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651. You may say that in the course of your life you have had many friends. And I will tell you that you are lying, for I know that few have many friends, and a few friends are true.

652. I slept and dreamed that life was only joy. I woke up and I saw that it was also happy when I discovered your friendship.

653. The really connected people do not need a physical connection. When they meet again, even after many distant years, their friendship is as strong as ever.

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654. In order to have the title of real friend, you have to be much more than a pleasant company. It is essential to have a compatible personality and to value above all by loyalty.

655. Only the lonely know the joy of friendship. Others have their families, but only for a lonely and exiled friends are everything.

656. Between love red, marriage yellow and complicity pink. I choose to have a colorful friendship and paint a frame that will hold us together forever.

657. Friendship is the indescribable comfort and safety of feeling secure with one person, without having to weigh what one thinks or measure what one says.

658. Friendship is the fortune of the poor, for no one is really lonely, helpless or lost when he has a true friend at his side.

659. Who early and well learns, late or never forget. Whoever neglects the manifestations of friendship ends up losing that feeling.

Good morning wishes in English

660. It’s easy to be a colleague, to keep somebody company, to say what he wants to hear. It is difficult to be friends for all hours and always tell the truth when it is necessary. And with confidence in what he says.

661. That our friendship lasts longer than eternity and that eternity never ends so that we always pose as friends.

662. As luckily I do not have the gift of reading thoughts, I do not worry about having friends, I worry about being friends. That way I can hug those who hate me and I help those who would not do the same for me.

663. A friend of truth, an eternal friend, is not one who knows his way to escape, but one who walks by his side.

664. An eternal friendship goes far beyond time. Since, even with the passing of the years, the heart remains forever the best place for it at any moment.

665. A friend forever is one who never leaves his side and keeps motivating to win during a fight, even when he knows he can not win.

Good morning wishes in English

666. It is in our family that we meet our best friends because they will remain with us forever, no matter what happens.

667. Everyone hears what you say. Friends listen to what you say. Best friends watch what you do not say.

668. The best time to tell someone certain truths, which had already corroded us for some time, is in this moment of drunkenness. We make a joke, having that little hurt on the agenda, and ready our relief is immediate and our friendship continues.

669. The best friend is the one with whom we sit for long hours, without saying a word. And when we leave him, we have the impression that it was the best conversation we have ever had.

670. You are like this, a dream for me. And when I do not see you for a day I think of you from dawn until when I lie down till I go to sleep. I like you and I like to be with you, my daughter is so happy with you, my best friend is my love.

671. There is a vast difference between those who want to see you during their free spare time and those who free themselves from their busy time to see you.

Good morning wishes in English

672. The 5 people to thank: The one who cares for you. The one who corrects you. The one that is always present. The one who wants to see you smile. The one who tells you the truth.

673. I do not need a person who sees the good in me. I need someone who sees my flaws and who loves me anyway.

674. A good action is never lost. The one who sows the courtesy harvests the friendship, and the one who plants the goodness gathers the love.

675. Give, but do not let anyone use you. Trust, but do not be naive. Love, but do not let anyone abuse and cheat on your heart.

676. It is during the worst storms of your life that you will discover the true colors of people who say they care about you.

Good morning wishes in English

677. A smile can create a friendship. A word to stop a conflict. A look can save a relationship. A person can change your life.

678. Good friends help you find and look for important things when you have lost them, your smile, your hope, and your courage and your dreams.

Good morning wishes in English

679. Friends can turn bad times into good moments and good times into unforgettable memories. When a friend goes through a storm, a silent presence is more powerful than a million void words.

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680. The hug of a friend is the place where we can say everything that the world can not understand.

681. Some people make their laughter a little louder, their smile a little brighter, and their life a little better.

682. Some friends pass quickly from your life, in the blink of an eye. Others are meant to last until you last blink your eyes.

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683. I’m not happy, but I’m not sad either. Because I know you’ll be there on the happy side and no matter how much time passes. No matter what, I’ll always be your friend.

684. One of the greatest privileges I have in life is to be a great friend of an enlightened person. She’s one of the best people who crossed my story. For those who do not know her, I will say: she is a friend, generous, sweet, cheerful, charitable, charming, admirable. Have a great day.

685. I could spend days and days praising you. In short, I love you so much. You are one of those angels whom God places on earth to rejoice the ways of those who have the privilege of living together.

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686. If you ever want to cry, I call you. I do not promise to make you smile, but I can cry with you. If you ever get away, do not forget to call me. I do not promise to ask you to stay, but I can run away with you. If I give you a crazy desire not to talk to anyone, you call me anyway. I promise to stay very quiet. But if you ever call me and I do not answer, come running to meet me, maybe I need you. Good morning.

687. I like you with all the differences we have. I respect your worldview, even though it is not mine. I’m happy to see your joy. I worry when I feel like I’m not well. I’m by your side whatever comes and goes. Smiling, Crying, Agreeing or not. Be that as it may. Know that: You will not be alone. You will never be!

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688. Your smile makes me happy. There must be a star in the sky every time you smile. You have to erase a star in the sky every time you cry. The opposite then too, that a star may shine when the tear falls. Or a shooting star if you play, just to see your smile open.

689. Friendship does not require gratitude, gifts, collections, etc. Friendship only requires us to always remember to say “hello, how are you?” You can not imagine how important your friendship is to me. No matter if you are real or virtual, the important thing is that you exist to give me the pleasure of your friendship. Friendship like yours is the privilege of the few.

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Gud Morning Greeting Cards Images

690. If every night were Saturday if every Sunday was Sunday and every weekend was a party. If every city were a beach if every sea were a wave and every season was summer. If every friend were a brother if every relationship were faithful and if all music made us reflect. If every heaven had a star if every holiday were a carnival, and if all people found friends like you.

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691. A friend is a jewel as bright as the sun and the star. And one of God’s great blessings to us. A true friend helps us get up and walks with us without dropping, gives us the strength to continue and helps us overcome the barriers.

692. I miss you, your smile, your sweet words. Our bets, jokes, plans, and confidences. Of the moments that we smiled together, that we cried one on the lap of the other. I missed even the few disagreements, the scoldings we took from the teacher when we talked too much. The longing I carry in my heart with so much affection, keeping memories and a special love for the friend that neither time nor distance can erase.

693. If your life is one of love, love. If your life is sad, forget it. If your life is an illusion, wake up. If your life is a war, fight. If your life is happiness, make someone happy. But if your happiness depends on love, consider yourself happy. Because I love you.

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694. My friendship with you is all good because you taught me and I learned everything from you. Friendship is everything or nothing. But with people like you, it’s more than anything. You deserve it, you deserve it all. And the world deserves. Be happy every day and every hour. I like you so much! You are everything. From your friend who loves you good morning.

695. Friendship, the word that characterizes the noblest feeling of being human. He who is a friend will always have a gleam in his eyes and a smile in his mouth to infect the people around him, always helping and supporting when he needs it most.

696. A friend is to be a tree that sustains all the joy of an infinite being, who at the last breath he will seek the essence of eternal life. May all friendship last forever.

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697. If you need to smile I will be here. If you are in trouble I’ll be by your side. If you need to vent On my shoulder I can cry. If you think that everything is lost, You can count on me. You’ll always have a friend.

698. To live in search for happiness. To know, To value a friendship. When I looked at the sky I felt the force of a star appears there. And came to us that our friendship cannot end. Little moments will never lose. Your greatness in our heart. And the bonds of friendship. They are to last all eternity!

699. Friend, every time I look back, I see the care of God, I remember with affection the day I met you. Today I respect you too much, I see the lack you do, do not take so long to look for me, who told me to conquer.

700. I do not expect perfection, I want your love, I will not give you up, I will not give up everything God has revealed. You, my friend, are all good things in my life.


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