Top 20 Maa Laxmi HD Wallpapers, Photos, Pictures, Images

Top 20 Maa Laxmi HD Wallpapers, Photos, Pictures, Images, Screensavers

Here top 20 HD Wallpapers, Photos, Pictures, screensavers, images of Hindu Goddess Maa Laxmi. Tihar is also called Diwali / Deepawali.

So, Tihar or Diwali is one of the greatest festival of Hindu pantheon. Among hundreds of festival celebrated in Nepal, Tihar is one of the major and most important festival of Nepal. After Dashain (Dussehra in India and other countries), Tihar is the 2nd major festival of Nepal in Hindu pantheon. Tihar / Diwali often falls in in the month of Kartik-Mangsir according to Hindu Calendar.  For Hindu, Tihar / Diwali / Deepawali is one of the most important festivals of the year and is celebrated in families by performing traditional activities together in their homes.  It is also national festival of Nepal. Tihar is also called as Deepawali or Diwali in some parts of Nepal. It is celebrated till 5 days.  Tihar is also known as the festival of lights. Tihar is the festival joyful. In Tihar, goddess Laxmi, Goddess of wealth, is worshiped.


Tihar / Deepawali / Diwali is incomplete without worshiping the Goddess Laxmi.

Goddess Laxmi is supposed as Goddess of Wealth, prosperity, success and peace.

Here are 20 HD wallpapers, photos, pictures, images or screensavers of Hindu goddess Maa Laxmi (Lakshmi). Let’s check all. You can download these wallpapers from here and save it in your computer and mobile.

Thanks to Goddess Laxmi Mata

Bhaaagaya ma ijjat ra samaang chha bhane karn chha timro aashirbaad he laxmi mata;

Khooshi ra sambriddhi haru jun chha bhane tyoh kaarn chha timao aashirbad he laxmi mata;

Ma Timilaai pooja garnapai rahu he laxmi mata;

Chalchan yo Shaans ta kaarn chha timro aashirbad he laxmi mata!


Thank you Goddess laxmi Maa

Top 20 HD Wallpapers, Photos, Pictures, Images or Screensavers of Hindu Goddess Maa Laxmi

Goddess Laxmi Mata HD Wallpapers and Images

भागय मा इज्जत् र सम्मान् छ भने कारन् छ तिम्रो आशिर्बाद् हे लक्षमि माता;

खूशि र सम्बृद्धि हरु जुन् छ भने त्यो कार्न् छ तिमओ आशिर्बाद् हे लक्षमि माता;

म तिमिलाइ पूज गर्न पाइ रहु हे लक्षमि माता;

चल्छन् यो शान्स् त कारन् छ तिम्रो आशिर्बाद् हे लक्षमि माता!


Thank you Goddess laxmi Maa

Happy tihar to all the devotess of Goddess Laxmi Mata

Ma Bandai chhu he lakshami maataa, timro Jaroorat chha malai he lakshami maataa;

timi aau mer ghar ma he lakshami maataa, yo ichha chha Mero;

Kasari sajaau ma aafno ghar aangan timro lagi he lakshami maataa

Ma TIMRO PARKHAI ma chhu he lakshami maataa


Thank you my goddess Laxmi maa

Happy tihar to all the devotess of Goddess Laxmi Mata

म भन्दै छु हे लक्षमि माता, तिम्रो जरूरत् छ मलाइ हे लक्षमि माता;
तिमि आउ मेरो घर् मा हे लक्षमि माता, यो इच्छा छ मेरो;
कसरि सजाउ म आफ्नो घर् आङन् तिम्रो लागि हे लक्षमि माता
म तिम्रो पर्खाइ मा छु हे लक्षमि माता


Thank you my goddess Laxmi maa

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