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751. A friend is a person who listens. A friend is a person who understands. A friend is a counselor. A friend is a person who is always on his side. Friend, a person I can not describe. Friend, just you.

752. They are civilians of our lives. They are alliances we make eternity to the unsustainable lightness of friendship, gets hovering over our memories. A friend lends feelings, donate, care, every care is a jewel, a treasure that we should keep, in the precious safe in the heart.

753. We are responsible for the feelings we feed. Friends are angels that get up our ourselves to make them fly. How to fly are those of the gardens that give us shadow on heat day are the scarves that wipe our tears. The true words that do not always do us laughs … are simply, friends.

Good morning wishes in English

754. Help the companion that follows by your way. Close and offer you friendship. Put the reach of others the generous source of your friendship, offering the waters of the fraternal sympathy.

755. The true love arises in the hosts of the honest friendship as the precious jewel of true affection. Friendship is light in the way -Clarify your road.

756. Friendships are born in the complicity of the people who know, who understand that real friends are those whose roots are planted in the heart of the sincerity practiced.

757. What God unites by the feeling of true friendship, it becomes eternal. It does not have a distance, has no pauses, there are no silences that make them smaller. When the same light beats in two different hearts, they become just a heart.

758. Life is about who is on our side, who follows in this walk with us and who do not leave the boat when the storm comes.

759. Friendship is a mess and genuine will. They are the friends who are likely to keep our biggest secrets and not our loves.

Good morning wishes in English

760. It is for friends that we will have of the backs and regrets, countless, the unforgettable, the moments and the casing kisses.

761. A friend has the right glue to fix broken wings. Has a collection of colors to paint day gray. Has sun saved in the pocket for rainy days, has the right word. Is God disguise of care!

762. I call your best friend because you know exactly all of everything. You know how I feel. You know when I’m fine, and when I’m bad. You know the time to hug me and the time to give me space. You know to reread and keep me standing. You know to give me forces and keep me alive.

763. A friend knows how to stand out half a thousand people. She knows very well as being the best person who exists, and for more than I wrong, she just knows me to love me, more and more.

764. Laughing and jumping for joy without fear of criticism is only possible with real friends.

765. Friendship without love is just as true with a lie, so love your friends sincerely.

766. Giving and receiving is a matter of true friendship because only then do we share wonderful moments of happiness.

767. The value of life is in the quality of the friends we have.

Good morning wishes in English

768. Friendship shows that without friends we are little, we have nothing and we live lost.

769. Someone has said that a serious friendship has to be crazy. If it’s true I’m surrounded by the best friends in the world.

770. Life would not make much sense if we did not discover the joy of having a true friendship.

771. Losing friends is difficult, but that’s how we find out who our twin soul mates are.

772. Friendship is a gift in our lives, but not everyone knows how to receive it and along the way many forget to offer it.

773. Only those who have a true friendship can realize how valuable life can be.

774. Because there are roads in life where it is not possible to walk alone, I respect the friendship a lot.

775. There is no stronger embrace nor more honest looking than one who is given friendship.

776. Friendship is what makes our difficult moments bearable and the good ones memorable.

777. Friendship is the only wealth that even poor people can possess and no money can buy it.

Good morning wishes in English

778. Genuine friendships make us forget the false ones that have disappointed us.

779. No matter what they tell me. Despite all the differences, the friendship between man and woman does not exist only in the movies.

780. I discover the value of friendship every day by feeling the true affection that my friends have to give me.

781. A hug is valuable, a kiss is delicious and a word can be powerful. But nothing is as important as a true friendship.

782. Friendship is not measured in days, months or years, but in attitudes, gestures and affinities.

783. To value friendship is to demonstrate wisdom and intelligence. Because at the time of difficulty those who have good friends have everything.

784. Some friendships are so valuable that we only meet them once in a lifetime.

Good morning wishes in English

785. I have never been in favor of love as something imperative. So I surrender my body and soul to my colorful friendships.

786. True friendship is one that awakens in your heart feelings of pure happiness.

787. It is in the friendship that I feel the necessary strength to never give up.

788. Friendship does not happen by chance. Every friend who’s by your side was put there to make your life better.

789. Calculating the value of friendship is like trying to count how many stars the sky has.

790. Friendship has no measure, just know that it is bigger than anyone.

791. If I reach the end of my life with a true friendship I will die with the certainty of possessing a great treasure.

792. Universes of physical or temporal distance will never be enough to overthrow a true friendship.

793. I do not try to have many friendships, but few that are true.

794. Having a true friendship is sure to never be left alone or helpless in life.

795. A Friend is made quickly. Friendship is a fruit that slowly matures.

Good morning wishes in English

796. Your friendship is so important to me that I do not want to cease sharing it another million years with you.

797. It is easy to conquer friends with lies, difficult is to keep them with truths.

798. I want one day to tell people that nothing happens in vain. That love exists, that it is worth giving to friendships and people. That life is beautiful, and that I always gave the best of me. And that it was worth it.

799. Good friends always stay special in our thoughts. They are part of our daily routine even though we are not present. I came here to wish you a lovely morning.

800. Oh, my faults? Only my true friends know brotherhood is beyond belief.

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