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701. Friend, be invaluable, indisputable, incalculable. Friend person to be preserved, guarded, canonized. Friend, who has everything a bit, a little, doctor, teacher, counselor, economist, listener, strategist, humorist, musician and sometimes even psychologist.

702. Something that a friend knows best, perfects, and never loses the practice, is to befriend. Therefore, Love it, Keep it, Isolate him, Save it and Pray for him always. For it is a gift from God.

703. Friendship is the one that begins the moment we feel an angel arrive. And the angel is that friendship that will never die.

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704. Friendship is more than a companion, it is a brother who is always on our side. Friendship is what I feel for you. The friendship I feel for you is what I just said, and I will never be ashamed to assume that you are my friend. Friendship is friendship.

705. God created love, and we humans did not know how to use it. He then divine inspiration created a friendship. And this love came to be used, in the essence of its meaning.

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706. Friendship is bound by this love, distance separates. For the true friendship does not unite bodies and does not unite minds, but unites hearts and that union is made for God. And what God unites, man some is capable of separating.

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707. Our friendship will never end, because God is blessing us, watching us and watching over us. After I met you, my heart no longer felt lonely.

708. In joy or pain, I will accompany with you wherever you go. Making you smile is my greatest pleasure. Nothing will ever change what I feel and think for you. You’re the friend I asked of God.

709. I’m just a friend And just a partner. I will never be an enemy. And so little bad companion. See what life teaches us. And what the world does to us.

710. Give me the discipline, And for you great peace. So, my precious friend Always fights your fatigue. Like the force of the sea waves. See also that in the life of everything we will need. Even from a friend so that we could talk.

711. I always admire myself when I think of our friendship because it seems to grow in spite of anything that can drive us away.

712. Even if we stay awhile without seeing each other, it only takes a moment for my thought to find you again.

713. Our friendship has always been a very special part of my life, and I will always thank you for it, and also because you exist.

Good morning wishes in English

714. Smile when you want to cry. Rejoice when you are sad. Sing when you do not want to remain silent. To dream of open eyes fight even with the forces running out. Have hope despite difficulties. Feeding dreams beyond of fantasies and Forget the loneliness by having him as a friend.

715. The only people you need in your life are those who need you in their life.

716. Life is much more beautiful when shared. Both joys and sorrows are realities which were not meant to live in solitude. It is in sharing what is sad that we prepare ourselves for overcoming. And it is in the sharing of joy that we become capable of prolonging it in time.

717. We always need friends. People who are capable to point us in directions, to awaken our best and help remove the excesses that make us heavy.

718. Life brings us unexpectedly sensational friends. Summer friends, internet friends, weekends and other friends. But you came in unexpectedly though it was more of a friendship, you turned out to be unique in that I could not resist your sweetness, meekness and all the other endless qualities you have.

Good morning wishes in English

719. Our friendship is that even red wine, the older it gets, the better it is. I love you, red friend.

720. Friends make us see that perfect moments are yes. And that happiness is in the simplest things.

721. Friends teach us to love and we discover that although nothing is forever, there are eternal people.

722. Friendship … It is not like the wind that passes, nor like the rain that falls and disappears. But, like the land, which stands firm, when and where we tread.

723. Friends are people that time does not extinguish. That distance does not destroy. That wickedness does not drive away.

724. Friendship is a feeling that is not lost from the heart. It is someone who is present, even very far away. When alone he keeps you company. Being a friend is not something of a day, but of all the most beautiful and painful moments.

725. With your friendship, I keep you silent to listen to you. I feel comfortable with a simple look. I remember the fights, without puzzling. I know you know without me talking. I learned to laugh when I only knew how to cry. And so I just want to cultivate.

Good morning wishes in English

726. Your friendship that taught me more like. Gave me a new look about the people who I just love.

727. Friendship… It is not receiving, it is giving. It’s not hurting, is motivating. It’s not disbelieved, it’s believed. It’s not criticizing, it’s supportive. It is no offense, it is understanding. It is not humiliating, it is defending. It’s not judging, it’s accepting. It is not forgetting, it is forgiving. Friendship… It is simply LOVE.

728. Be sincere with the friend. At the worst times always give support to the friend. Keep the friend. Respect him always. Never let any bullshit end the friendship. Always keep your friend in your heart.

729. Beautiful sunrise, I want to share with someone else. My love is here. Friend, chosen was because it took me so long be found by you. I can not understand how did I survive without you. Where are you? Do you think of me? You occupy both my thoughts. That I can say that you live in me.

730. You appeared out of nowhere. It filled my days with joy. And gave me back to life, The joy of living.

731. You were the tear that with the handkerchief I wiped. You were the ticket that I gave you in the farewell. You were the mark I left there. You were the homesick I carried. You were more than I waited for.

732. Every day I pride myself more and more to say. That without you, my friend, it is impossible to live. Good morning.

Good morning wishes in English

733. The glory and the truth of friendship is not the outstretched hand, not the tender smile, not even the delight of the company. It is the spiritual and inner inspiration that comes when you discover that someone believes and trusts you.

734. FRIEND is the one who feels our absence and cries when we cry.

735. Speechless, without compromise. No charges, No cheating. Without interests, without susceptibilities. Without expectations, without blame, without vanities. This is friendship.

736. Only the feelings can bring people together Whatever they are. Whether they are good or bad, reciprocity makes the link. May our link be true, a heart-to-heart feeling.

737. When everything falls I get up. When all cry I burst into laughter. When all else ceases to exist I appear. When everything dies I live. I do everything on the contrary, that the world does it to you. Because you are my friend of faith, and I want to see your smile, not tears.

738. My friend your smile is my sustenance, my life, and my strength. And in my heart, you will always be.

739. I miss it all the time. Not knowing what I’m doing. I have no news of you now. Only unforgettable memories the moments that we passed. All emotions felt. Sudden surprises that we rave about.

Good morning wishes in English

740. Friendship is like a ship on the horizon. We see him, cutting against the sky, and then he advances, disappears from sight. But this does not mean it will not continue.

741. This friendship we have is linear. It moves in all directions, teaching us about ourselves and upon each one of us. That is why in the course of strong friendships, we will be present for each other, even though, not always we are visible.

742. Even if you have nothing in common, just share the same memories. For good memories are remarkable, and what is remarkable never forget.

743. Friendship is like a young rosebud that opens before the caress of the sun, revealing the intimacy that was dormant. And awakens, gently, aspiring to live, arising in new and wonderful experiences and expressions.

744. Friend! I remembered you today. I remembered the moments together. Two absent moments. From conversations to the wind, I miss from your sweet voice. Your beautiful and honest smile. From your hand holding mine when my tears ran down.

745. Every feeling needs a past to exist, friendship does not.

746. Friendship is created as if by enchantment a past that surrounds us. It gives us the awareness of having lived years with strings with someone who was little more than a stranger. It supplies the lack of memory like a kind of magic.

Good morning wishes in English

747. You are a stage stored in a world of the singer. A well-formed character, an example of greatness. In your living predominates faith that never declines. That it misses into the mission, that you are your friendship because in you feel true heart.

748. In the realm of the feelings, friendship is like a spring of crystalline and pure water, both are born and flow freely until they reach their destination. The feelings and chains of crystalline water follow parallels while water in the sea, the other follows for the heart, that hosts it with love, with much want an illusion.

749. Friendship is the most beautiful affluent of life, for it is one of the most different ways of complicity and companionship.

750. A friend is a small word. A friend is great support. A friend is a great being. A friend is meaning of trust. A friend is a great person. A friend is an eternal Daily. A friend is a superhero.

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