51. Whether the sky is blue or gray, whether the sky has moon or stars, as long as your heart is sincere, sweet dreams will always be with you.

52. On this wonderful night, I pray the blue moon to protect you. The wind blows away the sorrows and the sparkling stars guide you to the sweet dreams. I’m falling for you baby.

53. Things I have to remember when I go to bed: 1 – miss you; 2- Think about you; 3- Embracing you; – 4- love you; 5- Close your eyes and sleep. Prepare to be my dream.

54. After a long and exhausting day, you have to promise me that you will always throw away your troubles. Before you put yourself in bed, keep only the sweet things with you to sleep.

55. The bright stars, the stars sparkle but you are the only stars I see today. I want to be the “guardian” guard standing for your dreams tonight.

56. I am looking out the window thinking about the person I care most and who is in my mind. It’s you! So I just want you to sleep well.

57. Honey ! have you slept? Baby, it is too cold. Is my warm pillow still warm? Maybe it will not warm as my love for you. Love and miss you much.


58. Naturally, I think you’re cold, and you’re going to have bad dreams. So I wish a thick blanket to warm you up. I wish to be the white horse to take you to a castle and meet a princess.

59. 3 – 2 = 1 heart pray for you; 1 + 1 = 2 eyes looking for you; 3 + 2 = five senses miss you; 5 + 2 = 7 days a week dreaming about you; 7 + 5 = 12 months bless you.

60. 1 heart, 2 eyes, 7 liters of blood, 206 bones, 5.5 million red blood cells, 60 billions of DNA are telling you good night.

61. Love is bitter medicine, but not many people have the courage to deny.

62. We did not talk much today, sweetheart, but I hope you had a good day. And if it is not the case, I hope that at least you will have a good night.

63. Your smell, your arms, your smile, your eyes, your hands on me, you feel me talking, your voice, your heat, everything. I miss you at home … I kiss you, sweet night.

64. Another night we do not spend together. I can not wait to spend all my nights at your side, Good night my baby.

65. I know you are the love, heart, and soul of my life because I suffer from not seeing you every day. Goodnight My Angel.


66. Just the thought of going to bed without wishing you a good night was hurting my mind. Good night and sweet dreams.

67. Do you think of me before falling asleep? I do. Have good dreams. I hope I’m inside, you’re already in mine. You’re the last person I think about before falling asleep and the first person to think in the morning.

68. I do not want to fall asleep and go to another world because the reality with you is more beautiful than any of my dreams.

69. Not being able to sleep serenely by your side is real torture. I hope that the time will change quickly and that you will be able to spend your nights with me.

70. I will continue to snuggle on my quilt thinking it’s you and your warm body. It’s too hard not to be able to spend the night and day with you.

71. Close the eyelids darling and in the darkness of the night, my sweet embrace is a path that leads you to a sweet dream, good night.

72. When the night comes, when all things rest, when the eyelids droop and close, like a rose that folds. I love this moment every time when I tell you with love GOOD NIGHT.

73. If I were a bird I will watch all the villages to see your face. If I were a cloud I will fly over to your window to say good night.

74. My little star is shining on the sky that gives me hope, to believe that one day you will see, comprehend and I take you in my arms. Good night my star of love.

75. You are my last thought before sleeping, you are my only pleasure, my only hope, my only desire, you are my ideas to write. You are my joy and glory to smile, your absence makes me suffer.

76. Sleeping without wishing an excellent and peaceful and serene night to those who matter in my life is a violation of my oath of love to get a good night’s sleep.

77. This night a feast of the tribe of sweet dreams will visit you on my behalf. I gave him for you tons of affection, love, caress and a big kiss.

78. I send you a kiss of love and care, which light as a feather, will come to rest on your forehead to join you in your dreams. Good night my heart.

79. All the waves of the sea, all the perfumes of flowers, all the angels of paradise, all the coolness of the Moon are gathered around your bed to tell you good night.

80. Tomorrow I will finally be able to see you again my love my dream and my everything. It’s been so long since I’m not sure I’m going to sleep.

81. I wanted to write a romantic, flirtatious SMS to wish you a good night. But thinking of you excited me. I got lost in my thoughts and dreams and now it’s late.

82. At the moment 700 million people are sleeping, 400 million are watching TV or listening to music and only ONE cute guy is reading my text message.

83. Hey you! Yes, you cutie who is holding your mobile. Do you sleep? I just wanted to tell you with all my love and heart good night.

84. When the cool breath of the night caresses my cheek, I imagine it is a kiss from your hot lips.

85. Do you know how happy it makes me go to bed every night and know you’re my man?

86. No longer be with you at this time. No longer hear your heartbeat. Do not smell your smell anymore. For me, the most terrible pain.

87. I learned that love is made of freedom. It’s like having every other day, and still making the same choice.

88. True love is the one who is by your side all the time and not only in good times.

89. Love is when you sit next to someone doing nothing, talking nothing, yet you feel perfectly happy.

90. Love does not have time to happen, it only happens once and it does not end. If you think it’s already happened and you’re sorry you missed it. It’s because it has not even started.

91. Believe me, every day I choose not to fall for you. It’s just not my fault if my heart is so naughty.

92. Before hurting a heart, make sure you are not inside it. You’re not just my friend, you’re my love. You’re not just my love, you’re my heart. You’re not just my heart, you’re my life. You’re not just my life, you’re my everything.

93. My biggest dream is to bring you into my reality, my life, my heart, and my soul.

94. Of the things that really have value, worthwhile and precious know that your love is what I value most. I love your company. I love you so much.

95. Romanticism is when every little moment becomes a grande moment is next to the one who loves.

96. Special people are easy to find. Just close your eyes.

97. What good is the delirium of the eyes, if they close when the lips touch?

98. To love is a verb that only two passionate lips can conjugate.

99. Even after meeting several new smiles, yours is still my favorite. You are the most beautiful and interesting page that destiny has written in my life.

100. Whenever you are sad and depressed remember that someone is happy just because you exist.


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