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801. Being your friend was one of the best things that happened to me in this universe. You are much more than special in my life, it is essential. It is part of who I am, brings me balance when I need it most and joy in the most unusual hours. Thank you for being so wonderful, I love you with all my heart.

802. Friends are the family we chose with the heart and we welcome in the soul. Happy and grateful for the fact that you have to have in my life a true friendship like yours.

803. It is not possible to be friends with all people in this world, only those who are really valuable.

Good morning wishes in English

804. A real friend helps you evolve, change, to improve. Those who do not care about your evolution may not be so your friends as you believed.

805. Having a friend is the same that has reduced pain and power to share joys. All lightweight or heavy loads can be divided, when you have a true friend close.

806. Respect, loyalty, love, care, honesty, support, affection are all synonyms of friendship.

807. Do you want to minimize sorrows and have the advantages of having the multiplied joys? Have a true friend next to it and all this will be granted.

808. Friends are like brothers who choose to share our lives. They know from our distress, share from our fears and are always ready to help when we need them.

809. I’ve already had good schoolfellow, good classmates in college time, but a real friend, just you.

810. Friends are special and unique beings, designed to love and take care of each other without ordering or expect nothing in exchange.

Good morning wishes in English

811. A real friend is the one who continues to believe in you, in your ability, even when you really have to believe.

812. I could do the word this my feeling, and tell you how much I’m happy to be your friend. I could open my heart and show you the background. Reveal with gestures and words that I love you so much.

813. Your friendship is what makes my life have felt. Thank you for being present, in good and bad moments.

814. A true friend is not the one who accepts his wrong walk. But it’s the one who does not leave aside as he did not put it in the right way.

815. What in the world is more of this love called friendship?

816. I love my friends as if my brother and maybe. And well probably, even more, for the brothers we can not choose.

817. Magic Potion: 1 Pinch of Friendship 1 Pinch of Carp 1 Pinch of Joy 1 Pinch of Love. Mix everything, put in the palm of your hand, take to the heart and feel how much I like you.

818. Every time I see an obstacle, I realize that there are no walls that I can not climb. As I own the best friend who can exist, that one that I can tell you true.

Good morning wishes in English

819. We can be very different, but something united us. Friendship is different things in favor of something good.

820. Being a friend is to donate the shoulder without asking for anything in return. It is to receive a phone call at the dawn to hear finals or disappoints, is to be beside, even though the distance. It is to know the hand.

821. My friend, I know that there is a long challenge, its situation is not one of the easiest. But I believe you can overcome any challenge and that this time will only serve to let it even stronger.

822. I’m sending you a little plant. This little plant is called friendship. You must water it day after day, with words of affection and sincerity. Fertilize it with respect and dedication, and let the sun of the dawn illuminate and warm its roots so that it can grow always strong and beautiful.

823. The friendship when new, appears of little importance, or even without life. But when it starts to grow, you realize how beautiful and deep it is. Therefore, treat this friendship with much love and affection.

824. Friendship improves happiness and reduces sadness and incompleteness. Because through the friend, the merriments are doubled and the problems are divided and made small.

Good morning wishes in English

825. To be friends is to feel the other’s heartbeat even though the other is far away. Being friends is having a partner, a confidant, a shoulder where you can cry. To be friends is to forget distances and remoteness, to know that even thousands of miles away there is someone thinking of you.

826. To befriend is to instill in the other the hope and dreams, is to relieve the error, is to point the right way, is to relieve the pain and sorrow. Being a friend is a difficult trade, for no one is perfect. But friendship presupposes love.

827. To be friends, you have to love. And love is something so diffuse, indefinite, abstract, that makes it difficult to define what true friendship is. The essential fact is that friendship demands love. The essential fact is that friendship demands affection and dedication.

828. The essential fact is that friendship demands remembrance, even if personal or telephone contacts are not frequent. Friendship is a mystery. Deep and sweet mystery. Being friends is carving the wood, seeking a sculpture, not wanting to hurt the plant. But only transforming it into something more beautiful.

Good morning wishes in English

829. Being friends is being a father, brother, boyfriend. It is to offer affection and not anger. It is knowing how to absorb the pain of the other. To be a friend is to be fraternal.

830. To be friends is to be aware of detachment, of total dedication. Being a friend is knowing that the other is more important than you, and that, therefore, you should use all your strength so that he remains alive, healthy and happy.

831. Being friends is trying to get the other to absorb the good things you have to convey. It is trying to prevent it from straying into the path of evil or opting for bad alternatives that entail complications and various horrors.

832. To be a friend is to be able to hug and kiss, without the least shame. It is to be able to shake hands. Is to be able to give a hug, in the middle of the street. Being a friend is a blessing.

833. Being friends is being supportive. It is to be a father, son, and have a holy spirit. Being a friend is simply being a friend, and this simply is so good. I guess I do not need to write anything else. In this way, know that I am your true friend, accept me so.

834. Thank you for your friendship, which you kindly allowed me to enjoy. Thank you for your energy that, positively, many battles have helped me to win. Thank you for your strength, which you bravely lent me. I thank your heart for all the affection you could give me.

Good morning wishes in English

835. Oops! Did I bother you? Ah, sorry! I’ll go then. I only went through four reasons: to see if you are well, to remind you of me, to send you a kiss and to tell you that the affection I have for you is the same work of city hall, it never ends.

836. Ah, how good it is to have real friends. Those that we count on whenever we feel like. These friends we can count on a single hand. For surely they are inside the heart. These friends help us whenever we need them.

837. The real friends stay with us every time we need them. For this must be a true and loyal friendship, something very strong and complex, that there is no such thing. I’d stay all day, writing from real friends. But I do not have all this time, and that’s bad.

Good morning wishes in English

838. Talking of friends is very good, very easy and fun. Without them, in my life, it’s like I’ve died. Real friends, what else can I say. They’re wonderful to damn, with them I can always tell. They appear in our lives, all of a sudden. And they stay, they stay, and they do not leave our mind.

839. I like my friends so much that you have no concept. Surely they are inside my heart. Ah, how good it is to have real friends. And may God bless our friendship.

840. Many beautiful things cannot be seen or touched, they are felt within the heart. What you’ve done for me is one among many of them. Thank you!

841. I do with my friends what I do with my books. I keep where I can find them, but I rarely use them.

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842. Friends are living proof that smiles should be shared and that some weights need not be carried alone on one’s shoulder.

843. I have a hug to give you. Do you want me to take it or come and get it?

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844. Throughout my life, many people passed by me, many people remain and many left days after day. But only a few of these people were forever in my memory deep in my heart. These people are called friends true friends, and I will carry them forever in my heart till my death.

845. Real friends are forever in my heart for the simple fact that they had crossed my path, sometimes for the simple fact that they had said a single word of comfort when I needed it. Sometimes for having given me a minute of their attention, and heard me speak of my anguish, fears, victories, defeats.

846. Friends tell all the secrets because they trusted one another. And also told their problems, anguishes, victories, defeats. That is being friends: it is listening, it is trusting, it is loving, caring, sharing and discussing.

847. True friends are forever in our hearts, as are the footprints in the soul and in the body, which are eternal and immortal. Just like you, my friend, who is very special, unique and important to me. I adore you so much.

848. Your friendship to me has enormous and precious value, and nothing I can tell you can be so special or more meaningful than your friendship is to me and my heart.

Good morning wishes in English

849. May our friendship be a very strong branch, so that the wind of suffering can never reach. Look, never give up on a dream, for the dream only dies for those who are too weak to make them real.

850. Be strong, not with the sea that destroys everything, but rather as a rock that surpasses everything. Friends Forever. Have a pleasant day.

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