600 Good Night Messages, Wishes, Text Msg, Status, Quotes, Images & Greeting Cards For Facebook Friends That You Can Send To Your Friends


101. You have opened me to some astonishing joys of life. I’m so happy I have you in my life as a companion. Have a decent night rest.

102. You have a got a companion who is continually considering you and wish the best for you. Have a decent night rest dear.

103. You are the embodiment of the ideal internal excellence. You are a cherishing and minding individual that can illuminate a live with only a grin. Continue being you, my dear companion. Goodbye.


Heart Touching Good Night Message For Facebook Friends

104. Never given anybody a chance to carry you down with the expressions of their mouth. You are a motivation to ages. Your quality is your blessing. Great night my dear companion. Rest tight.

105. Tomorrow you’ll wake up to a spic and span day loaded up with helpful goodness. Have a great night rest.

106. You have dependably been there for me as the years progressed. I need you to realize that you can rely on me for anything whenever. Great night dear.

108. Today around evening time, I need to dreams of every one of your dreams wake up. That is the most ideal approach to have a delightful night rest. Have a decent night rest dear.


109. There’s a chill in the day. I trust you are warm under an agreeable duvet. Rest tight, my dear companion.

110. the most ideal approach to end the day is to rest and dream of blessed messengers. That is the thing that I wish for you today around evening time my dear companion. Rest tight.

Heart Touching Good Night Message For Facebook Friends

111. I trust you didn’t nod off on the couch. For what reason don’t you exchange to the warm comfortable bed? I wish you a decent night rest my companion.

112. Dream constantly of my great companion. The stars won’t quit sparkling for you. You are dependably at the forefront of my thoughts. Goodbye. Rest soundly.

113. I’m simply flying in to wish my closest companion alleviation from a hard day’s worth of effort. May you discover comfort today around evening time in the harmony and calm. Goodbye.

114. Sleep is the most welcome companion following a decent day’s worth of effort. The most ideal approach to pass the night. Rest soundly, my dear companion.

115. I trust you rest soundly so you’ll feel rested tomorrow and prepared for one more day’s worth of effort. Great night my dear companion.

116. It feels like everlastingly since we got together for a pleasant visit. I miss you, my dear companion. Do have a decent night.

117. Evenings are intended for a necessary unwinding of the body and brain. Rest soundly, my dear companion.

Good Night Msg For Facebook Friends

118. After the debilitating hours we have put in today, rest is the most welcome organization. Have a brilliant night rest my dear companion.

119. Everything will be better tomorrow. You’ll see. Simply given rest a chance to overwhelm you and unwind. God has got you. Great night my dear.

120. You have been a decent companion to me as far back as we were in our diapers. I wish you a sound night rest. You merit it.

121. Days are for work, evenings are for rest. Rest well, my dear companion. The morning is practically here.

Good Night Msg For Facebook Friends

122. I trust you have set your alert? I’m truly intrigued on the grounds that you are my alert tomorrow. Have a decent night my dear companion.

123. I miss those past times worth remembering when we would talk into the night. I miss you, my dear companion. Great night and a joyful rest.

124. It feels simply like yesterday when we were youthful and free and we will gaze at the moon and endeavor to tally the stars. We had a great deal of good occasions my dear companion. Presently rest soundly. The soiling is practically here.

125. I have for the longest time been itching to be the one to wish you an awesome decent rest. Do rest soundly, my dear companion.
126. A ton of tranquil rest and a great deal of sleeps. Wheeze to your heart’s substance, my dear companion. Goodbye.

Good Night Msg For Facebook Friends

127. Work proceeds in a couple of hour’s time. Yet, for the present, all you require do is close your eyes and rest. Great night my dear companion.

128. The best things in life are in fact free. Much the same as rest. It’s an ideal opportunity to close your eyes and let rest expend you. Great night my dear companion.

129. The night has moved close. It’s an ideal opportunity to set down on a delicate bed and simply do the needful. That is to say, rest. Great night my companion.

Good Night Msg For Facebook Friends

130. I regularly think about how somebody can be as amazing as you are and not in any case know. You are astounding in your very own healthy way. Great night my dear companion.

131. Some days can be tough to the point that you just can hardly wait for it to be finished. In the event that this is one of those days, the best cure is a decent night’s rest. It does some amazing things.

132. It is somewhat restorative to practice a total 8-hour rest. Ensure you don’t deny yourself of a moment less. Rest soundly, my dear companion.

133. A standout amongst the best remedy for a tumultuous day ahead is to get enough solid rest. Tomorrow will be here soon. You have this. Goodbye.

134. You have been the best endowment of a companion. I appreciate you for all that you are. Keep on being solid my dear companion. Goodbye.

Good Night Msg For Facebook Friends

135. Consistently, I’ve generally pondered about how dull life would have been on the off chance that I didn’t have you as my companion. You are one of the great ones, you know. Have a goodbye.

136. You are a heavenly attendant educate a companion. I cherish you simply how you are. Continue leaving a mark on the world. Great night to you.

137. The world is better with you in it. Great night my dear companion. Rest soundly.

138. As times change, obligations creep in and our time gets so topped off. In any case, great companions like you are life-changing. Great night my great companion. Rest tight.

139. The level of time we work contrasted with rest is very restricted. So make utilization of each chance and give yourself sufficient time to rest. Great night and rest soundly.

Good Night Msg For Facebook Friends

140. The stars are so lovely today around evening time. They help me to remember our youth. We had some great minutes, isn’t that right? Great night my companion. Dozed calmly.

141. The magnificence of the night is in the astounding dreams we have in our rest. They transport us to a universe of light, excellence and shading. I wish you a quiet night rest.

142. Great night to my astonishing companion. Consistently with you is an undertaking I wouldn’t exchange for the world. Rest tight.

143. My affection goes out to you. We may be separated by miles however we are near heart. Continue doing what you do dear. Great night dear. Have a humble night rest.

144. How about we trust the crickets don’t trill this evening and irritate a serene night rest. Great night my great companion.

Good Night Msg For Facebook Friends

145. There’s not at all like laying on a delicate comfortable bed and replaying every one of the occasions of the day in 3D. Tomorrow is one more day to improve the situation. Great night my companion.

146. I cherish my existence with you in it. You add shading to life. Continue sparkling, my great companion. Goodbye.

147. Did I notice that you looked astonishing today? You were especially stunning. Great night my great companion. Get your excellence rest.

148. Life is lovely a result of sweet individuals like you. You resemble a much needed refresher. Goodbye, my great companion.

149. The expense of a night rest is the packs that hang underneath the eyes. How about we maintain a strategic distance from them definitely. Get into bed and start your magnificence rest. Great night my dear.

Good Night Msg For Facebook Friends

150. The night is going. Consistently attracts us closer to the morning. Have a decent night rest my great companion.

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