25 Blessings That You Can Get from Goddess Lakshmi in Tihar/Diwali

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Goddess Lakshmi Blessings >> Beg these 25 blessings from goddess Laxmi Mata. 25 blessing that you can get from Goddess Lakshmi in this festival of Tihar or Diwali or Dipawali. Prepare festival of lights with worshiping diyos in this diwali festival. Make you home clean in this deepavali festival. Make your home decorated in this dipawali festival. Make you home freshened in this tihar festival. Decorate your home with flowers and other things as goddess Laxmi interest in you and your house in this dipawali festival. As we know that goddess lakshami mata is the goddess of money or wealth. So, you can beg Goddess Lakshmi Money Blessings too.

Finally, the long waited festival of Hindu community Dipawali is on our hand. It is the festival of Hindu. Diwali is the festival to worship the Goddess Laxmi Maataa. Shubha Tihar is festival to worship the Lord Bishnu.


25 Things that you are begging from Goddess Laxmi maataa on Tihar

Make your shop diyo for Goddess Laxmi maataa in the Bazaars and shops. You can get diyos or diyas any market where you can reach. Buy the things for Goddess Laxmi in Tihar festival. Give up the evil things you have to make her happy. if you dont’ how to get burn the diyos in evening time then do learn from your elders

All government, educational and military institutions, business organizations are closed for the special day of Tihar festival like Kaag Puja, Kukur Pooja, Laxmi Puja, Govardhan Puja, Mha Puja, Nepal Samvat new year and Bhai Tika (bhai dooj).

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25 Things That You are Begging From Goddess Laxmi Mata as Blessings on Tihar, Diwali, Laxmi Pooja, Shuv Tihar, or Dipawali.

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Get 25 Blessings From the Goddess Laxmi in Tihar Dipawali

1.  Sukha, सुख,

2. Shaanti, सान्ति,

3. Utsaah, उत्साह,

4.Khooshi, खुशि,

5. Swasthta, स्वास्थता,

6. Dhirghaayoo, धिर्घायू,

7. Karoona, करूना,

8.Josh, जोश,

9. Chiraayoo, चिरायू,

10.               Prasiddhi, प्रसिद्धि,

11.                 Bishwaas, बिश्वास,

12.                Vaawana, भावना,

13.                Safaltaa, सफलता,

14.               Dhan Sampattti, धन सम्पत्ति, (Money)

15.                Maayaa, माया,

16.                Saahas, साहस्,

17.                Dhairya, धैर्य,

18.               Umang, उमङ,

19.                Jangar, जाङर,

20.              Pragati, प्रगति,

21.              Aastha, आस्था,

22.              Dayaa, दया,

23.              Shreejanasilta, स्रीजनसिलता,

24.              Kalpanaasilta and कल्पनासिलता

25.               Sambriddhi सम्बृद्धी

Beg these above mentioned 25 things with Almighty Goddess mother goddess Laxmi Maataa. She will of course give you as blessings, if she is happy with you.

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Get 25 Goddess Lakshmi Money Blessings in Tihar Dipawali Festival

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