600 Good Night Messages, Wishes, Text Msg, Status, Quotes, Images & Greeting Cards For Facebook Friends That You Can Send To Your Friends


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401. My nice looking companion, what’s going on with you? I trust all is well? I simply need to state goodnight to you.

Good Night Status For Facebook Friends

402. The day probably been loaded up with pressure so hence I am cheerful to stretch out my welcome to you this night that you should rest well.

403. You are such an ideal companion and the closest companion on the planet. I am satisfied to wish you an extremely solid goodnight rest.

404. May you find interminable harmony today around evening time as you intend to lay your head on the pad of energy; Goodnight dear companion.

405. You are my exceptional partner and no big surprise we resemble the other alike as if twins. Put favor your face. Goodnight.

Good Night Status For Facebook Friends

406. You are such a fascinating individual, a magnificent love that God has given to me. I adore you and supplicate that the Lord should respect you. Goodnight.

407. It isn’t in reality simple to confront the worry toward the beginning of the day however it is fundamental that we do as such that we can endure. Have a sweet dream.

408. You are exceptional, unadulterated, magnificent and stunning. I entreat the Lord to keep on gift you till the finish of time. Goodnight.

409. Goodnight to my adored companion. I will broaden my unending appreciation towards you. Much obliged to you yesterday. Goodnight.

410. Cheerful to see your excellent face toward the beginning of the day and now I am now missing you since it is night as of now. Goodnight.

Good Night Status For Facebook Friends

411. I need you to have a delightful dream this night. Dream of our fellowship and be upbeat in consistently. Goodnight.

412. You are exceptional, insightful, straightforward and magnificent. I am cheerful that I discovered somebody as exceptional as you as my companion. Goodnight.

413. May the tranquility of this night locate your home and favor you with perpetual bliss; I entreat the adoration for God upon you. Goodnight.

414. Locate the favored night showering solace upon you. It is my pleasure to see you upbeat in each second of your life. Goodnight to you.

415. You are my fantasy works out as expected, the one I treasure with my entire existence and never need to quit pondering. Goodnight.

Good Night Status For Facebook Friends

416. You are such an adorable companion, as excellent as deer, lovely as parrot. I am sending you this night embrace to demonstrate to you the amount you intend to me.

417. As you nod off, I need you to have each solace that that conveys harmony to your heart. I adore you my dear companion.

418. Regardless of how far we might be with one another, I will dependably discover a place in my heart to keep your contemplations. Goodnight.

419. You are such an awesome woman brimming with delight and joy. I esteem you just as nothing can isolate us for eternity. Goodnight.

Good Night Status For Facebook Friends

420. The night is an honored minute; it accompanies loads of bliss and unspeakable achievement. I ask that the exquisite happiness of night hour be shone upon you.
421. You are my adored companion, an unadulterated euphoria loaded with light all over. I will dependably adore you for whatever remains of my life. Goodnight.

422. You have a place with me similarly as I have a place with you—I supplicate that your prosperity will keep on rising until the end of time. Goodnight my affection.

423. May you locate your whole achievement satisfied in your lifetime. I supplicate that your adoration will dependably be there until the end of time. Goodnight.

Good Night Status For Facebook Friends

424. You will dependably be the one I treasure most with extraordinary enthusiasm since you are the closest companion on earth. Goodnight.

425. Your affection has transformed me into an extremely awesome individual and I will dependably be content with you since you generally give me the motivation to grin. Cheerful birthday.

426. Your prosperity will keep on transcending the sky as you loosen up your body this night. I ask that every little thing about you be awesome. Cheerful birthday.

427. Upbeat to realize that you are near. It is as of now night yet I will attempt my best to connect with you tomorrow. Goodnight.

428. You are undoubtedly superb, sweet and wonderful. I cherish your basic way of life and consequently you will dependably be the closest companion ever. Goodnight.

Good Night Status For Facebook Friends

429. May you find tranquil night as you lay your head on the cushion; I miss you to such an extent as if we’ve seen keep going for a long time prior. Goodbye.

430. May your night be guided by gatekeeper heavenly attendants; I implore that your prosperity will never discover any way to leave your home. Goodnight.

431. It torments me so much that everything turns out to be so exhausted since I abandoned you in the day. I can hardly wait to see your face once more. Goodnight.

432. I am sending you heaps of embraces and enthusiasm this night with the goal that you can discover comfort in your rest. Goodnight infant.

Good Night Status For Facebook Friends

433. You are such an astonishing companion; I adore you just as the world will never end again. Glad to have you as my dear companion. Goodnight.

434. You are a magnificent individual and I wish you realize the amount you intend to me. I don’t joke with your issue since you are uncommon. Goodnight.

435. At whatever point I set my eyes on you, I feel a profound feeling of bliss in me. I cherish you past the sky. Goodnight.

436. You are my closest companion the best companion on the planet. I adore you beyond what the mind can compute. Goodnight.

437. At this uncommon night, I will contact anybody exceptional and my heart picked you. Goodnight my affection.

Good Night Status For Facebook Friends

438. I am fortunate to have a valuable person like you as my companion—thank you for giving me all the consideration I expected to accomplish my fantasies. Goodnight.

439. You should be worn out now yet never the less I simply need to send you this extraordinary bit of message to warm you up. Goodnight.

440. I implore the Lord to be your Master Protector this night up till the following day. I implore that you ought to be free of bad dreams.

Best Good Night Greetings For Facebook Friends

441. You are the cutest companion at any point seen on the outside of the earth. I adore you in an unequivocal way. Goodnight.

442. Wishing you a valuable night and wanting for you a sweet night dream that will dependably be new in your memory.

443. You are such a stunning individual and accordingly will be happy that you came into my reality. I cherish you more than ever. Goodnight.

444. thinking about the most ideal approach to dependably fulfill you and I understood that consistently is brilliant to make proper acquaintance with you.

Best Good Night Greetings For Facebook Friends

445. Your grin is the loveliest blossom I have ever observed. I don’t realize how to value you for the whole beneficial things you have done. Goodnight.

446. You are my loveliest celestial companion. I want you to enjoy all that life has to offer in this life and ask that this night brings bunches of solaces.

447. May your house be showered with unending precipitation of enthusiasm and unwinding this night; I want you to enjoy all that life has to offer. Goodnight.

448. Put the grin all over and never abandon whatever you put stock in. Goodnight to the best woman ever.

Best Good Night Greetings For Facebook Friends

449. You are a charming companion, awesome friend and best face at any point seen on earth. I cherish you past creative energy. Goodnight.

450. You are the most delightful companion on the planet and in that capacity I care for you beyond what you can ever think. Goodnight.
451. You are such an intriguing individual the most delightful gem of energy I have in my heart. I esteem you to such an extent. Goodnight.

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