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951. Being happy is not just to sum up our life in good times. Being happy is also to enjoy living next to people we love and make us happy, like you.

952. The purest and complete food of my days is the friendship I have for you. She makes me strong because I know that at all times I can count on that feeling that unites us.

953. Friendship is so you love, you take care of, you have jealousy and you fight for the well-being of this person if that person falls. You get it if she smiles, you smile, if she cries you cry.

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954. The friend who has been, helping the next is much more than a friend, he is much closer than a brother.

955. I took an x-ray today and they found you in my heart. The doctor said that if he removed you from therein, I would die. For this reason, I could not live without this incredible person you are.

956. Hi, I am telling you what happened to me now. I was going to buy chocolate and almost I was assaulted. The thief stopped and spoke: give all you have valuable. And I said you were not with me.

957. We often come across fake people who just take advantage of us. But at the same time, we know people who want to take to life, and you are one of them.

958. A false friend will let you be free in any direction. Only true friends will warn, why who loves real criticism and cares so that he will always point you the obstacles, limitations and the abyss at the end of the way.

959. The false friend will be repelled to see you stumbling and falling in the cliff. Where a false and malicious friend. Never confuse sincerity with rudeness, falsehood with intelligence and friends with colleagues.

960. The true friend is the one who speaks what you do not like to hear, and at the time you need to get the shoulder for you to cry.

961. I want to be the sun and want to be the moon. I want to be always your friend.

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962. I asked a wise the difference that had been among love and friendship. He told me the truth. Love is more sensitive, the safer friendship. Love will give us wings, the friendship the floor.

963. In love, there is more affection, in the friendship understanding. Love is planted and with caffeinated, the friendship comes with the exchange of joy and sadness, becomes a great and dear companion.

964. When love is sincere he comes with a great friend, and when the friendship is concrete, she is full of love and affection. When he has a friend or a great passion, both feelings coexist inside his heart.

965. Friendship is the most beautiful scene of life, and my affection for you is the most important chapter.

966. When we value the species that we have in our lives notice that they never move away for worse than the reason and distance.

967. Life has taught me that present is not what we have done in good material, but the people we conquer and become irreplaceable in our lives.

968. Friendship is not to say go ahead but stop and think.

969. A real friend is not the one who says Go ahead, but the one who says I go together.

970. Congratulations on our 3 years of friendship. It passed too fast. When I seek you, you’re always on my side, helping me when I need it. You’re where I can always tell, talk about the secrets.

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971. Friendship is all this. It is beating, it is mocking your face, helping and most loving and above all not leaving you.

972. My friend, you can be boring, arrogant, ignorant. Even if we do not see each other every day, we are better friends. Because to be better friends, we do not need to be stuck, we just need to have confidence, we need to love. Love of friend can heal any pain.

973. Money can buy many goods but does not have the power to buy a feigned friendship.

974. Friendship is like a garden, we must always pray for flowers not to die. So I’m always here, I go over my beautiful garden. Love your friendship.

975. Friendships come and go but true, people guard in the heart.

976. I come today here just to thank every one of my friends. Everyone taught me a little. Some taught me to be strong. You have taught me the true sense of trust. Today I know who is who.

977. How many times I thought could you count on people and I have feared it. But I have to thank God who put people like you in my life. Today I am stronger thanks to you.

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978. There is no pain that lasts forever in our life, there is nothing that does not pass shortly. You are a wonderful, strong, brave woman, friend and a human being like few in the world.

979. Make sure that in life we only have the hindrances that we can overcome. If this is a difficult and struggling time, know that you are incredible and will succeed. Soon you will look in the past and all this suffering will seem far away. You will come back to feel joy in your heart, you will come back to smile from the inside out, nothing will be able to erase that light you have.

980. Friend, count on me always. I will always be by your side giving you the help and support you need. I adore your friend, and I’m praying for you. Do not give up, stay strong. Receive my very affectionate hug.

981. Friendship is an art designed by God for human beings to appreciate and recognize their true value.

982. True friendship is like armored glass. It does not break with any blows.

983. One day all of us friends, we will separate from each other from our lives. We will miss everyone, the conversations we had, the dreams that we had. One day our children will see those our photos and ask us. Who are those people? I will say with there will full of tears. It was with these people that I experienced the best moments of my life.

984. God did not give me friends but sent me a bunch of crazy people for whom I would give my life.

985. I’d rather be stuck by a thorn than to be betrayed by my best friend.

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986. We’re never alone, it’s true. It’s good to know that we have friends whom we can have faith. I want to thank you for everything. Friend how valuable you are to me than gold.

987. Real friends are those who in the worst moments are always there on your side. Without having to say anything, are there just to comfort you even with a single glance or a simple smile.

988. From the grape comes the wine of love, comes the affection of humility and comes my best friends.

989. A friend is the one who criticises in your face and defends you on your back.

990. Despite the fights, the obstacles, despite everything that happens to destroy us, we are friends and there is no way our friendship is broken.

991. A real friend is the one who listens to you and talks to you, not the one who does not care about you. A friend is something to keep on the left side of the chest, so if you want to be my friend this message goes to you.

992. Sometimes our life is blessed by people. So special that we become happier just because we have a chance to know them. You’re one of them.

993. Where life presents us with thousands of people. Each one comes to fulfill a role. All remain in our memories. Many in our photos. Some in our habits. But in our hearts, there are only those that really are special, just like you.

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994. You are one of those rare people with a unique goal of giving joy to those around you. Just look how many times you were someone’s medicine. With your embrace, with a smile, with a message or with a simple look. Thank you for being part of my medicine box and my life.

995. Real friendship is not the one that goes with God, but the one that says I go along.

996. Friendship is everything, maybe a simple friend can make you happy.

997. You are my friend who lives in my heart, you do not pay rent and you will never be evicted.

998. The friendship won, when true, lasts forever.

999. Dear friends, we will be friends on earth and in heaven.


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