Girls Trafficking in Nepal – Problems, Causes, Solution with Facts, Data & Present Condition

Girls Trafficking in Nepal – Problems, Causes, Solution with Facts, Data & Present Condition

We are here with girls trafficking in Nepal with problems, causes, and solution. Nepal’s suffering by many crimes. Buying and selling of girls illegally are 1 business for criminals. Let’s go in detail about an overview of girl trafficking in Nepal. This post is not supposed as girl trafficking in Nepal essay. It is about an overview about girl trafficking in Nepal related to problems, causes, effects, solutions, and prevention.

The world that we are living in is becoming more and more dangerous. While on one hand the advanced technology of today is boosting the efficiency of people and making them global, on the other, people are becoming more and more self-centered and are involving themselves in hideous crimes just to fulfill their dreams. Murder, drug trafficking, kidnapping are few of the crimes that are beyond the control in the world right now. One of the many crimes that are not only hideous but also shameful for the entire community and country is Girl Trafficking. But, what exactly is Girl Trafficking and how and why is it considered such a hideous crime in Nepal? Well, in this article, we present you the scenario of Girl Trafficking in Nepal and what can be done to get rid of this crime from its root.

What is Girl Trafficking?

Girl trafficking is a social crime in which innocent and illiterate girls from rural areas are sold inside the country or overseas either for prostitution or for forced labor.

Girl trafficking is defined as the selling and buying of girls illegally. It is one of the major social crimes in Nepal that is being closely monitored even by the international agencies. However, only little improvement is seen in this aspect. It has been spreading rapidly in the remote areas of Nepal where people are ignorant, uneducated and poor. Traffickers in Nepal reportedly sell the girls in India making it one of the evilest social crimes of all time.

Trafficking of girls from Nepali land to Indian premises for forced prostitution is one of the busiest trafficking routes in all over the world. Approximately somewhere around 5 to 10 thousand girls are the victim of trafficking to India every year. Nepali girls are especially desired as prostituted in India as they are considered more attractive and are believed to be prettier than others.

Girl trafficking for sex slavery is not a new social vice. The history dates back to the Rana regime when the Rana rulers had formal and informal wives in the number they wanted. It has been noted by authors that the Ranas forces the beautiful girls to serve at their own places. This act of Rana rulers actually led to the distressful social crime Girl Trafficking.

Present Condition of Girl trafficking in Nepal

Nepal is suffering from child trafficking in Nepal. Girl trafficking is one of the serious problems of Nepal. It is said that about 5000 girls are sold every year through different ways in Nepal. From rural areas, illiterate girls, who are suffering from poverty, are brought to cities by brokers on the pretext of good jobs. They are sold especially in various cities of India and forced to become a prostitute in a brothel.

They have to serve many clients in a day. They are not allowed to go outside. When such innocent young girls suffer from AIDS and other severe diseases, then they are sent back to their home empty-handed. They are not accepted by their family and society. They are ignored and hated.

Similarly, some brokers bring innocent girls from remote villages and sell them in factories of cities and towns. Such girls or women also have very difficult life because they have to work long hours for fewer wages.

Nepal is suffering by many social crimes. Girls trafficking is one of the dozens of social crime. Buying and selling of the girls illegally are called girls trafficking. It is a major social crime in the south Asian countries. Nepal is one of the must-suffered countries in the world. This crime girls trafficking is viewed as the salvaged crime. Buying and selling of the girls are done only for earning money. Girls Trafficking has been spread rapidly in remote areas (generally hill and mountains region of Nepal) where people are uneducated and poor. Girls’ traffickers sell the most of the Nepalese girls in India and Gulf countries. But the majority of trafficked girls are sold in India. Because it is easy to cross the border of Nepal.

A girl trafficking in Nepal is a serious problem mainly in remote areas. Although, girl trafficking in Nepal is occurring in the urban areas. Girl traffickers have made a complex network to supply the girls to the places of prostitution.

Girl traffickers lure the girls and their parents and relatives in many ways. The trafficked girls receive nothing but their owners receive income by using them. The girls do not have a chance to go out from a trap. For this purpose, girl traffickers have selected some mediators. They lure mediators as well in context to money. Some mediators sell some other girls engaged in carpet, garment etc. They mostly do what they are ordered to do and act. These girls live a hard and miserable life.

Girls Trafficking in Nepal

Thousands of Nepalese young women become prostitutes every year in the hope of a good job and comfortable life. This social evil has stigmatized our dignity and invites many social disasters and crimes. Trafficked girls get HIV/AIDS and return home with empty hands. They pass on HIV to youths in Nepal, it affects in the prosperity of human civilization. According to the data, this is a major cause of passing on HIV to youth in Nepal.

Presently, the status of girl/human trafficking is worse in Nepal. There is lack of reliable and recent statistical data on the magnitude of human trafficking in Nepal. However, various researchers suggest that around 12000 children are trafficked to India for sexual exploitation. The condition of Girl Trafficking for forced prostitution is even worse. An estimated of 13000-14000 women are trafficked for a sex slave. The majority being children, young as 9 to 10 years. As per the National Human Right Commission, the estimated people attempted to be trafficked in the year 2012 was 30,000. The trafficked girls have to serve as many clients in a day and are not allowed to get outside. If these girls get HIV positive or other severe diseases, they are sent to their home and are not accepted by their family as well.

Why is girl trafficking illegally in Nepal?

Human trafficking, in general, is a punishable crime under the eye of the law. It is so because humans can not be regarded as a mere commodity who can be bought and sold. The basic understanding of humanity also bars such action of human trafficking. And this crime is even more punishable when it is girls that are being trafficked. Daily, there are thousands of women all over the world who are bought and sold to slavery or sex trafficking. This condition is worse in the third world countries. Nepal is also reeling under the same criminal offense. Annually, thousands of women are bought and sold across the nation and internationally too. This buying and selling

This buying and selling are not only for sex but also for labor and slavery as well. Mostly in India, women from Nepal are trafficked for sex. The middlemen in Nepal or in India buy innocent girls from Nepal and use them for sex trafficking. Not only in India, women are bought and sold all over the world and trafficked for sex. Apart from that, women from Nepal also go abroad in the middle eastern countries where they are used for cheap labor. They are beaten and abused, made to work like animals and are also used for sex. This condition of women abroad have made the world unsafe for women in general.

Owing to all these issues, women trafficking is illegal in Nepal and all over the world also. Given below are few points that make girl trafficking a punishable offense:

  1. It undermines the human rights and women rights

Trafficking or buying and selling of women do undermine the human rights of women and girls even if we think about it in the general sense. Humans need to have a certain level of dignity that they need to live by. Every country has their own human rights and it is the basic rights for everyone. Therefore, trying to undermine such right by involving in trafficking is not right. It goes against the idea of human rights as well as women rights. Most of these women work in inhuman conditions not taking care of their health. Both physical and mental health suffers because of the conditions they work under. Sexually, physically and mentally harassed, these women end up being a burden to not only themselves but also their family, community and the country itself. In most cases, they do not reunite with the family and end up alone in a depressed state.

  1. Right to live a dignified life is basic right to humans

When it comes to basic human rights, the first and foremost is the right to live a dignified life. Every individual, be it man or woman or child, needs the right to live their own life the way they want to live. Nobody can snatch this right from them because this right is safeguarded by the Constitution and the law of every country. Trafficking of humans, including women, nullifies such human right and therefore trafficking is a punishable offense in the eyes of law and is deemed illegal. Human life is to be treasured and it should be dignified. But the conditions in which these women have to work, the dignity has been stripped away from them. Physical and mental abuse make them broken inside and out. Neither can they return back to their home nor can they stay working in the inhuman conditions that they have been working under. IT makes them end up in a very bad state.

  1. Annually Many women die and catch deadly disease because of Trafficking

Trafficking of women has created a lot of problem in the population of the country. The population which could have become the useful citizens of the country have ended up with diseases, different situations and many have also lost their lives. Many families have been broken, women have been hurt and burned and bruised by people who involve them in this trafficking. Most of these women catch deadly diseases like AIDS and die away. Even though few manage to come back home, they are also not in a good mental state. They return back depressed. Because of these, these women suffer from mental breakdowns and in turn, the family also suffers. Not only the family, the entire community suffers because of this. That is why trafficking is offensive and should instantly be stopped.

Nepalese women have been given a high pedestal in the age-old religious scriptures and texts. But coming to this day and age, women have been degraded as a second-class citizen of the same country. Men are still considered superior to women and women are only supposed to contribute through domestic work. They work in and around the house. The condition is still ok if the husband or father has a good earning and can secure the future of the girl child. But, due to poverty, many people cannot afford to pay for their daughter’s good education and security. In such condition, women start to look for alternatives where they can work and make some money. Making money and getting a decent job is also not quite easy for these women because they lack schooling, education and proper skill set too. As a result, for easy money, most of these women end up being trafficked by the middle men who take advantage of these women’s innocence. They are bought and sold in and outside of the country.

Such buying and selling of women create a very bad situation for these women. They have to live in inhuman conditions. They have to work for people who do not even consider them humans and are often physically and mentally abused. Such abuse, in turn, scars them for life. They catch different diseases. Some are also killed under various excuses by those people who make them work. Still some other catch infectious diseases that cannot be treated. After doing all this, in the later parts of their life, these women can not even return back to their family. The family will not take them back regarding their past life and work. Under such circumstances, these women suffer from mental disorder, depression and end up all alone. Therefore, women trafficking should be uprooted from Nepal as soon as possible.


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