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602. Of all the flowers that spring produces, friendship is the most beautiful to be watered with love for the flowerbeds of life.

603. Who are the enemies when we have friends ready to defend us and help us to be happy?

604. Friendship is like god divine gift and the spiritual feeling. When we have someone who respects us, loves us, care for us, criticizes us to improve, sees our faults and helps us to repair them. We can say that we have a friend.

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605. When we conquer a friendship we must add another victory to be kept in a special corner of the heart.

606. Friendship transforms everything at our side. It makes the hardness of life turn to gold when we have the words of those who love us through this sublime feeling.

607. We must cultivate our friendships as if they were the most beautiful flowers. Because the friends deserve to be in the bed of our heart.

608. People who have friendship for someone can show themselves to the world as real human beings. Painting life with useful gestures that enchant the days of the other.

609. Our real friends are those who like to see us happy constantly, make us feel loved, see us as special beings for them.

610. Our friendship is more valued of the conquests. Because among so many victories God gave us the gift of having known and made of this encounter a bond of respect and fidelity.

611. I do not have two faces and I do not even paint to charm my friends. My house, my heart is always open for who knows how to understand my way of being.

Good morning wishes in English

612. When we meet a legal person at the time we already know how much it is worth having the friendship of this someone. Because the experience itself teaches us who in fact can be important to us.

613. If we have to wait, let it be to reap the good seed that we throw today in the soil of life. If it is to sow, then let it be to produce millions of smiles, of solidarity and friendship.

614. The essential thing in life is not to convince anyone, nor is it possible. What they need is for them to be our friends; for this, we shall be their friends. What forces will the world work if we put aside the friendship?

615. If I like poetry? I like people, animals, plants, places, chocolate, wine, sweet talk, friendship, love, honesty, loyalty, and trust. I think poetry is contained in all this.

616. When love is sincere it comes with a greatest friend and companion, and when the friendship is concrete it is full of love and affection.

617. The first law of friendship is to ask friends honest things, to do honest things for them. The right friend is known in uncertain moments.

618. Be courteous to everyone, but close to a few, and let these few be well tested before you give them your trust. True friendship is a slow-growing plant, and you must experience and resist the shocks of adversity before you receive the name of friendship.

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619. I dream of a love in which two people share a passion to seek together a higher truth. Maybe I should not call him love. Maybe your ideal name is friendship.

620. Friendship is the indescribable comfort of feeling secure with a person, without having to weigh what one thinks or measure what one says.

621. Think of the good, be optimistic, accept the presence of God in every minute within you. Throw away the pride that has only messed up; envy, because you are able to do the same or better. Jealousy because you are so good that if someone does not believe it. It is because they do not deserve your friendship or attention, and cultivate joy.

622. If everyone was given the magical power to read in the thoughts of others. I suppose the first result would be the disappearance of all friendship.

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623. It may be that one day we move away and be far away from each other, but if we are real friends the friendship will bring us closer.

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624. In the end, we will not remember the harsh and hateful words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

625. Even if people change, their behavior change and their lives reorganize, friends should be friends forever.

626. A friend is the one who tricks you, beats you, cheats you, curses you. But does not let other people do the same thing to you.

627. Regardless of your problems, be a true song to the people who are on your side.

628. Who walks alone can even get faster, but the one who goes with his friends, is sure to go further.

629. A true friend is someone who knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accompanies you in your profits and your failures, celebrates your joys, shares your pain and never judges you for your mistakes.

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630. Being a friend is interpreting looks, understanding silences, understanding, forgiving mistakes, keeping secrets, preventing falls and drying out tears.

631. The friend is the one to whom you can open your heart and mind, to offer him any grain. Knowing that your delicate hands will pass through the sieve and will only preserve the value, which will discard the rest with a delicate blow.

632. Friend glass, break. Paper friend, rip. False friend, give up. A friend like you does not exist.

633. It is not the beautiful things that mark our lives, but the people who have the gift of never being forgotten.

634. Blessed are the friends who believe in your truth and honesty or point you to reality. Because the friend is the direction. A friend is a base when lack the floor.

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635. Love your parents, your life and your friends. Your parents, because they are unique. Your life, because it’s too short. Your friends, because they are rare.

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636. Everyone hears what you say. Friends listen to what you say. And best friends understand even what you do not say.

637. True friends are those who come to share our happiness when we call them and our sorrow without being called.

638. The important thing is not to be important yourself, but to give importance to those who care about you and love you.

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639. A Chinese legend says that true friendships are like deep-rooted trees in our life. No storm and no wind can pull off.

640. Friendships are not like the moon, which although beautiful sometimes changes phase. Not like the sun, which although beautiful sometimes disappears. Friendship is like the sky, which, besides being beautiful, is infinite.

641. Our true friends are sincere, honest and do not judge us. But they help us to see when we make mistakes and make us better people.

642. Time passes, circumstances and surrounding change and we all change, but a true friendship always remains the same. Even in the face of all these scenarios.

643. Life is not always easy and smooth, so God created true friends who are the warrior angels who fight with us and help us to overcome any moment.

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644. Friendship is the fortune of the poor, for no one is really lonely, helpless or lost when he has a true friend at his side.

645. A true friendship is not the oldest, it is the one that really makes a difference in your life.

646. God gave me friends and companion of life like you because I knew my mother could not always be with me to protect me.

647. With a real friend, we never mind sharing the last wafer in the package. Because we also wish for it what we want best for us.

648. True friendship is the one that allows us to speak to our friend about all his faults and all our qualities.

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649. A true friend is someone who thinks and trust in you as you’re a good egg even though they know you’re slightly cracked.

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650. Caution is the best defense against falsehood. Before you open the door for a possible friend, use this defense, and the real face will show.

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