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851. A toast to the friends who accompany us in the best and worst moments.

852. The second best thing that anyone can do in the world is to make friends. The first is to keep.

853. One hour or another, we realize that to be happy, you need only a friendly shoulder, a sincere smile and a very fresh breeze.

854. A sincere friendship is one that welcomes the friend with the arms of heart, respect, love, and emotion. Making an alliance with reciprocal trust and complicity, leaving no room for hatred, which persists to be on the podium of our heart.

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855. Friendship is a pure, sublime form of love. It comes from disinterested love, only linked to solidarity without being obligatory. Sincere friendship is the approach of two beings who have important affinities, and the same ideals, with respectful bonds. Always the same, because it seeks not the fusion, but the approximation.

856. Insincere friendship, there is patience in listening to the other with his truth or his lie, with his insight or his madness, his good humor or his sweetness.

857. We are tolerant friends, both in listening and in speaking of our problems, because we possess the capacity for dialogue, tolerance, common sense, mutual fundamental respect expurgator of all evil.

858. Sincere friendship is one that accepts quality and defect, keeping the friend on the left side of the chest.

859. Often we make mistakes, in love and friendship. When we make mistakes in love, we know that we have the friendship to comfort us. When it is the opposite, we receive the love of all the people until those who have already failed and these people motivate us to continue, a friendship when it is true nothing and no one will destroy.

Good morning wishes in English

860. If your friend is sad about something, encourage him and stay with him, because friendship is for life.

861. Those who have been friends for a long time know that there comes a time when you do not even write birthday text for the person anymore. Because you do not have to write any more if you do not have the same thing every year. You just send I love you and remember some shit they did and how they love each other.

862. Friends turn tears into a smile, pain into strength, weakness in faith, and dream into reality.

863. Every day a good friend thinks of you. Every hour he cares for you. Every minute he craves about you. Because every second he loves you.

864. My dear friends thank you for lighting my way. My life has been marked by daily accomplishments and success which sometimes I do not value. But I know that the grace of true friendship is present in every moment of my life.

865. Smile! God has just given you a new shining day and extraordinary things can happen if you believe and have faith.

866. The love of a friend is like the wind, which you do not see, but feel, and it will last forever.

867. A true friend will always guide my steps in the way of goodness, justice, and truth.

Good morning wishes in English

868. Dear friend, in your hands I place my worries, cares, and problems. In your wisdom, I set my path, my directions, and my goals and dreams. In your love, I lay my life.

869. No friendship happens by chance. I do not need models. I do not need heroes. I have my friends.

870. True friendship is eternal and unconditional, it represents love without equality and discrimination.

871. A friend is like a screw, we just know it’s good at the time of the squeeze.

872. There’s no point in seduce and abandon. Love and friendship require presence, or you run the risk of seeing them chill.

873. From the seed is born the bud, from the bud, is born the flower. From a great friendship, love can be born.

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874. Brothers: a friendship that begins in childhood and lasts a lifetime.

875. Having siblings is building fantastic memories and moments during childhood and a bond of love and friendship for life.

876. It will not be the fights, the insults, let alone the gossip that will destroy a true friendship. As much as people try to ruin their friendships, what is true always remains.

877. Friendship is fellowship, it is being together in the middle of bad days. It is feeling when things are not going well. It’s syntony, partnership, forget the parties to spend the night talking. Friendship is another vibe.

878. Our friendship is as great as the universe, which is why God made it infinite.

879. Friendship has never been and will never be a matter of physical presence all the time. Because a friend does not have to be. A friend needs to be.

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880. Friendships are not just roses, true friends also look at the thorns.

881. You are my favorite person in the whole world and I am very lucky to have your affection and friendship. I hope we change, but that our friendship will always remain the same.

882. Friend, you’re far away and we can not always see each other. But know that my friendship and love for you remain independent of anything.

883. Friends turn bad times into great stories about fellowship and love.

884. People who give you a sincere and spontaneous smile when you come to think that everything is lost. These are the truth.

885. While some choose perfect honorary people, I choose the ones that do me good.

886. I may have a world of indecision, but one thing I know for sure. Our friendship is a blessing.

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887. I would say it over and over again what I Feel. Inside the chest that jumps up to the throat. But run into the distance. That separates our friendship to become stronger. In the day to day of our lives. In the eye, no real. But not in the images from this little window that opened up. Thanks for your friendship!

888. I can be boring, difficult to understand sometimes, even ignorant. But never say that I do not care about our friendship.

889. Friendship is equal to goodness, only true when we give without expecting anything in return.

890. Not valuing a true friendship is like ripping a winning lottery ticket.

891. A true friendship cannot be predicted, it is built as the bonds are narrowed during life.

892. To be a friend is to know how to listen, to comfort with a hug, to advise with words and to take care.

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893. Real friends completely outnumber quality. A true friendship is a fuel that takes you to the most beautiful destinations in life and helps to create a portrait of happiness.

894. Friendship is a disinterested trade among peers. Friendship is knowing how to say something and know when to say nothing. Friendship is like coffee, once cold never returns to the original flavor.

895. When friendship is true, there is no difference. Love life and good friends, because life is short and good friends are few and hard to find. Maybe I do not have many friends. But the ones I have already with me are the best anyone could have.

896. Having friends to smoke, drink and enjoy the party is too easy. Difficult to see these same friends when you decide to stop doing it all.

897. Difficult is to win a friend in an hour just like that. Easy is to offend you in a minute. A brother may not be a friend but a friend will always be a brother for life.

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898. Friendship is a means of moving humanity cultivating some people. The best way to start a friendship is with a good laugh and honesty. Having many friends is not to have any.

899. Silence is a friend who never betrayed it. We do not make friends, recognize them. When we defend our friends no matter what we justify our friendship. It is not the friend who would raise friendship is deficient. Friendship is felt it is not said.

900. There are no friends in life, there are only moments of friendship to share. Friendship is the brother of love, but not in the same bed. Without friends, no one would choose and like to live, even if he had all other possessions.

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