Girls Trafficking in Nepal is a HOT and Serious Problem

Find here a post about girls trafficking in Nepal which hot and serious problems in Nepal. We have published here some of the data, information, and facts about human child trafficking in Nepal. As we have already discussed Girls Trafficking in Nepal: Problems, Causes, and Solution

Girls Trafficking in Nepal is a HOT and Serious Problem

girl trafickingGirl trafficking is one of the very big and serious problems of Nepal. Girl trafficking is the one of the biggest crime is not only in Nepal but also all over the world. All we know that Girl trafficking is the Illegal act of buying, selling and exploiting girls. There are countless girls in Nepal who are facing Girls trafficking. It is increasing day by day. Girl trafficking is an illegal act. The act of selling girls is proved to be an aggression upon them. The discrimination between male and female has weakened the potentialities of girls even if they are equally able. They are trafficked and left at the brothel where they are compelled to act as prostitutes.

Most of the girls are trafficked and left at a brothel by their own relatives. And thus aggression crosses the boundary. Moreover, they suffer from AIDS or other venereal diseases infected by their clients. When they are brought back to the country, other problems crop up. Their families, the society, and the employment and medical care are always there. Such girls are generally mentally disturbed. They need the good care of their health, love, and affection from their near and dear ones which is probably impossible because of fairness. They discard them and even drive them away. Such life is the futile life. So, trafficking is the greatest crime and the most humiliating act which must be driven out.

Prevention or Solution for Girls Trafficking in Nepal

> Girl trafficking is an illegal act. It is essential to increase public awareness by joining hands with the conscious citizens and being active from every sector.

> Meeting, marches and slogans can also increase public awareness. We can aware people by publishing articles in newspapers.

The > Public should   give pressure   to the   government for discouraging girl trafficking.

> Information should reach to school teachers in the villages so that they can make people aware of this crime. Many possible victims can protect themselves if they know how traffickers tempt them and what happens after that.


> More than dozens of organizations working to solve this problem have joined together to form an Alliance Against Trafficking of Women and Girls in Nepal (AATWIN). This alliance has treated this problem as an important national and international issue.

> Girl trafficking is a serious social crime. It must be stopped as soon as possible. The following steps should be taken to solve this problem:

> Mass awareness should be created in rural areas. Civil societies, social organizations, and media can play an important role in this task.

The > Strict law should be made and executed effectively. The traffickers should be identified and punished immediately.

> Strict checking should be done in India – Nepal borders.

> Both the governments of Nepal and India should work together to solve this problem,

> Education should be provided to the girls in rural areas.

> Gender discrimination should be ended.

> Girls should be provided with a good employment opportunity.

> The government, general people and girls themselves should work together to fight against this social evil.

1.girl trafficking is a social crime in which innocent and illiterate girls from rural areas are sold inside the country or overseas either for prostitution or for forced labor.

2 Poverty, illiteracy, the tact of awareness, the lack of job opportunity, ignorance from the government, gender inequality, open border between ‘Nepal and India, etc are the major causes of girl trafficking.

3. Mass awareness, strict law, end of gender discrimination, providing employment opportunity, strict checking in the Indo-‘Nepal border, etc are the solutions of this problem.

Rescue for Girls who are trafficked:

Several organizations or individuals have contributed a lot to help the girls sold by traffickers return to their home from brothels of India. The rehabilitation done by some non-government organizations like Maiti Nepal is very appreciable. Hostels are provided to them with medical care. Vocational training is given to them to develop certain skills so that they can earn something for their own survival.

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