500 Romantic Good Night Wishes, Messages, SMS, Quotes, Greetings, Status, Text Msg For Husband From Wife in English With Cards Images

Good night message for husband from wife in English:- Goodnight is the word that we give it to almost all people. If someone is present in front of us, then we say Good Night by directly speaking to them. But nowadays due to lack of time, almost all people are unable to find the time.

Likewise, people due to work have to go away from their loved ones. In such case, good night message can be forwarded through SMS or in any other social apps. Here is some good night wishes were given by the wives whose husbands are not there with them. These messages can be forwarded to the husbands even if they are not distant to show how much she loves her husband.

500 Romantic Good Night Wishes, Messages, SMS, Quotes, Greetings, Status, Text Msg, Husband From Wife in English With Cards Images

1. My darling, I would love to be with you by your side right now. Have a good night, sweet dreams. I miss you.

Good Night Wishes, Messages, SMS, Quotes, Greetings, Status, Text Msg, Husband From Wife in English With Cards Images wallpapers pics photos pictures
Good Night Messages, For Husband From Wife in English Image

2. I’m going to bed. I warn you so that you do not delay in bed. You are not by my side at the moment, but join me in my dreams and take me in your arms.

3. Good night my love have good dreams. I’m dreaming of you since you are my best dream.

4. Look in the sky, you see the millions of stars shining very hard. They are the kisses that I send you to wish you a very good night.

5. I would like to be here, right now, very close to you. I would like to be the pillow on which you will put the head that will take you back to the very distant country of sleep.


6. I would like to be by your side, sing you lullabies or even tell you stories that will have the power to close the eyelids of these sublime eyes. But alas, I’m far, but I took the care to entrust all my wishes to this SMS. Sleep well prince.

7. I do not stop thinking about you, the stars make me your portrait every night that I think of you. I wish you goodnight, my love.

8. Good night my sweet I will be the angel of your sleep so that you sleep in peace and serenity.

9. Sleep my angel on the sweets of the night tonight. Everything is quiet, tomorrow at dawn we will love each other again.

10. Spend a wonderful night, hoping that you make pretty dreams of me. I love you, darling.

11. I’m cold all alone in my bed. I would like to feel your warm breath in my neck and your arms embrace me. Good Night.

12. Do you sleep? Me no I could not until I had not wished you good night and sent lots of kisses.

13. When I close my eyes I see your calm smile and your beautiful bright eyes. It filled me with joy. I will be able to spend a good night my love.


14. I mixed my voice with this fresh and harmonious wind to wish you a good and sweet night. Sleep like an angel and you will have a wonderful awakening my love.

15. During that night when I could not be near you, let the stars crown you with kisses and the angels watch over you. Goodnight My Angel.

16. I hope that someday my dreams will come true and that I will wake up every morning at your side. Meanwhile good night my prince.

17. It is an SMS that is written by itself, which is sent automatically and chooses the most adorable person in my repertoire, to wish him an excellent night.

18. Good night my heart with pretty sweet dreams. See you tomorrow, I love you more than anything in the world. I miss you a lot. You are the one who makes me live, I love you.

19. Far from the eyes but close to the heart and soul. I think of you much more infinitely than you think. For your part just close your eyes and you will see me.

20. If you wake up tonight, get up from your bed, look at the sky at midnight. All the stars you see, are kisses that I send you to say good night.

21. Pass the most wonderful nights and know that I’ll be at your side when you wake up. Good night my angel and have sweet dreams.

22. In the calm of the serene night, I come silently without making any noise, to wish you good night.

23. I wish I could be with you every night, watch you sleep and kiss you with love garlic.

24. Good night my little heart, I miss you terribly and I have the intimate desire to be near you. Dominated by your arms, to feel you carnally, for kisses.

25. Sweet dreams, honey. You are the only one to have touched so deeply my heart. It will always belong to you. Sleep well, my only love.

26. You probably sleep but I love you and you’re the most beautiful man I’ve ever met, both inside and out. Have a good night’s sleep and I hope it will put a smile on your face when you get up.

27. To live in love is to live a good life. I wish you all the happiness and merriment of the world my adorable darling. Good night. Tenderly and softly I kiss you and madly I love you.

28. I want you too much my heart, my whole body claims you. Come, come right now, I want to feel your breath in my neck, breathe your body, taste your lips.

29. I want to be in your arms, that we do more than one for a night. Alone in this big empty bed, I think only of you. The smell of the sheets nagging me, it reminds me how much I miss you and how much I want you.

30. I’d like to be by your side, tight against you, rather than sending you this message wishing you a good night.

31. My heart and all other organs belong to you. Take care of them, darling and good night.

32. Lie down, relax, do not think about anything. Do you feel, someone gently kisses your lips? Do not be afraid – I gently and silently kiss you before going to bed. Good night, dear!

33. Wanted a pair of the most beautiful eyes in the world that illegally crossed the border of love and friendship. And stole my heart! I look into those eyes and recognize you.

34. Sleep, my cat. I will come to you furtively, Kiss sweet. I lie down next to you, I will be passionate, naughty. And forget about the night’s sleep. I will be with you in the morning. Love with body and soul.

35. You are the most intelligent and worthy. You are the most courageous and calm. In any trouble without talking, Reliable shield, my support.

36. Evening comes, the city falls asleep, know that in this world you are dear to someone.

37. I’ll tell you a compliment, I’ve been following you for a long time. Yes, you are a man of men. From blue eyes to gray hair. I send a compliment with SMS.

38. Hold me, hold onto your hands. Beautiful you, dear, strong as a lion. You are brave and proud, your voice is viola sounds. You’re just the best person ever.

39. I send a hot kiss to my beloved boy, wish sweet dreams. And I look forward to waiting to hug and kiss you.

40. Love is drunk to walk on deserted empty streets. To draw a heart and write the initials of the name of the misty glass. I send you my love through this message. Good night.

41. I’m sending you a white dove, love, and loyalty in your heart. Happiness in the wings, hope in the white feathers and kiss your good night in your beak, extend your cheek.

42. If you are born with a glimpse of the sun in my heart, the sun is sinking when you sleep. You’re my life in my life. Good night my everything.

43. I’m sending a prayer to my God while you sleep as you dream to see me. Goodnight my love, sweet sleep, the most beautiful dreams you get.

44. The grace of the Lord is on you. Your love is sweet on the heart. May God protect you in every way. This is my prayer from the heart.

45. The evening is perfumed with the remembrance of God as an envoy to the most beautiful creation of God to illuminate the path and bless you.

46. Five things sleep with you at night. My heart .. my mind .. my consciousness .. my feelings .. and I am.

47. In heaven, there are 10 angels: 5 angels are playing, 4 angels are talking, 1 angel is sleeping. The angel who is sleeping is you.

48. There is a place out there under the moonlight, there is a girl thinking of you. Somewhere out there where dreams come true … sleep and dream beautifully.

49. The night is falling, it is time to go to bed. The moon is hanging in the sky. It sent a text message to say good night. Dream about me and cover me tight.

50. On this cold night, in this little room, I looked up at the bright stars in the dark sky. And dreamed of a sweet smile on your handsome face. Good night!

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