500 Romantic Good Night Wishes, Messages, SMS, Quotes, Greetings, Status, Text Msg For Husband From Wife in English With Cards Images

451. You know, sometimes I see you in photographs, but let me tell you that no camera can take an exact replica of your beautiful being.

452. You are a unique and special person, and excuse me if at any time I was not with you. But from now on you can count on me at any time and every day.


453. How much I would whisper in your ear that you are my love, my only love. That you inspire me, that you drive me crazy.

454. You entered slowly into my heart and I can not deny it, my love. You are the taste of everything in my life.

455. I would like to have you when I sigh in the early hours. I would like to have you when I want to shout with a passion that you are everything I was looking for.

456. Every time it gets dark, it’s when I miss you the most, the more I need you and the more I feel alone.

457. Yes, it is true, I miss you so much, every day more. And I would die if I could hug you every day, but this can not be.

458. Always remember that I am with you, you will always be with me, because our love unites us, and neither sadness nor longing nor regret, can separate us. Since love can absolutely be everything.

459. It seems like yesterday when I met you, and so when you’re here with me, I’ll tell you. It seems like yesterday when you were away from me.

460. Do not doubt, love is magical, a haven of happiness for both of us, that sometimes we despair of not finding it. But look at how beautiful life is, at the least expected moment, this beautiful opportunity presents itself.

461. To love does not take time, just wanting to let the heart fly free like the wind. Reason does not fit in love, it is petty and it tortures him to submit it to his will.

462. You are close and at the same time you are far away, what did I do? I try to understand you, I want to know how to treat you and make you happy. I want to make you happy every day by your side, and even if you were not by my side I would like your happiness.

463. Telling you I love the love of my life is not something anyone knows, but I am very happy to repeat it many times, at every moment. Because it is what I feel, although those two words are super short to what I feel by my sweetheart.

464. I love you every day, every moment, every thought, every look, every word. I love you in your memory, in your presence. I love you in my longing for you.

465. My life, I love you from the first moment I met you, and much more, more now, because the path we have traveled has united me so much to you.

466. Through our life together, there have been so many achievements, and unforgettable events, which have minimized the difficult things. Because we have always collected together the pieces of broken dreams to create new ones.

467. I love you for your patience, for your understanding, for the warmth of your arms that reminds me of where my refuge is, my home, my passion.

468. I love you because you gave me the liberty to discover what I value most in you.

469. I love you because you have given me strength when my heart has been about to faint, and you have given me at that moment what I most needed … security.

470. I love you, for the way you make me feel loved because you have been the wonderful person that you have taught me all the opportunities that life has.

471. Every moment that passes, things become more beautiful and delight, the experiences are more beautiful. How nice it is to know a person like you.

472. You do not know how much joy I feel to be with you, to know that we both miss each other. That at all times we are looking for an apology to be together.

473. Definitely, nothing matters to us. If we are alone we are the happiest beings, if we are surrounded by people we always look for each other to be together.

474. How selfish we are, we look like guardians of the temple, where nobody can enter, with a slight glance the others understand that we are the two and period.

475. With clear meridian, without telling me I have understood as you are already, fascinates me as you show. As for me, my eyes with zeal will take care of you, I want you to be only for me.

476. I can only tell you that I love you with all my soul that you are the person I always love in life. And things that happen in life but things that remain in memories.

477. Every day I love you more and although it is impossible, my love increases and is reborn every day. I love you as always and as never.

478. Because with you I knew the feeling, the meaning of living with feelings in the company. With you, I knew the meaning of loving and I want to give everything in every moment.

479. I want you to know that my thought and my will belong to you .. everything belongs to you. Allow me to become your slave of love and together we reach the limits of pleasure.

480. I can not help but love you, I can not think of another mission in my life.

481. Where you are, that’s where I want to be always and through your eyes are all the things I want to see. And at night you are in my dreams. You’re everything to me. You are the love of my life and the food of my soul.

482. Take my hand and lead me there, to that place where there is only happiness and love, where pain and suffering do not exist. I do not want to forget the taste of your mouth and your lips.

483. I can not forget that when we are you and I … I am free, I am HAPPY and I feel full every day and every night.

484. Only with you, I am HAPPY, being in your arms, listening to the beat of your heart that of the joy of living and peace in mine, I could no longer secure my life without you.

485. My life without your love would be like a road that does not know where it is going.

486. You are the love of my life; dance under the sweet moonlight, with the shine of the stars in our eyes. We dance until the sunrise … only you and me … and so it will be for the rest of our lives … only you and me.

487. I swear to you that my life would no longer make sense if you leave me. Because you have become the reason and illusion of my existence, only for you and for you I live.

488. Thank you for all your love my life, thank you for giving me so much happiness. For listening to my dreams, for accepting my mistakes, for celebrating my triumphs and for sharing my sorrows.

489. I just want to tell you that I love you, it’s too small. Someone should invent new words to define my feelings of devotion, of admiration, of needing you every second.

490. I tell you that I love you, but you already know it. Maybe after so much repetition, the words are distorted, but not every time I tell you that is because my love for you has increased.

491. My love without time, it does not have distances, it simply loves full of illusions full of promises that must not be fulfilled. Because they were all fulfilled when you met.

492. For letting me love you I thank you and I offer you a thousand years of love that I condense in this kiss that I give you from the bottom of myself.

493. You are that burning flame that burns my skin because you are like that star that you see on the road and you see it so far that you think you will never reach it.

494. I have always been very dreamer, but in love matters not very imaginative. You have awakened in me a whole universe of sensations, emotions, thoughts, and hopes that I did not suspect to have inside.

495. You turn all my world head with that cheerful face and that radiant and carefree smile that illuminates every corner.

496. Today my whole world is completely different, there is a candid light that illuminates everything at night. That comforts me when it is cold when I do not feel safe you are always there, by my side and always ready to listen and advise me.

497. You give me the strength not only to cope with day-to-day problems but also to support me when I need it.

498. Today is a super special day because I realized that you are the best thing that has happened to me for a long time.

499. When I’m with you I feel safe you make me feel the luckiest woman in the world, your tender face inspires me and your words drive me crazy.

500. I only ask you that this happiness lasts a long time and that they are not just words but everything that you tell me is shown in facts.


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