wife and husband.

144. Everybody knows yes exactly how that runs. Between man and woman: flirting. Since two belong to every little flirtation. But to the great love, surely to belong to simple you and me.

145. Do not be like the violet in the moss: modest, humble and pure. You can be quiet like the Rose A Bit Spiky.

146. Do not you have tired feet? You walk around in my mind all the time.

147. What I hope for tonight is just calm you. What I want now is only your peace. What I’m asking for is just your happiness. Meet sleep, my husband.

148. Meeting you is fate, being your friend is my choice. But falling in love with you is outside my abilities. The simplest words are The most beautiful word is LOVE and the dearest person is YOU.

149. Your love is a beauty. Looking at you always doesn’t make me tired Your love is my breath. With you, I want to live another thousand and thousand years as Your love makes my life perfect.

150. Thank you, my husband, because you made me a person perfect woman and happy mother of our children.


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