Which God and Goddess is Worshipped During Teej Festival

This post is about answer of ‘which God and Goddess is Worshiped During Teej Festival?’. We are here with solve your puzzle. As we all know that Teej festival is celebrated in the Shrawan or Bhadra month of Hindu Calendar. It fall on the 3rd day of Monsoon moon of Shrawan Amavasya. Now we are trying to discuss about which god is worshiped in the teej festival and which goddess is worshiped during the Haritalika teej festival.

Hindu community is popularly known as the ‘religion of Festivals’. Likewise Nepal and India is also known as land of festivals. Every week of the month of the Hindu calendar commemorates some particular festival. The month of Shraavan or sometime Bhadra welcomes the Teej and Rishi Panchami festival. Teej and Rishi Panchami is one festival celebrated with lots of fanfare in all over the country Nepal and some states of India. This festival Haritalika Teej is celebrated for the reunion of the goddess with Lord Shiva. Hindu women take fasting on these days (one or two days) for the long life of their husbands. 

These first searching into such an unusual culture will be those that you will remember most vividly and, probably more important, they will at tune you to the wealth of experiences about to come your way in the following days. There are many such festival in Hindus community like Teej festival. The list could be added to. If you visit this season in Nepal, you quickly gets used to all things to see in your ey catch but the first vision of that culture and tradition environment, which is also the town’s market-place,  was for me an unforgettable experience.

Which God and Goddess is Worshiped During Teej Festival

Which God and Goddess is Worshiped During Teej Festival

According to mythology of Hindu. God Shiva nd Goddess Parvati is worshiped during the teej festival of Hindus. And the whole globe knows that God Shiva is the greatest god of the Hindu religion. He is called god of the god (Mahadev). This Teej festival is dedicated to Goddess Parvati and God Shiva.

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