600 Good Night Messages, Wishes, Text Msg, Status, Quotes, Images & Greeting Cards For Facebook Friends That You Can Send To Your Friends


151. You are a jewel among companions. You bring me so much satisfaction. I have never lamented having you as a companion. Have a decent night and rest tight.

152. You light of a stay with your grin. I won’t be astounded in the event that you light up the sky when you rest like a blessed messenger. Great night my companion.

Good Night Msg For Facebook Friends

153. The voyage towards remarkable achievement will proceed with tomorrow. Until further notice, the main thing left to do is to rest. Have a decent rest, old buddy.

154. My heart is dependably in arrangement with yours. It’s nearly as we are close within a thousand miles separated. Great night my dear companion. Rest soundly.

155. There is a delight each morning. You are a delight each morning. I can hardly wait to see your superb face tomorrow. Do appreciate a decent night rest.

156. It’s a consider how the hours fly by when we rest. This abandons us with the confirmation that our body has been appropriately energized and prepared to confront another day. Have a decent night, my great companion.

Inspirational Good Night Msg For Friends

157. We have been as one since I knew the meaning of fellowship. Much obliged to you for showing me benevolence. Do have a brilliant night rest.

158. Your excellence exists in. Your comical inclination can dissolve even the hardest of hearts. I’m happy to be called your companion. Great night and rest tight.

159. You know your quality and shortcomings. That directly there is the meaning of development. You continue living and Learning. Have a decent night my dear companion.

Inspirational Good Night Msg For Friends

160. Your fortunes is going to turn the correct way. Try not to stress. There’s an unexpected sitting tight for you tomorrow. Simply sit tight for it. Great night my great companion.

161. The expectation for now will just increment as you remain conscious. First light is practically here. Goodbye.

162. I generally anticipate the night when I can simply set down and rest. It’s an ideal comfort. Great night my great companion. Rest soundly.

163. I simply need to wish a decent night rest. Ensure you close your eyes previously resting.

Inspirational Good Night Msg For Friends

164. Can hardly wait to see the shocks that tomorrow has in store for us. Have a pleasant rest. Rest tight.

165. How lovely the stars are today around evening time. Much the same as you, my dear companion. Rest soundly and dream of heavenly attendants.

166. I consider you my family however you are in excess of a companion to me. Great night and rest tight.


167. Where are the stars today? I need to make a desire that my companion has a superb night rest and furthermore dream of holy messengers.

168. The shade of the sky around evening time is as yet the most excellent sight I’ve seen up until this point. Great night my dear companion. The sky is the shade of your eyes.

169. Your consideration envelopes me and makes me need to be a superior individual. Great night my great companion.

170. I’m so sad I’ve not had enough time to determine the status of you. I’m simply dropping in to state that you are dependably at the forefront of my thoughts. Great night my dear companion.

Inspirational Good Night Msg For Friends

171. Great night to the surest individual I know. The stars don’t measure up to your light. Rest soundly.

172. Our fantasies take the shape we give it. Dreams of shading and light my great companion. Have a magnificent pleasant rest

173. Our companionship has breezed through the trial of time. Not in any case separation or duties can isolate us. Have a decent night rest.

174. Our bond is more similar to siblings than companions. We are to a greater extent a group than accomplices. Appreciate a decent night rest my companion.

Inspirational Good Night Msg For Friends

175. By the day’s end, when I check the things I’m thankful for, I tally you first. Great night my great companion.

176. In spite of all that we have experienced, your quality is still what others incline toward. Great night my companion. Rest soundly.

177. You are a decent individual. Try not to give anyone a chance to disclose to you extraordinary. Great night my great companion.

178. Close your eyes. The night has drawn. It’s a great opportunity to end the page today. Tomorrow is one more day. Goodbye.

179. I wish you an incredible and a superb day tomorrow. In any case, today, the main thing left to do is to rest. Great night my companion.

180. Victory the candles and prepare for bed. First light is practically here. Goodbye. Sweet dreams.

Inspirational Good Night Msg For Friends

181. Great night to you. Dream sweet longs for blessed messengers.

182. I realize you are feeling languid as of now. It’s your body’s method for revealing to you it’s the ideal opportunity for bed. Great night my companion.

183. Companions are the general populations that determine the status of you last toward the day’s end. Great night my great companion. I welcome you.

184. The magnificence of life is the point at which you buckle down and furthermore rest hard. Try not to deny your collection of rest. Goodbye.

Inspirational Good Night Msg For Friends

185. Do you realize that the minds actually clean itself when we rest? This is very imperative. So shut your eyes and let it get the chance to work. Great night my great companion.

186. In a huge number, you’ll generally emerge. Since you are wonderful like that. Great night my great companion.

187. On numerous occasions, you have ended up being the best kind of individual I know. Great night my dear companion.

188. You have my companion, my partner and my legend. Great night my great companion.

189. I’m wishing you a goodbye. Rest soundly and have an awesome night rest.

190. Goodness, I wish we could host those sleep gatherings we used to have when we were more youthful. I miss you sincerely. Great night my dear.
191. the most ideal approach to rest is to rest. I would not joke about this. Get into that bed; turn off the lights and your telephone. At that point rest. Great night my dear companion.

Inspirational Good Night Msg For Friends

192. it’s my pleasure to be the one to wish you a goodbye. Rest soundly, old buddy.

193. You are a vital diamond and a gift to this age. It’s a respect to consider you a companion. Great night my great companion.

194. My heart goes out to the companion that is dependably at the forefront of my thoughts. You realize I have you whenever. Great night and sweet dreams.

195. Today around evening time, heavenly attendants will watch the four corners of your bed and lead towards sweet and superb dreams. Great night my great companion.

196. Goodnight my great companion. Realize that you are adored.

197. The tallness of consideration is the point at which you do the unforeseen things. I’m upbeat to have you in my life. Great night my companion.

Motivational Good Night Messages For Friends

198. Notwithstanding when circumstances become difficult, I realize I will dependably have you in my group. Companions until the end of time. Have a magnificent night rest.

199. I wish we could have shorter days and longer evenings. Just so my companion can have enough night rest. Appreciate a quiet rest.

200. May you have sweet dreams today around evening time. Float into a quiet rest, my great companion.


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