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901. Elect for your friend the most virtuous man you know. Friends should be chosen for beauty, those known for the character, and enemies for intelligence. The greatest pleasure anyone can feel is to delight their friends.

902. Among friends, frequent censures distract friendship. The friend must be like money, whose value we have known before we need it. All the riches and possession in the world are not worth a good friend.

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903. Rebuke the friend in secret when no one is there and praise him in public. Do not let the grass grow in the path of your friendship making difficult to walk. Friendship without trust is like a flower with no perfume. Love is not always fruitful, but friendship always is.

904. Friendship is like money easier to get than to keep. To celebrate life is to add friends, experiences and achievements, failures and mistakes, always giving them some meaning. The only way to have a friend is to be one in real of others.

905. For every virtue, a man suffices. For friendship, it takes two. The bonds of friendship are stronger and thicker than those of the blood of the family. When friendship is good, we feel, when it is worth. One of the joys of friendship is knowing who to trust and who not to.

906. I miss people who want to be with me for my friendship and not for interest. Beware you can not confuse friend with a snake, because the snakes are now calling you friend.

907. True friendship is never forgotten, even though I am far away I am close. You will always have me in your heart and on your side real friendship fulfilled a dream.

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908. A false and evil friend is more fearsome than a wild animal. The animal can hurt your body and injure you, but a false friend will hurt your soul.

909. Sincere friendship is never forgotten, just crystallized for any moment. Your gestures, your manias, your games, your name. It will be forever engraved in my memory and in my heart.

910. The partnership is strong, the tantrum is crazy and the friendship is eternal. When friendship is good, we feel, when it is worth we value.

911. Never leave aside a true friendship for a relationship, for the love always comes and goes. True friendship is 1 in 1,000,000.

912. Best friends are those who make their problems their problem. Just for you not having to carry them alone.

913. Real friendship is when you go to a person’s house and the Wi-Fi already connects automatically.

914. Friend: it is that person who is not of the family and remembers you with affection and admiration. Love can die in truth, friendship in lies. Love is blind, friendship closes the eyes.

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915. Let us bless those who care about us, who loves us, who meet our needs. Let us value the friend who helps us, who cares about us, who writes to us, who calls us to know how we are going. Later, we will miss those who do not let us experience solitude.

916. A sad person trying to make the other person smile. This is called friendship, true friendship. Friendship is a reciprocal predisposition that makes two beings equally jealous of each other’s happiness.

917. The friend loves at all times, any moment of life is a brother in adversity. Love, friendship and understanding. It is enough to reach eternal love.

918. There is no friendship compared to ours. 2 years of friendship is little, 2 years of madness, 2 years of love, 2 years of insanity, 2 years of joy and understanding you, my friend and my sister forever.

919. A true friend is the one who says what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. He risks the friendship for your sake.

920. All I ask in life is to be blessed, that every year without you I’ll bring you another 10 years from your side.

921. Girlfriends are meant to be valued, if you think they make no difference to you, you have none.

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922. You will only know who your real friends are when you need them most. Our friendship is forever, I’m sure. Even if one day we stop seeing each other, it’s forever. Even if we follow different directions, is eternal. You made me see that there are people worth fighting and suffering together.

923. True friendship is one born for no reason. A true friend is the one who comes in when all the others are gone. To be happy, we need love, family and real true friends. The love we have, the family will form, and friends are you.

924. I can not imagine my life without some people. Maybe they do not know how much, but it’s of no importance to me.

925. I have a gift for you. Did you guess what it is? My gift has ten letters. It’s hard to find. It’s made of emotion. Affection and joy. There’s the sound of laughter. And the brightness of the stars. Do you already know what it is? Friendship. This is the gift I want to give you and I’m sure it will last forever.

926. Friendship has the gift of touching the soul with a simple hug. Friendship is something that keeps 7 Keys. These 7 keys are more than necessary for friendship, they are essential. 1st Key – Trust / Loyalty. 2nd Key – Teamwork. 3rd Key – The Secrets. 4th Key – Fellowship. 5th Key – Affection / Affection. 6th Key – Love. 7th Key – A big hug. Once you’ve gathered all of this, throw it inside the chest and save the 7 keys on the left side of the chest.

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927. Great friendships are not lost on small grounds. True friends come into our lives in the hours we need them most.

928. Friends are colored pencils bringing joy, to this our gray life. They are stars that lead to a safe harbor, the sad and solitary navigator.

929. Friends are soft steps in the deserted street. They are sensitive features in warrior skin. They are beautiful tattoos with beautiful shapes because they stay forever in our lives.

930. There are people comets and there are people stars. Comets pass, they are only remembered by the date they return and then disappear. The stars remain.

931. It is important to be stars, to remain, to be warm, to be life. A friend is a star. The years can pass but the marks stay in the heart, so are the friends in our lives, you can count on them.

932. Friends are courage in difficult times, they are light in times of discouragement. Being a star in this comet world is a challenge, but above all, it is a reward. It is being born and having lived and not just “existed.”

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933. Friends accept you as you are by putting faith in you. Speaks on the phone just to say hello. Give you unconditional love.

934. Friends give us favors that others would not. They make you smile. Understand kindly everything you say. They throw you out of solitude with tenderness and gratitude.

935. Friends never abandon you, hurts you, understand your failing. They are always present in times of distress. They take your pains and avoid being mistreated. Your smile is enough to make them happy.

936. Friends are like the sun, they are to lighten our lives. You are much more than a friend. You have a sweet way of being. I never thought I could find a gem like you.

937. You read my eyes and you know what I’m feeling. For every word, I say you know the truly real and honest meanings. We share the moments happy and the moments of sadness.

938. You are a treasure of immense beauty. Our friendship will never end just like a ring. But one thing I’m sure of. You are an expensive miracle of my life.

939. Real friends will always be sure. Friends we do not choose. Our friendship is pure beauty. Friendship is something that appears, it is affection, it is affinity. If the friend suffers, we also suffer.

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940. In the course of our lives, we need constantly of people at our side, in which we must trust. People who bring on the face, a smile sincere, and who knows, to understand like you. Good morning.

941. Do not count how many friends you have, but how many you can count on.

942. People who bring on the face, a smile sincere, and who knows, to understand the open hand in solidarity and fraternal way. People who care to know what we pass, what we think, how we feel, and what we need. To hear us, when we feel the need to speak when we need to listen. To these people, we call friends.

943. Best friends do not help you up, they do not let you down.

944. May the wings of a Nightingale kiss the sun and rest on your lap to enlighten you and bring you luck, happiness, wealth and abundance. Today Tomorrow and always.

945. A friend is someone very special. He makes us smile and encourages us to be successful. He lends an ear when we need it, he shares a word of praise and always has an open heart for us.

946. Friend shares with us what he has and feels happy about what he can receive. Dude, it’s just like you.

947. Friendship equal to yours is hard to find. Brings on the face, always a smile frank. And in the eyes, pure honesty.

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948. You know to be affectionate, but you can know how to be hard when you need it. But I know that everything is for my good. Friendship equal to our have to be celebrated. And with affection, forever eternified.

949. I remembered you and I wondered what to do when I closed my eyes and thank God for you to exist.

950. Highly contagious. The virus is spreading around. I’m sorry for now that you opened this message, but do not worry I’ve ever contagious myself and learned that it is worth it. The virus gives Hope.

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